Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard
Chapter 84 part4

Speaking of her engagement, Meng Jiang Zhuo's mood was somewhat low, "It's already set. Yesterday afternoon, the other side's betrothal gifts have already been sent to the manor."
"Yesterday afternoon huh, no wonder didn't hear you say anything yesterday morning." Fu Ya Lan said, and shortly after swept a glance at Ji Liu Xia. "You're sure quick to find out this news, already hearing it before we were even aware."
"Of course, right now, I don't need to attend class. I feel my entire person all coming to life again." Ji Liu Xia boasted.
Right now, the academy's focus was all on the competition. Those that didn't need to participate in the competition all don't need to attend class. Ji Liu Xia naturally wasn't one of the candidates, so naturally she didn't attend class.
"Since the betrothal gifts have been sent, then has the wedding date been set?" Du Xiao Li asked.
"Already set, nineteenth of the eleventh month." Meng Jiang Zhuo replied.
"Nineteenth of the eleventh month? Then that means you'll be marrying in less than two months?!" Ji Liu Xia cried out.
"Yes, these were all decided by my parents. I'm merely just listening to their arrangements." Meng Jiang Zhuo somewhat helplessly said. Originally, towards this marriage, she was somewhat scared, but after hearing Du Xiao Li's talk last time, she was quite comforted, and sometimes, she even somewhat looked forward to it.
"Sigh, big sister Jiang Zhuo is about to marry. I originally thought that big sister Liu Xia would be the first among us to marry!" Du Xiao Li said somewhat regretfully.
She'd just came to the capital for a few months, and Meng Jiang Zhuo will soon have to marry far away, perhaps only able to meet once every few years. Thinking of this, she felt somewhat sad inside.
"Indeed, never thought that you would marry this soon, and moreover, it was even to a place that far away. In the future, it'll be hard for everyone to meet up again." Ji Liu Xia also began feeling sad.
"You all are still fortunate. The Qu family is in the capital, Liu Xia in the future can still return to the General's Manor often, and Xiao Li has also been engaged to Ding Wang, just waiting for you to reach marriageable age. You all will still be close to home, unlike me." Meng Jiang Zhuo gloomily said. "However, I will come back and visit frequently, and in the future, whenever you all pass by Jiangnan, all need to come see me! Otherwise, I'll be too lonely there by myself."
"Don't worry, we will!" Du Xiao Li confidently answered.
"Alright, at least you all have matches, I still don't know whether or not I'll be able to marry!" Fu Ya Lan said.
"Big sister Ya Lan, with you this outstanding, you'll definitely marry a good family! The Cabinet Minister Manor can't just let you casually marry!" Meng Jiang Zhuo covered her mouth and laughed.
"Big sister Ya Lan, this is eager to get married?" Ji Liu Xia also laughed, "In any case, you've already reached marriageable age, so how about letting Sir Fu quickly find a family for you to marry?"
"Does big sister Ya Lan have anyone you admire?" Meng Jiang Zhuo slyly looked to Fu Ya Lan. Seeing her face instantly blushing, she let out a long 'ahhh', "You're blushing, you definitely have a sweetheart, quickly tell us who?"

Du Xiao Li didn't expect that they would get this excited talking about this. Before she could even think of a way to ask Fu Ya Lan, they'd already helped her ask the question. But, asking her like this, would she answer?
Fu Ya Lan had Ji Liu Xia who squeezed over pushed away, "Don't say nonsense, I don't have anyone I like!"
"It'd be strange if you don't, just look at this face, already blushing like an apple!" Ji Liu Xia said with a laugh.
"Sister Ya Lan, if you have someone you like, why don't you just tell us, we can help you test them out and see how the other party is like. If they're not bad, then you can let Sir Fu go propose marriage for you, so as to avoid being like me, even having to marry far away." Meng Jiang Zhuo said.
"That's right, we're all good sisters, what's there to be embarrassed about." Ji Liu Xia also echoed.
"I really don't!" Fu Ya Lan glanced to Du Xiao Li, and somewhat bashfully said.
Du Xiao Li instantly understood Fu Ya Lan's thoughts. It must be because she was here, that's why sister Ya Lan was embarrassed to say! Du Xiao Li's eyes lit up and said, "If big sister Ya Lan doesn't have anyone, then how about come be my sister-in-law? What do you think?"
"That's right!" Du Xiao Li pouted her lips, "In any case, big sister Ya Lan doesn't have anyone she likes, and coming to be my sister-in-law, the two of us won't just be good friends, we'll even be family! Sigh, just don't know if big sister Ya Lan will like that blockheaded older brother of mine. Big sister Ya Lan is this outstanding, yet my big brother is stupid and............"
"Brother Du isn't stupid, he's also very outstanding. With his studies that good, in the future, he'll definitely excel relying on his own abilities." Fu Ya Lan said.
"Eh, could it be that big sister Ya Lan's crush is Xiao Li's older brother?" Ji Liu Xia instantly shouted.
"Liu Xia, don't talk nonsense!" Fu Ya Lan was getting embarrassed again, as she glared at Ji Liu Xia.
"Big sister Liu Xia is talking nonsense? Then looks like the one big sister Ya Lan likes isn't my big brother. I originally was thinking, if you like my big brother, I'll let my father go propose marriage. Sigh, looks like my big brother will just have a one-sided longing. After all, if big sister Ya Lan doesn't like my big brother, we can't force this either." Du Xiao Li said with a regretful look.
"Who said I don't like him..........." Hearing Du Xiao Li's words, Fu Ya Lan instantly had her true feelings blurted out. Soon after, she finally came to realization and glared at Du Xiao Li, "Xiao Li, you're digging pit holes for me to jump in!"
"I did not!" Du Xiao Li secretly laughed inside, "What I said was the truth. Last night, I even talked to my brother about this, planning on letting my father go propose marriage. But he said since we don't know your feelings, we can't force you. That's why I came today with the intention to ask you. If you don't like my big brother, with how good our relationship is, definitely can't wrong you, no?"
"Hahaha, not bad, brother Du likes sister Ya Lan, and sister Ya Lan also likes brother Du. One is the son of the prime minister, and one is the granddaughter of a cabinet minister. This is also a well-matched family, and moreover, the groom has feelings and the bride is willing. And you can even become sister-in-laws with Xiao Li. How great of a thing is this!" Ji Liu Xia was in high spirits, pouring everyone a cup of wine, "This needs to be celebrated, this is the so called fate! Xiao Li, when you go back, quickly tell your father to propose marriage, hahaha, perhaps there'll be someone else that'll marry before me!"

"You all are really getting more and more unreasonable! If you keep making fun of me, I'll just ignore you all!" Fu Ya Lan said with a pout.
"Keke, this is just us having a plan! Right now, I'm just confirming the information, if you're willing to marry my big brother, then when I go back, I'll be able to properly tell my father. However, my brother is a bit stubborn. He feels that right now, because he doesn't have any merits or official post, he's not worthy of big sister Ya Lan. Even if just going to propose marriage, he's still embarrassed to." Du Xiao Li said.
"This you don't need to worry. I heard from the male student side that brother Du's learning is really high, proficient in poetry, literature, and verses. And his talent in politics is also the same. Sometimes, he would even have the teacher lecturing left speechless. With him this impressive, in the future, he'll definitely excel! Right, sister Ya Lan?" When Ji Liu Xia finished saying all the news she'd heard, she didn't forget to also make a jab at Fu Ya Lan.
"Right, I also heard my third brother mention before, saying brother Du was really impressive. In the beginning, everyone all looked down on him for having grown up in a farming village, but now, everyone all respected and admired him." Meng Jiang Zhuo added, "Sometimes, I even wonder, what all did you eat growing up there, how come you and your brother are both this impressive!?"
"What did we eat growing up? It's just rice and vegetables!" Hearing Meng Jiang Zhuo's words, Du Xiao Li rolled her eyes. "Alright, big sister Ya Lan still hasn't expressed whether she's willing to marry my big brother or not!"
Seeing everyone all looking to her, Fu Ya Lan bashfully nodded her head.
"Hahaha, alright, this happy matter is settled! Come, come, come, let's have a toast!" Seeing Fu Ya Lan nod, Ji Liu Xia excitedly cried out.
Learning that it wasn't just her one-sided affections, and seeing her friends genuinely happy for her, Fu Ya Lan revealed a bright smile on her face.
After eating lunch, Fu Ya Lan returned to the academy to continue preparing for the competition. Meng Jiang Zhuo, because was about to marry, was also relatively busy. After she parted with Du Xiao Li and the others, she returned to the Meng Manor. As for Ji Liu Xia, knowing that Du Xiao Li had gotten kidnapped yesterday, she insisted on sending Du Xiao Li back.
Du Xiao Li was unable to convince Ji Liu Xia, so after letting Xia Yuan have the seven bug seven flower poison's antidote handed to Fu Wan San, they returned to the Prime Minister Manor together. Just as she got down from the horse carriage, and before she was even able to bid Ji Liu Xia farewell, someone charged out from the gates, urgently looking to Du Xiao Li. From the looks of it, they've been waiting here for a long time.
"Third miss, our madam is asking for you."