Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife
Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2
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Editor: sora
My hand stretches downwards in a dishonest fashion even as my tongue continues to be entangled with hers .
My hand slowly moves past her kimono and down below to a region that she would never have let me feel during the day .
My hand which reaches forward and with a rapid thrust is grazing past a region of softness dripping with the fluid that is proof of her complete submission to me .
My eyes gaze into hers in that moment of passion .
What they observe is as different from her usual look as heaven is from hell .
If her expression during the day is that of an angel than what I am seeing now is undoubtedly that of a bewitching demoness who is delighting in her wanton indulgence .
As my fingers move into her sanctum sanctorum, her expressions change further as her whole body contorts in pure pleasure .
Oichi Hime made a muffled moan while overlapping her lips within mine .
Meanwhile, in her lower mouth, my hand that plays in a rather lewd manner is drowned in the vast sea of fluid that comes along its way . Forced by this surge in force, it moves all around the cavern feeling the walls vividly as it does so .
She let out a scream of enjoyment .
Even as both of her mouths were caressed rather expertly I can see her face distorting in a rather lustful manner .
My beloved wife shook her hips abruptly as my fingers penetrated through the delicate yet firm wall that stood in their way .
This wall of lust responsible for the origination of the lewd fluids that were even now wrapped around my fingers greedily swallows my intruding fingers deep into its depths .

While entangling each other’s tongues I slowly reach into her lower mouth and gently scrape away the fluids that are dripping incessantly .
Unable to bear such a simultaneous means of attack, Oichi Hime surrenders to my assault .
“Nagamasa San … Nagamasa San…”
When she began to call my name in a sweet voice that was naught more than a whisper it was a sure sign that her peak was near enough .
Naturally, I wasn’t going to release any pressure at this point .
One hand of mine slowly slithered across her honey jar whilst the other gently patted her death even as I firmly thrust forward with my mouth into hers .
She lets out moans stifled by the presence of my mouth on hers .
Her walls contract and submerge my fingers within .
Her waist quivers and then slowly relaxes .
Her face which turns red out of pleasure meets mine with a shy and embarrassed expression .
“Did you feel good…?”
When I asked so softly whilst slowly patting her head, she nods in response before burying her head into my broad chest .
“Oichi, I wish to…”
I whisper the trailing end of my request in her ear, “feel good . “
She, who is always supportive of my wants, nods gracefully even as her head is nestled within my chest .
I gently lift her and then lay her onto the futon meanwhile I proceed to lie down on the futon as well with my face towards the ceiling .
I gently let lose my undergarments releasing my already eager son who was resembling like a tall spear held by a powerful warrior doesn’t disappoint .
Without any fanfare, he stands up proudly it was as if any moment later he would be soaring into heavens above .
Oichi Hime meanwhile crawls on to her feet and gazes at my upright son with a fiery gaze .
One month has passed since our newlywed wife began .
Oichi Hime who was pure and virtuous lady innocent of the affairs of men and women had thoroughly fallen to the point that she actively desired to indulge in sexual intercourse with me every night .
It is outrageous that a woman can indulge in pleasure .
Such is the mentality of the samurai women of the Warring States period shaped no doubt by the prevailing patriarchal attitude that was rigidly followed in this troubled and archaic era .
Oichi Hime must have been no different at first .
Yet after being submerged in the sea of pleasure that I gave her she has changed to the point that she actively seeks pleasure .
Much gratifying to me .
To me from the modern era where the sex industry has developed to an abnormal extent and where knowledge related to such matters has disseminated wide and far, such an occurrence was neither unexpected nor unwelcome . (TL: E/N any comment on the Japanese sex industry? E/N: Japanese men don’t want to commit into rs, coz they too serious about it, they even join only one company to work with for life let alone with a partner, obviously using these kinds of services is much easier on their mind and heart . )
Compared to the primitive bumpkins of the Warring States period who only knew how to thrust their sons and roughly grasp the chest of their lovers I was far ahead in terms of knowledge and skill .
The number of people who could compare to me in pleasuring a woman in this desolate era should be unable to extend single digits .
I don’t know if Oichi Hime who was wedded to such a skillful person was happy or not .
I commanded with a soft voice .
“Yes, then… then I’ll excuse myself…”
Swallowing her saliva in hardly suppressed excitement she stretched her delicate fingers towards my big son .
A strange smile spread across my face .
Just as her hands were able to grasp my penis, I interrupted her in a gentle yet stern fashion .
“Stop for a moment . ”
“…Umm… Oh yes…”
She lowers her hand with an all too clear reluctance emerging no doubt from the easily visible surge of lust that she is under now, which has dyed her cheeks crimson .
Thus, when she turned her gaze towards me I could see that she had already lost herself to the power of passion that had raged on ahead akin to a waterfall surging past the heights into the depths .
I sighed blissfully at that realization .
My next instruction was quite apparent .
“Oichi, today you shall you use your impure body to serve your lord to the fullest!”
“That is…” she murmurs hesitatingly . Even though the expression on her face conveys her assent to me .
“That is all”
I whisper in an air of finality and make my next move without giving her any time to respond .
Flippantly reaching for her breasts I tease her nipples with my fingers .
She gives a scream that is quite pleasing to my ears no doubt enjoying my teasing even so she promptly hides her breasts out of embarrassment .
What a lovely visage she has!
Especially when she behaves in a shy manner like that it just drives my fire through the roof .
I nudge her breasts gently and then say to her in a sweet voice, “Use these to serve my son as best as you can . ”
“That… but…”
She murmurs indecisively as she twists her body around in an uncertain manner .
“But that is so… so…”
“Do I have to remind you that not long ago you climaxed so thoroughly and reached out to my little out of your own accord?”
“No …please don’t mention…”
Oichi Hime who is burning with shame covers her crimson face with her dainty little hands .
I lean forward and hug her .
When I kissed her who was unprepared for my action, although she was still embarrassed I could see the happiness blossoming on her face .
“Hey… nudge your breasts up so that I can see your cleavage more clearly . ”
Oichi Hime continues to cover her chest with her arms .
I wonder if she was feeling too embarrassed to follow my instructions .
Watching my wife whose guard was up, I decided to go for a different plan .