One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
Chapter 2980 - You Will Have Nothing If You Leave Mu Group!

Chapter 2980: You Will Have Nothing If You Leave Mu Group!
And in the end?!
That Yun Shishi whom she hated more than anything was now being doted on by Mu Yazhe. She was living a blissful life.
Even though in recent times, reporters had reported that she had lost her sight due to injuries from an accident, she was currently at home recuperating.
Also, because of Gu Xingze’s matter, Yun Shishi had fallen into depression and did not eat or drink. She almost lost the baby.
However, when she saw the paparazzi secretly taking photos of her, Yun Shishi, who was wearing a mask and accompanied by Mu Yazhe to a checkup at the hospital, put on a broad smile the entire time.
It was obvious, even through the blurry photograph, that Mu Yazhe doted on her, and protected her like he was protecting a child!
She hated it!
Why was it that happiness came so easily for some people? What about herself?
Song Enya compared herself to Yun Shishi and Meng Qingxue. Suddenly her heart turned cold and she felt nothing but pity for herself!
She clenched her fists and immediately walked toward Meng Qingxue. She grabbed her hand and turned to Mu Yanchen, asking, “Why do you like such a woman?!”
“What are you doing?”
Mu Yanchen tried to fend her off, but Song Enya abruptly shoved him aside. She looked at Meng Qingxue with a hostile expression and continued derisively, “This little tramp from god knows where, in what ways exactly can she match up to me?! How am I inferior to her?! Why do you have to protect her like this! Don’t you know? Your second uncle will never let her step into the Mu family!”
Mu Yanchen was stunned by her words!
“Have you forgotten why your second brother was expelled from the Mu family?!”
Song Enya’s eyes were bloodshot as she gritted her teeth and said, “It was because he insisted on being with Yun Shishi! However, your second uncle is proud and arrogant. The Mu family holds high standards that not everyone can meet, least of all an unknown b*tch! If you insist on keeping this piece of trash, haven’t you thought of the consequences?!”
She paused for a moment and continued, “Your second brother loves beautiful women and is willing to give up the Mu Group and all that comes with it! But he’s different! He’s capable and business-minded. Even if he leaves the Mu family, he can still make a name for himself! Now that he’s established the Shengyu Group, he is able to hold on to the glory that belongs to him! But Mu Yanchen, what about you?! Don’t forget how you became the head of the Mu family! Ask yourself honestly, what are you without the Mu family?! You’re nothing!”
Mu Yanchen’s turned ashen. Her attack clearly agitated him.
But what she said was the truth.
If he left the Mu family, he would indeed lose everything.
He was different from Mu Yazhe.
Mu Yazhe had a brilliant business mind since he was young and was talented. Even while he was the CEO of Mu Group, although superficially it appeared that he was controlled by Mu Linfeng, what sort of man was Mu Linfeng?
One could describe him as a cunning old fox.
And yet Mu Yazhe managed to empty out more than half of the Mu Group behind Mu Linfeng’s back!
Saying that he had been expelled from the Mu family was just the Mu family’s side of the story!
What was the reality?
He had walked away in a carefree manner and became the chairman and president of the Shengyu Corporation in a grand manner. He was still that glorious legend!
And what of himself?
Mu Linfeng would never allow Meng Qingxue to enter the Mu family.
Although he was the head of the family, his authority rested in Mu Linfeng’s hands nevertheless. What Mu Linfeng wanted was just a puppet and a figurehead.