Path to Heaven
Chapter 319

A thick black gas was ejected from the two wolf heads of the demonic beast at the same time. After a brief stalemate with the purple fire wave, its might actually suppressed the purple fire wave, forcing the purple fire wave to retreat.
Seeing this, the yin soft cultivator immediately reached out his hand to pat his own storage pouch.
An extremely simple-looking circular magical equipment floated in front of him. On the surface of this circular magical equipment floated the words "Life, Death, Hugh, Qi". As the True Essence was concentrated in it, a white beam of light rushed out of the magical equipment and also shot towards this strange demon beast.
The white beam of light blasted a hole through the black gas and landed on the strange demonic beast's chest.
This strange Demonic Beast's body shook violently and was forced to stagger backwards by the white pillar of light. However, there weren't even any scars on its chest. However, the black Qi within its two wolf heads continued to gush out.
The effeminate looking cultivator and the rough looking cultivator in crimson robes couldn't help but look at each other. Shock flashed across their eyes.
The strength of this demon beast was clearly beyond the high-level of the sixth rank, its magical technique and defensive power was not inferior to a cultivator at the first level of the Aurous Core Stage. Moreover, the black air it spat out was obviously the same as the Yin and Phosphorous Sand, and had the ability to incinerate magic treasures, but its power was countless times stronger than that of the Yin and Phosphorous Sand. Of these two Aurous Core stage cultivators, regardless of which one they were, if they were to encounter this demonic beast alone, they might not be a match for it.
How much experience did the two Aurous Core stage cultivators have with the enemy? They looked at each other and didn't take out any magic treasures. Aside from maintaining the might of their round magic treasures and the small purple bell, they used their own techniques to attack the demonic beast.
Two golden flames suddenly flowed out from the nostrils of the rugged cultivator wearing a crimson magic robe, turning into two thin golden snakes. The feminine cultivator extended a finger, and countless white lights resembling Lingzhi appeared in the air, steadily gushing towards the demonic beast.
Once the two arts were used, even though this strange demonic beast had the strength of a first level Jindan Stage cultivator, it immediately showed signs of being unable to endure the pressure. The black qi spewed out from its two heads was pushed back bit by bit.
Just when the black gas was only ten feet away from the demonic beast, from the right side of the demonic beast suddenly spat out a blue demonic core. Strands of blue medicinal liquid gushed out and actually condensed into countless blue arrows, shooting towards the two of them.
The two Aurous Core stage cultivators' expressions immediately changed. This demonic beast's technique was already so powerful, and was on par with a 1st level Aurous Core stage cultivator's technique. The technique activated by the inner core was of course even more powerful.
The yin soft cultivator immediately extended his hand and touched the round magic treasure floating in front of him. The "Life" symbol on the magic treasure glinted brilliantly and the white pillar of light suddenly retracted, forming a white barrier around himself and the red-robed cultivator. At the same time, the red robed, boorish cultivator seemed to be facing a great enemy. His hands formed a few incantation gestures, and a vortex of blazing golden flames appeared in front of him.
Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! The small blue arrow was the first to hit the white barrier, letting out an unending series of explosive sounds, but to their surprise, the power of the small blue arrow was actually almost the same as the black gas. It didn't even manage to break through the white barrier's defense.
This somewhat illogical situation caused the two of them to involuntarily doubt whether this Demonic Beast had some tricks up its sleeves.
However, at this time, the Demonic Beast unexpectedly turned around, turned into a gray streak of light, and madly ran towards the passage behind it.
The effeminate cultivator was stunned for a moment, and then immediately came to his senses. With a low growl, he immediately chased after a boorish cultivator dressed in a red magic robe.
Regardless of whether this demon beast was an Elder Level 6 demon beast or a genuine Low Level Seven or Middle Level Seven demon beast, its strength was definitely at least that of a Level Seven demon beast. Furthermore, regardless of what materials he had, just the outer skin alone would allow him to refine a magic robe with a defensive strength of at least Dao level.
This Demonic Beast's escaping speed was not as fast as the two Aurous Core stage cultivators. After making seven or eight turns, a trace of joy appeared in the eyes of the two Aurous Core stage cultivators. The distance between the two of them was less than 500 feet.
However, what the two Aurous Core stage cultivators did not notice was that the demonic beasts that were desperately escaping had their mouths wide open, constantly roaring for help. Although there was not a single sound, the area in front of their mouths was constantly filled with layers of transparent ripples.
After another turn, there was a sudden flash of light and an exit appeared in front of them.
The spirit of this demonic beast seemed to have been greatly shaken as it shot out. It was a valley with a radius of ten miles. There were more than ten ruins in this valley.
In front of the dozen or so weeds, there was a small plaza. In the corner of the plaza, there were a few perfectly intact white crystal pillars, and beneath the white crystal pillars, there were many layers of profound runes. It actually looked like a formation.
The effeminate looking cultivator and the rugged looking cultivator dressed in scarlet magic robes immediately rushed out. Upon seeing the scene before their eyes, a look of surprise and bewilderment immediately appeared on their faces.
On the other hand, the strange demonic beast that was fleeing in the front instead stopped. Its four black and gray eyes were somewhat dull and cold as it stared at the two Aurous Core stage cultivators without moving.
"Teleportation nexus?"
What shocked the two cultivators the most was that at this moment, there were layers of white spiritual light flowing out from the place that seemed to be a magical formation.
The white spiritual aura that was flashing made the two Aurous Core stage cultivators almost certain that this magical formation was a teleportation array.
The teleportation nexus that was located in the middle of a pile of rubble was actually intact!
At this time, who would be sent through this teleportation nexus?
The white spirit light within the formation flashed for several breaths of time before it quietly faded away. However, there was no one inside the teleportation nexus.
In the eyes of the two Aurous Core stage cultivators, an even more bewildered and uncertain expression immediately appeared.
Right at this moment, the strange demon beast standing on the small plaza made from white mountain rocks suddenly spat out rolling black gas from its mouth, rushing towards the two of them.
The two of them immediately activated the magic treasures in front of them. Like before, a white pillar of light and layers of purple flames shot towards the demonic beast.
But almost at the same time, the face of the rough cultivator in the crimson magic robe suddenly changed, opening his mouth, ten thousand streaks of red light suddenly appeared. However, almost at the same time, the rugged cultivator in the crimson magic robe suddenly had a change of complexion, opening his mouth, ten thousand streaks of red light abruptly appeared in his mouth.
Following a terrifying wave of pressure, a scarlet pill rose from the mouth of this rough cultivator as if it was the rising of the sun.
At this moment, it was as if time had stopped. The pigeon egg-sized pill was covered with countless profound runes that emitted a bright light and condensed into a mysterious seal. Inside the pearl, there seemed to be a liquid as thick as mercury flowing. It was producing the sound of roaring waves.
If Wei Suo was here and saw this scene, he would probably be unable to restrain himself from crying out in alarm.
The Aurous Core of an Aurous Core stage cultivator!
This was the Aurous Core stage of an Aurous Core stage cultivator that he wanted to experience but had no chance to see!
The moment this golden core appeared, the layers of multicolored light emitted from it instantly condensed into a huge red sword, fiercely slashing towards the back of this rough cultivator.
At the same time, the boorish cultivator's body became weak.
The aurous core of an Aurous Core stage cultivator was something that was formed from his entire body's true essence and blood essence, as well as his cultivation level. It was extremely mysterious, comparable to a demonic beast's demonic core, and was the Aurous Core stage's strongest weapon. However, every time it was activated, a large amount of Quintessential Essence would be consumed. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Aurous Core stage cultivators would not activate their aurous cores to fight their enemies.
The massive red sword chopped backwards, and an earth-shattering cracking sound instantly exploded out.
The Jindan, which was surrounded by countless mysterious seals and glowing lights, suddenly trembled violently. The massive red sword, which was glowing with multicolored light, was actually completely shattered.
At the place where the giant red sword was originally empty, a blue light flashed and a blue arm actually appeared.
The arm was covered with purplish black tendons and the skin looked very rough. At this moment, it seemed as if it had been burned by a huge red sword made from Aurous Core, and it quickly shrank back. However, the arm that had received the blow from the giant red sword did not appear to have any injuries! As he quickly withdrew, the blue light on his arm slowly disappeared and turned transparent once more.
At this moment, the cultivator with the soft complexion still didn't understand why the boorish cultivator beside him would suddenly take out the golden core. Seeing this arm, his eyes were immediately filled with fear as he immediately reached out his hand to touch the disk magic tool in front of him.
At almost the same time, the effeminate looking cultivator only felt an endless amount of power strike the white light from the left in front of him. The entire white light barrier immediately shattered.
The golden core of the rough cultivator began to glow with multicolored light as another enormous red sword appeared, clashing head on against the invisible opponent's attack.
The giant red sword broke apart once again, revealing a blue arm at an empty spot. After which, it immediately disappeared at a rapid pace.
To be able to fight a Golden Core cultivator at the first level of the Aurous Core stage head on, this demonic beast was obviously not human. Its strength was comparable to a Golden Core cultivator at the second level of the Aurous Core stage! And it was invisible! Based on their cultivation levels, only when the demonic beast was within a hundred feet of them could they sense some of the aura of the demonic beast.
Just now, this Demonic Beast was behind them, but now it was already in front of them on the left. This kind of speed could only be described as astonishing. It was definitely above the two's speed.
Not to mention that this demonic beast had actually come through a teleportation array. Since it knew how to drive a teleportation array, its IQ must be astonishingly high as well.
With such strength, even if two Aurous Core stage cultivators joined hands, they would still not be a match for him!
Seeing the flickering blue light on the arm and the scene of it quickly disappearing, the two Aurous Core stage cultivators' faces immediately became pale without a trace of blood.