Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Chapter 1131 - Plan for an Old Friend

Chapter 1131: Plan for an Old Friend
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He couldn’t come up with a good reason even after a long while. In this world where a clenched fist was the greatest argument, the strength was ultimately the most convincing bargaining chip for talking. The three old fogies nagged and grumbled for a while, but they still had to take their leave.
There was no why! The bunch of people who came out on this trip had been out for some time, and Jun Mo Xie had already killed all the members of the Zhan Family. They ultimately still had to go back and clean up the mess…
As to how the Zhan Family will respond, that remained to be seen, but the three of time were clear that since Jun Mo Xie dared to kill them, then he would have his ways in dealing with the aftermath.
This didn’t need to be said; everyone was clear.
It may look calm and peaceful on the surface, a harmonious atmosphere everywhere, everyone united against the same enemy, but there was still a risk of a tsunami hitting the dark anytime…
With the departure of the members of the three Holy Lands, those from the Misty Illusory Manor also left. It was merely those three old men. It was only when they were departing that Jun Mo Xie thought over it again and added, “Tell Old Senior Miao Qing Cheng that… if… just in case, he can just endure the Lightning tribulation and hurry over to Tian Nan.”
Jun Mo Xie was planning ahead with this. If the Zhan Family intended to rain disaster, and Zhan Lun Hui had already recovered his original strength, then aside from Miao Qing Cheng, there was really no one else in the entire Misty Illusory Manor who would be able to suppress him!
But Miao Qing Cheng’s appearance would entail Lightning tribulations…
Jun Mo Xie was planning just in case.
Tian Nan, that had been in celebrations for two days, finally returned back to its original peaceful state.
Aside from Tang Yuan and Li You Ran and a few others remained, the rest like the Dongfang Family, Duanmu Family, Sikong Family, and Blizzard Silver City had returned. These four families also made the decision: if Evil Monarch Manor is partaking in the War for Seizing the Heavens, then their family would also go!
Even if we are not going on the battlefield, we can go there and give our support. As long as they have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere, it will undoubtedly be a significant benefit for the future growth of the family…
When Tang Yuan entered the hall, he essentially ‘squeezed’ his way in. “Hehe… Third Young Master, hehe… I have really missed you so much…”
“F*ck…” Jun Mo Xie yelped weirdly, smacking his forehead and rolling his eyes. “Tang Yuan… did you eat April Fat? How many days had it barely been? To think that you’ve set a new highest record…”
The ‘April Fat’ he spoke of was the pig feed for making pigs grow back on Earth, so Tang Yuan naturally wouldn’t know about it. He smacked his belly and said innocently, “Third Young Master, this… you can’t blame me ah…”
“Huh? Can’t blame you? Am I supposed to blame myself then?” Jun Mo Xie sighed helplessly. He really had no idea what to do with this fellow!
“Tang Yuan, don’t head back yet. Since you’re here this time, I’ll help you lose some weight…” Jun Mo Xie sighed sincerely. “I am really worried. If you continue like this, you’ll really die all of a sudden someday. I’m not trying to scare you with my words, but your current size is really too much. They say that there are ten thousands of ways for people to die, with all sorts of odd and various ways. But if you really die from being too ‘fat’, then it’ll really not sound good… If you really die from being too ‘fat’. I’ll be sad, but I will still understand, if someday, you get mistaken for a pig by someone when walking in the streets and get dragged off into the slaughterhouse, that’ll really be a tragedy. Who would have thought that it is not a pig when it is this size, ah… Then, even if I wish to stand up for you, I also don’t even have the face ah… My words may sound unpleasant, but the logic is there… you just reassured and hand the meat on your body to me…”
Tang Yuan shivered and said trepidatiously, “Third Young Master, we are brothers, there is no problem staying for a few more days, even if you don’t want me to let me stay, I’m still going to stay for a couple of days, but… we can skip the losing weightQ I am just a little fat, it shouldn’t be that serious? The feeling from that time… It is impossible to forget ah… Let’s avoid this trouble, en?…”
“Avoid this trouble? That is impossible. I am being responsible for the life of my brother, ah. Don’t worry, this time, your body will definitely return back to the standards of a normal person, and you shouldn’t become fat afterwards, because I am confident that as long as you are thinking of being a glutton or do not wish to train, you will definitely recall the treatment this time. I also believe that the treatment I am personally handling this time will be extremely memorable for you in all of your lives!” Jun Mo Xie scoffed and wriggled his brows.
Tang Yuan shrank back in fear, a look of terror his eyes. He was so close to falling onto the bum. Tang Yuan would rather die than go through the tortuous process of weight loss again! He had already made up his mind on this!
And now that Jun Mo Xie was saying that it would be even more rigorous this time, Tang Yuan’s heart trembled in fear and was on the verge of passing out. No way? Dear Heavens ah, there’s no need to toy with me like this ah?!
“Brother, the exhaustion this time is inevitable, but I am doing it for your own good. Let’s not even talk about the danger to your life, you tell me, you’re so fat now, then the matter between husband and wife… that… how do you do it?” Jun Mo Xie said. “Do you know that Sun Xiao Mei… it is very tiring for her?”
Tang Yuan’s face instantly turned red and began to avoid eye contact. After a long while, he mumbled, “Third Young Master… I also don’t wish to, everytime, before I could… then I’d already… My body is fat, but that area has really weakened drastically, I used to be quite impressive before…”
“Don’t worry, leave it all to me, as long as you listen and lose all this meat, I assure you that you shall exhibit your manly might and make your wife silly!” Jun Mo Xie beat his chest and said.
The moment that ‘matter’ was involved, any sort of hard work was no big deal to a man! Even if they had to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames, so what? As long as they could show their masculinity and vigor before their lover, any sort of suffering was worth it!
With this thought, accepting this weight-loss process didn’t seem as unacceptable to Tang Yuan anymore!
With nothing to do, Jun Mo Xie made preparations to concoct some pills again.
This time, not only did he want to increase the strength of his subordinates, he wanted to create an assassin troop that had his style! Let Baili Luo Yun and Leng Ao lead this assassin squad to become the real number one hidden sword in the world.
At the same time, he wanted Tian Can and Di Que to go through a complete change!
To the point that when they strike, the Heavens will be crippled, and the Earth will become flawed!
And another thing was… Jun Mo Xie had specially made a slimming spill for Tang Yuan.
This was a solution that Jun Mo Xie had thought of after wrecking his brains and reading up on countless information.
Otherwise, watching the rate Tang Yuan was growing in size, Young Master Jun’s words earlier were really not for scaring Tang Yuan. Tang Yuan absolutely has the chance of dying from being too ‘fat’…
This was undoubtedly a case of ‘obesity’ and it was extremely severe… Jun Mo Xie was very clear about this sickness; it was no longer a problem that could be resolved with dieting and exercising. Even if Tang Yuan only ate grass daily and did all sorts of work like a donkey, he would still be able to grow fat!
This was ultimately due to a problem in the physique and blood or genes… Jun Mo Xie was an assassin and not a specialist, so he was unable to tell the specifics, but Young Master Jun was trying to concoct a pill. And that pill’s effects was to make all the fat in Tang Yuan completely burn off within a short period of time!
He could only treat the symptoms after he treated the root cause. As long as he got rid of all that fats on the body, everything else will be much easier, and at least, Tang Yuan would not be at a risk of dying any moment!
Of course, this was still at its fumbling stages, and there needed to be someone to test it on. Of course, this person would be Tang Yuan! This was something that was made specially for him; if he isn’t the lab rat… who else could be?
Besides, no one else seemed to have any use for this pill aside from Tang Yuan!
Although the process would definitely be painful and uncomfortable, but with Young Master Jun around, he will definitely not die…
Tang Yuan may have made up his mind to give it a try due to the matter concerning his pride as a man, but the fear was still inevitable. He pulled a long face and got ready to go prepare himself. The entire journey he only felt jittery, an ominous feeling accompanying the sinister smile of Jun Mo Xie filled his mind.
If not for his absolute trust in Young Master Jun, that he would definitely not bring harm upon him, Tang Yuan was practically scared witless and on the verge of escaping overnight…
With his mind preoccupied, he walked a distance before stomping his feet. “God damn it, I am just 300kg, do whatever you want! As long as I can revive my manliness, so what if I have to suffer a bit…”
Tang Yuan bad barely left a while when Young Master Li You Ran slowly walked in. “Third Young Master, your achievements today have truly left me greatly astonished, ah.” Li You Ran had a slight smile on his face, his graceful bearing standing out.
But he knew himself that Jun Mo Xie’s current achievements were not only astonishing! He wouldn’t even dream about it!
That Jun Mo Xie that was secretly battling himself in wits and guts back then in Tian Xiang City had already risen into the clouds that he could not even see!
If the two of them still had any disputes, Young Master Jun didn’t even have to do anything; he could easily blow him to death with a single breath!
When faced with this sort of jarring disparity, he couldn’t even bring up the smallest bit of jealousy. He could only say: a demon, ah…
“Li You Ran, Young Master Li, why do your words sound a little sour? That is very unlike you, ah! Why, are you envious?” Jun Mo Xie chuckled amusingly.
“It is because the disparity between us is too far, too great, that I dare to speak of what I think. The divine dragons that flies in the skies will never mind the look from an ant! How can I be only envious, ah…” Li You Ran let out a long sigh and sat down.
“That was well said, I love to hear that! We are all familiar with each other, there is no need to sound so distant. If you wish for it, I can help you.” Jun Mo Xie said seriously. “You may not necessarily be unable to do it.”
The Evil Monarch Manor right now was lacking in talents in management, especially a scheming strategist like Li You Ran. So Jun Mo Xie had long been pondering over whether to put in some effort to pull this fellow out from his greed and make use of him…