One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
Chapter 3286 - Sudden Changes (27)

Chapter 3286: Sudden Changes (27)
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The seawater exerts a very strong resistance, so it’s impossible to walk as nimbly on the seabed as on land.
It was Yun Shishi’s first time doing underwater diving. Such an unfamiliar environment and feeling made her nervous.
However, once she got used to it, she found it very exciting. Moreover, the underwater world had many mysterious aspects waiting for her to explore.
The coach said, “Seventy percent of the surface of the earth is ocean, so if you can master diving, you can go to places that most people can never access in their lifetime.”
This was an indescribable sense of accomplishment.
The water in this area was not deep. One could vaguely see the bottom of the sea six meters below.
Mu Yazhe held her hand and led her into the underwater world. A breathtakingly beautiful growth of coral greeted their sight!
The corals were colorful. Some were in the shape of an embroidery ball, while others were shaped like tree branches. They swayed along with the currents of the sea, looking exceptionally beautiful.
Schools of fish swam past. It was unclear what kind of fish they were, but they were very beautiful.
Everything was so magical!
By the time they returned to the shore, Yun Shishi was still unsatisfied and wanted more, however she was not allowed to.
First time divers should not spend too long underwater, otherwise, they may not be able to keep up physically.
She suddenly realized in frustration that she knew too little about this world! In comparison, Mu Yazhe was more knowledgeable and had seen much more of the vast world. His rich experience was something she could never hope to attain!
After dinner.
Yun Shishi leaned against the balcony, looking out into the beautiful night sea view!
At night, the moon cast its light on the sea, making the water surface sparkle. Microorganisms floated on the sea, emitting a beautiful glow that was like starlight.
Mu Yazhe put his arms around her from behind and rested his chin gently on her shoulder. “What are you thinking of?”
“Looking at the sea view.” She exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful!”
While she indulged in the scenery before her, she was unaware that the man behind her was also indulging in the scenery before him.
He slipped his large hand gently under her shirt, teasing her endlessly.
To his annoyance, she grabbed his wrist to stop him. He held her waist firmly and forced her to turn around to face him.
He snorted and questioned her, “Is the scenery that good?”
“Of course!”
Yun Shishi laughed. “Hubby, you know, I’ve never seen such a beautiful sea view in my life!”
The beautiful scenery would truly compel a person and broaden their heart. At the same time, they would sigh at the beauty of life and at the fact that they have the fortune to witness such beautiful scenery.
Mu Yazhe pressed his forehead against hers and lightly kissed her lips. He chided her with a look of great affection, “I think you’ve been having too much fun these past two days!”
“It’s rare for us to be alone, and I rarely get the chance to see such beautiful scenery!” After a pause, she smiled and added, “At one point, I thought I might never see again.”
This only made her feel all the more grateful towards the man!
She was grateful to him for giving her a new life and allowing her to see such beauty again!
“Stop being silly.” He kissed her forehead and said, “You’re not allowed to say such silly things in the future.. Madam, I promise to show you more of this vast world.”