Peerless Genius System

Peerless Genius System

Peerless Genius System
Chapter 812 - The second test

Chapter 812: The second test
After Ghost said that, she flew forward like a swallow and got into the frying pan o hot oil.
Some oil splashed out.
“Little girl…” Duck Emperor was so shocked that his duck’s eyes were round and wide.
On the other hand, Xiao Luo’s heart thumped violently in anxiety. He feared something bad would happen to Ghost.
The spectators gasped. Every single Baiyue Nation citizen was in a stupor. They found it hard to believe that the little girl dared to jump into a hot frying pan of hot oil with no hesitation. Was she not afraid that she would turn into human jerky?
“Wow, this feels good! It’s like taking a bath in the hot spring!”
Ghost sat inside the frying pan, up to her neck in hot oil. Of course, she held onto her small red umbrella as well to protect her from the sunlight.
Xiao Luo breathed a sigh of relief. He was elated she was alright, and it seemed like Ghost wasn’t afraid of magma at all.
“Alright! Hey, little girl, this duck here is proud of you, haha, haha…” Duck Emperor laughed out loud.
“That girl wasn’t afraid of getting into the frying pan with hot oil… How is that possible?”
“Did she use True Inner Force?”
“No, I can’t feel any true inner force flowing at all.”
“If she’s not using any True Inner Force to protect herself, then shouldn’t she be afraid of the hot oil scalding her bare skin?”
“Unbelievable, simply unbelievable!”
The Baiyue Nation citizens gathered there were awed. They would never have imagined that Ghost would dare get into the frying pan.
“That’s great, this means they’ve passed the first test,” Funing said excitedly in the grandstand.
Beside her, the grandmaster frowned as she stared in disbelief at Ghost, who looked like she was taking a bath in the frying pan. She just couldn’t figure out who this girl was or where she came from. How could she still be fine even after jumping into the frying pan without the use of her True Inner Force?
Was the fire not strong enough?
She waved her hands toward the fire underneath the frying pan, sending a stream of wind that blew directly at the flames and increasing its intensity. The flames rose roughly two to three meters high. She continued to wave her hands, fanning the fire to a greater height. Soon, the frying pan was completely engulfed in flames, and nothing else could be seen.
“Demonic witch, what are you doing?” Duck Emperor was being serious for once and shouted at Grand Master in the grandstand.
Grand Master glared at him coldly, and said, “I’m the one who sets the rules. Why do I need to explain anything to you?”
Xiao Luo’s eyes glowered with rage. He did not want to come into any sort of conflict with Baiyue Nation, but their grandmaster was forcing his hand.
“I’m fine, don’t worry!”
Just as Xiao Luo was getting ready to confront Grand Master, Ghost’s voice could be heard coming from within the flames, sounding like silver bells.
She is still alive? Even with this?
That couldn’t be true. The flames had already exceeded the area of where the frying pan was. There was no difference between being in the pan or a sea of flames!
All the Baiyue Nation citizens were lost for words and found unbelievable.
Grand Master clenched her fist tightly. Her face turned dark as she gritted her teeth in absolute frustration. She had initially thought that this frying pan test was a surefire plan to kill them, but she couldn’t believe her eyes when they could pass this test so easily. It was undoubtedly beyond her wildest imagination.
“Grand Master Mother, I won’t allow you to use any more tricks like this!” Funing hissed, overcome by a deep sense of vexation.
Grand Master was stunned, and with a bitter smile, she said, “To think that you’re talking to me in this manner all because of a man. Funing, the poison is already showing its effects on you.”
Funing did not even attempt to explain herself. She gazed at Xiao Luo who was standing in the ring, and said, “I just do not wish to see him die here!”
Grand Master shook her head. She looked towards the ring, and she was now more resolved to kill Xiao Luo.
The duration of a burning joss stick was neither too long nor too short. Soon, the fat, heavy-set officer, acting as a judge, was in the ring and declared that the joss stick had burned up and that time was up. Ghost bounded out of that sea of flames with her small red umbrella. She landed right beside Xiao Luo. He could not even see any traces of oil on Ghost, for her ‘spirit’ blocked off all the content in that frying pan.
“Are you alright?” Xiao Luo asked, scanning her from head to toe.
Ghost nodded her head. “I’m alright, don’t worry Senior Luoluo, hehe…”
“Little girl, you almost scared me to death, I almost went o your rescue and was planning to fight that demonic witch,” Duck Emperor said as he landed on her shoulder.
“This girl here knows Duckling is the best,” Ghost said with her eyes smiling as she rubbed her face against Duck Emperor’s feathers with much affection.
Duck Emperor’s face turned red, but he enjoyed her expression of affection. Looking at Duck Emperor’s face, Xiao Luo couldn’t help thinking he was behaving like a pervert, no matter how he looked at it.
At that moment, Grand Master waved her hands and had her people remove the frying pan.
Then a sardonic tone, she said, “You lot are amazing and I am very surprised. I thought you would not pass even a single test.”
“Demonic witch, stop wasting your breath on useless words like this. Hurry and give us the second test. Grandpa Duck Emperor here is not afraid of you,” Duck Emperor shouted in reply, not amused with her mockery.
“Stop being arrogant, you stinky duck. I’ll cut open your gut and steam you for my meal later,” Grand Master scowled.
After saying that, a sharp hissing sound echoed into the sky. It was enough to cause one’s eardrums to tremor. A giant bird soared into the sky from deep within the Royal Palace, spreading its wings. It darted toward them in an intimidating fashion.
“Divine… Divine Bird? It’s our Baiyue Nation’s Divine Bird!” Someone screamed in alarm.
“Grand Master has summoned the Divine Bird. This man is dead for sure!”
“That’s right, Divine Bird is a beast demon. It’s extremely powerful and is about as strong as a Martial Guru.”
“If Divine Bird uses its sharp claws, even a mountain will crumble in an instant.”
All the Baiyue Nation citizens couldn’t seem to calm themselves down. All of them stared at the beat, gawking with wide eyes.
“Divine Bird? Isn’t that just a phoenix? It doesn’t look any different compared to those two that we came across in the Forest of the Infinity Edge,” Duck Emperor said.
The Divine Bird was indeed a phoenix. All the feathers on its body were golden. It had the head of a chicken neck of a snake neck, back of a turtle, and tail of a fish—it looked regal with its immense body. When it spread its wings wide, it spanned the perimeter of the ring. It stayed above the ring, completely blocking out any sunlight to the ring beneath it.
“For the second test, if the Divine Bird doesn’t kill you within the duration of one burning joss stick, then you will pass the test!” Grand Master declared.
Funing’s eyes trembled violently. This test looked much harder to survive compared to the first one. The Divine Bird was a beast demon, and it was as strong as a Martial Guru. There was no way Xiao Luo and the other two could survive the powerful attacks of a Martial Guru.
It’s over! It is surely over for this man!
None of the Baiyue Nation citizens had an inkling of hope that Xiao Luo would survive this.
The heavy-set officer belonged to Grand Master Mother’s faction. Besides her, many more other people stood with Grand Master Mother as well, and they couldn’t help themselves and cheered the beast on excitedly. “Smash him, Divine Bird, smash this hateful man into smithereens!”
Duck Emperor and Ghost looked at one another and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Demonic witch, you’ve made the wrong move this time around. This god-damn brat’s not afraid of any Divine Bird. In terms of martial skills, he’s not afraid of anyone at all.”
“That’s right, that’s right, Senior Luoluo, hurry and show her your skills,” Ghost added.
The heavy-set officer retorted, “He’s only at the cultivation level of a Martial Emperor how can he defeat our Baiyue Nation’s Divine Bird? Stop daydreaming!”
“Just you wait and see, hehe…” Ghost said.