One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
Chapter 2497 - Just because you want to marry up.

Chapter 2497: Just because you want to marry up.
The woman laughed back in anger. “Mu Yancheng, how presumptuous you are! I have yet to marry into your family, yet you can’t wait to rule over me! Now, you’re talking to me about having mistresses and you’re saying it so blatantly, too! What do you mean by concubines—do you think this is still the imperial era? Do you know what era we are in now? We practice monogamy these days, and there’s no such thing as concubines! Impossible! I’ll never allow you to do that!””
Mu Yancheng could not help but sneer. “Song Enya, you don’t have the right to interfere with me! As the primary mistress of the Mu family, you just go and learn to be a good and virtuous wife once you officially enter my household; you’re not qualified to interfere in other things.”
“You! On what grounds?!”
He replied, “By virtue of the fact that you’re marrying up instead of down.”
The woman was too dumbfounded to say anything.
Marrying up?
Oh, right; how could she forget that there were differences in the social classes even among the elites.
In ancient times, a woman of high status who married a man of low status would refer specifically to the marriage as of the emperor’s daughter.
The feudal society was one with a hierarchy. During those times, those who enjoyed some form of social class would have rankings based on their statuses in life whether they were officials or part of some ethnic groups. Any woman who married a man of lower status was considered to have married down; an example was an empress or a princess who married down.
This was not the case for Song Enya, though. Comparing the Songs with the Mus, she would be considered to have married up. On the whole, the latter family was not entirely satisfied with this marriage agreement, so a majority of them did not approve of the union.
Hence, she was already considered to be marrying up and, indeed, had no right to make further demands.
The spoiled lady had high requirements for her wedding, and although the Mu family would consider the bride’s wishes, they could not all be accepted. The conditions, which she had proposed, were really too harsh.
At this point in time, the Mu family was having cash flow issues and could face disruption to their liquidity at any time.
In other words, they were ready to mortgage any assets to tide over their relatively risky financial ventures.
Hence, her fussy demands had naturally disgruntled the man.
“Anyway, you don’t have to fantasize a pompous wedding on your big day. If you’re truly that ignorant, then I’ll spell out this entire affair clearly to you! I am reluctant to marry you and only accepted the marriage arrangement because it’s the command from my uncle! I’ve already given you an official title and a home to return to, with both being huge favors to you, so the Mu family will neither tolerate your capriciousness further nor give in to any of your unreasonable demands!”
The young lady’s face turned red; her lips trembled violently as hot tears of aggression filled her eyes.
He knocked on the tabletop with his knuckle and said, “Song Enya, learn to behave yourself, and you may just be able to get by with your life, but if you insist on being difficult, I have no qualms with kicking you aside as my bride-to-be!”
After saying that, he pushed the cup of coffee on the table away from him, stood up, put his hands inside his trouser pockets, and sauntered away!
His movements were so exaggerated, as if he was doing them to show off his power to her, that the coffee spilled on the table.
The lady could do nothing except watch him walk away. She did not attempt to stop him, and upon his exit from the room, tears immediately burst forth from her eyes!
He’s too much!
Although she had high requirements for the wedding, these were, by no means, too harsh conditions to fulfill.
In fact, was it too much for her to ask for five sets of custom-made wedding dresses?!
It’s not too much, is it?