Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
Chapter 2086 - The scene turned a bit awkward

Chapter 2086: The scene turned a bit awkward
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Back in China, it was Wanwan who helped him shower every time.
Tangtang stoically shook his head. “I know now.”
“…” Si Yehan didn’t say anything and set a new toothbrush and clean towels on the washstand.
A moment later, Si Yehan opened the wardrobe.
If Ye Wanwan was there, she would definitely be speechless with surprise. Si Yehan’s wardrobe was actually comprised of children’s clothes entirely and some toys too!
Si Yehan quietly took out a pair of pajamas and placed them on the bed before returning to the bathroom.
“Come here.”
Si Yehan stopped by the washstand and called out to Tangtang.
Tangtang walked toward Si Yehan without any hesitation.
Si Yehan pulled out a hair dryer and put it on low mode before starting to blow-dry Tangtang’s hair for him lightly.
“Daddy, do you know how to use a hairdryer?”
Tangtang frowned. Why was all the hot air from the hair dryer blowing on his face?
“First time.” Si Yehan was expressionless.
“Then how do you blow dry your hair?” Tangtang asked.
However, Si Yehan didn’t answer this question. After he amateurishly finished blow-drying Tangtang’s hair, he led Tangtang back to the bedroom.
Si Yehan picked up the pajamas he lay on the bed and handed them to Tangtang.
“Do you know how to put them on?”
“I don’t want them.” Tangtang furrowed his brows as he contemptuously stared at the cute-looking pajamas his dad was holding.
Si Yehan glanced at the pajamas in his hand with a frown. He clearly picked them according to this guy’s previous preferences.
In China, Tangtang liked it a lot whenever Wanwan picked these pajamas for him.
Si Yehan walked to the wardrobe and opened it.
“Choose,” Si Yehan calmly said.
“Too high. I can’t see,” Tangtang replied.
Si Yehan stood in his spot silently for a moment before bending down and picking Tangtang up.
“Choose,” Si Yehan repeated.

In the end, Tangtang chose a pair of rather normal-looking pajamas.
At that moment, Si Yehan’s phone started ringing. It was Ye Wanwan calling.
“Hey, baby!”
Ye Wanwan’s soft and sweet voice emitted from the other end.
Tangtang sharply caught his Mommy’s voice from the phone, and his little ears instantly perked up. He was originally sitting far, far away from Si Yehan but dashed toward Si Yehan at once.
Si Yehan glanced at the little fella and sent his son a look that said “Your Mommy’s calling me” before answering, “Hey?”
The little fella’s cheeks puffed up, and he peered at the man with displeasure.
Ye Wanwan said, “My brother sent Tangtang to your place, right? I told my parents that I sent Tangtang to a teacher, so you can spend some time with Tangtang.”
Si Yehan: “Sure.”
Under his son’s accusatory gaze, Si Yehan turned on the speakerphone and knelt down too.
On the other end of the phone, Ye Wanwan worriedly inquired, “How are you two getting along?”
Si Yehan answered, “We’re getting along great.”
“No, I’m not good. Daddy’s lying,” Tangtang interjected.
Tangtang then proceeded to launch into a series of complaints about how he didn’t eat well or dress well and how his Daddy didn’t even know how to blow-dry his hair.
Si Yehan: “…”
Ye Wanwan: “…”
The scene turned a bit awkward.
Ye Wanwan sounded exasperated. “I thought you got some experience caring for a child while we were in China…”
“…I originally also thought I had some experience,” Si Yehan responded.
However, the reality was the complete opposite of his imagination.
Just what gave him the misconception that this child was easy to take care of?
But when Wanwan was there, Tangtang was clearly easy to take care of…