Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553
“Is it true that we can’t make it to Asgard even if we build up virtue during our lives?”
The leaders of the Dominion Church and Judar Church were struggling. The Overgeared King, who dared to call himself a god—he collapsed the Rebecca Church without knowing the dreadfulness of heaven, and he is now spreading false rumors.
Only a handful of chosen people who were qualified to be ‘angels’ could climb to heaven? It was a destructive sophistry. There were several things to point out. In fact, the attitude of claiming that hell was a shelter for the dead proved his abnormal mental state.
The church leaders were once again convinced that the Overgeared King was a demon. It was clear that Amoract, the 2nd ranked great demon, had disguised herself as a human being and disturbed the world using evil tricks and force.
‘Who is going to stop it? It is truly deplorable.’
The Sword Saint, Demon Slayer, and former pope originally selected by the First Holy Sword... The people who should’ve been heroes had become demons. It was a terrible reality. There was no hope if this continued...
The church leaders were genuinely worried. They instinctively felt the destruction of the world through the demons who disdained god and advocated for hell.
"At this time, we need to get our minds straight.”
It was several days after the end of the Great Human and Demon War. The Dominion Church and Judar Church met. Due to the rumors circulating in the streets, the number of believers who doubted the gods had increased sharply. This meeting was organized to discuss how to respond to it.
However, the atmosphere was weird. The eyes of the elders were full of compassion as they looked at the two religious leaders sharing their opinions. In particular, the elders of the Judar Church sighed.
The leaders noticed it. ‘Even the elders have fallen for the demons’ tricks.’
It was too late by the time they realized it. The swords of the paladins were placed against their necks.
“This is treason. You have also been deceived by the demons.”
“It isn’t treason. Treason is about coveting power. We just want to face the truth in a straightforward manner.”
“From the time you renounced your faith, priests will no longer be priests. Your justification is no different from that of a bandit’s whining. The cause is wrong from the beginning. The truth? Do you really believe the rumors? What is different between you and the unlearned people? Your years of studying theology and praying to the gods are for nothing.”
“Is it a rumor? Haven’t you heard that an angel disguised as the pope tried to harm the people?”
“How many times do I have to resolve it? It is a typical rumor spread by the Overgeared Kingdom!”
“We’ve been trying to believe that, but aren’t there too many witnesses? The Rebecca Church followers who survived the incident at the time have testified that the rumors are true.”
“That... they were brainwashed.”
"The evidence?"
“There is no way that a messenger of the goddess, who exists for humanity, will harm people.”
“What is the evidence that the goddess is for humanity?”
“Don’t you know? The evidence is that the existence of light, the world, and humanity are all thanks to the goddess.”
“The goddess might’ve created all things, but is there any guarantee that it is for humans? In fact, the goddess turned away from those who died from the invasion of demons.”
“That is a trial. It is the same reason for the goddess not helping the sick and the poor. Our lives are a series of trials which means a series of opportunities. Only those who overcome the trials will be qualified for Asgard.”
“Is the protection of God Judar infused in the demons and demonic creatures also a trial?”
“Yes. The bigger the trials, the better it is for us. The chances of going to Asgard will increase. It is why the Overgeared King easily helps us. Originally, the more evil the temptation, the sweeter it is. He intends to make us easily overcome the trials so we become lazy and lose our qualifications to be in Asgard.”
“The reason that angels attacked the Overgeared God is because they know the truth that the Overgeared God is a demon?”
“Yes. That is the clearest evidence.”
“Why is the Overgeared God who has saved so many people a demon?”
“He dared to insult the gods.”
The leaders’ repeated unreasonable claims frustrated the elders. A handful of players were among those who exchanged dark looks. It was a testament to the changed times. Now there were many players active at the center of the world. Most of them cooperated with the Overgeared Guild. They believed that the path Grid offered was correct.
It wasn’t a vague belief in a supreme existence. It wasn’t even because they were conscious of force and power. It was based on the progress Grid had achieved. He created countless achievements and the information found based on his achievements was very reliable. It was natural to use this information to support and trust Grid’s actions of making the best choice every time.
“I don’t think it is possible to save the two of them.”
The elders looked at the church leaders sadly and shifted their gaze to the back. The church leaders followed their gaze and their expressions stiffened. It was because they found a person who shouldn’t be here. The man was equipped with heavy armor that was a color that coordinated with his purple hair.
“Now is the time for unity.” It was the former pope, Damian. He once praised the goddess, but now he was a traitor who served the new god. “My heart is heavy, but I have decided to remove all obstacles that hinder the unity. It isn’t easy for the current world to embrace you.”
“How dare you come here?! You! I can’t believe a person who was the pope would become the running dog of a false god and is going on a rampage like an executioner! Don’t you feel embarrassed?!”
The church leaders fiercely criticized it. However, Damian’s expression didn’t waver at all. A sense of justice could be seen in his big shining eyes. It was a righteous attitude. The traitor wasn’t himself, but the heavenly gods. No, the word ‘traitor’ was inappropriate.
The gods weren’t on the side of humans from the beginning. Too much context supported the truth. Those who turned a blind eye to the end were abnormal. It was twisted. It was like a monster. It was to the extent that those who accepted the truth doubted their ears.
“I hope you realize that the Overgeared God is the only real one you can trust, even if it is from hell.”
Damian pulled out his sword. It was the signal. The main pillars of the three churches, who interfered with the Overgeared Kingdom at every important moment—Damian had been trying to root them out for a long time. He continued to make contact with the elders by mobilizing the virtues and connections he had built up from his time as the pope.
Of course, it wasn’t easy. He received all types of restraints and experienced danger. There were many times when he was frustrated by the stubborn people he couldn’t communicate with. However, he did it and he got here. Damian was the one who served as the pope of the Rebecca Church, the most tight-lipped of the three religions. His patience and sincerity were comparable to Grid, so he deserved to achieve results. In recent years, the angels and gods had been continuously trolling and Grid revealed the truth of hell.
“This is crazy even for someone crazy.”
The church leaders couldn’t stand it and showed killing intent. They dropped hammers of light, which hit the heads of the paladins, as they glared at Damian as if to kill him with their glare.
Knights armed with black uniforms appeared on the left and right sides and lined up. This was the secret to the church leaders maintaining their composure. The Templar Knights—the Rebecca Church’s strongest armed group, which had been missing for a while, were escorting the two church leaders. The clone of Sariel wasn’t seen, but even so, the spirit of the church leaders soared into the sky.
“Elders, look clearly with your own eyes. This traitor is the most obvious evidence that the Overgeared King is a fake god.”
The absence of divine power. Damian didn’t have the power that a priest should have. It wasn’t just him. It was the same for all the members of the Overgeared God Church. This was one of the reasons why the members of the three churches didn’t recognize Grid. If Grid was a god, why did those who serve him have no divine power?
Some elders reflected on the question and started to feel doubts.
“Damian! You traitor! Remember that it was all thanks to the consideration of the goddess that you could be the pope!”
The hammers of light hovering over the two church leaders combined into one. A holy, sacred light exploded and brilliantly revealed the interior of the temple. It was the proof of the existence of God. Anxiety sprouted in the hearts of the elders. They were worried about divine punishment and belatedly turned away from the light. They didn’t dare to stare straight at it.
Damian was different. He still faced the light with honest eyes. “There is no law that the form of divinity has to be light.”
Thick veins twitched on the back of Damian’s hand as he pulled out his sword.
Damian recalled it. The destructive power of Grid that killed Gamigin, who couldn’t be knocked down easily even by Braham’s great magic.
“The divine power of the Overgeared God is physical force.”
It was sophistry. The leaders scoffed. The divinity became one and was fired like an arrow of light. It penetrated Damian’s chest... no, it couldn’t.
It was cut by Damian’s sword and scattered in vain. The protection and divinity of the Overgeared God—the effects attached to the sword that Grid made for Damian turned into the power to cut magic. It was greater than any divine power. Damian’s stride that he had been honing described the myth of the Overgeared God. Grid’s strengthened myth added power to Damian’s sword dance.
“Linked Kill Pinnacle.”
Grid had proved it several times. He slashed the enemies blocking his path using items and combat strength. Damian, who served him, was also obliged to prove it.
The overgeared onslaught broke through the Templars and fatally injured the church leaders. The church leader screamed repeatedly and healed each other, but it didn’t mean much. Damian was the main person of the Overgeared Kingdom when it came to responding to the churches of the three gods. It was natural for the ‘healing reduction effect’ to be attached to his sword since he had a lot of conflicts with priests. At this moment, he showed absolute power.
Of course, the effect of reduced healing could be released through purification. Even if it was purified, he would slash again and again, repeating the same thing. After a fierce struggle—
[The leaders of the Dominion Church and Judar Church have died.]
The purge was successful. Damian’s virtues, connections, sincerity, and finally, the combination of items and force, created the best results. The elders immediately elected new leaders and they were naturally friendly to Damian and the Overgeared Kingdom. They would lead the Dominion and Judar Churches, that had been floundering for a while, onto the right path.
“There wasn’t a single high-level Templar.” Damian exited after making several agreements with the elders and expressed his concern.
Isabel nodded from where she was waiting for him outside the temple. “I didn’t even feel the presence of the leader. Right now, they don’t seem to be aiming for a revival of the Rebecca Church... it is suspicious. I think we need to search.”
Isabel was motivated after moving to the Overgeared Kingdom. She did everything on her own and it was different from her time as a Rebecca’s Daughter. Damian held her hand tightly. He looked lovingly at her slightly bulging belly. “Yes, but you don’t have to go out by yourself, Isabel.”
A long procession of people followed behind Damian. They were the members of the Overgeared God Church. Even though they were the elites selected by Damian, the number still exceeded 1,000. Damian gained an authority and power incomparable to his days as the pope and his performance would continue in the future.
A fortnight later...
The world was turned upside down. Empress Basara proclaimed that the empire would become a subordinate nation of the Overgeared Kingdom...