Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
Chapter 2310 - Control yourself, your persona can“t collapse!

Chapter 2310 Control yourself, your persona can“t collapse!
“Director Si!” Yi Lingjun shouted, breaking Si Yehan out of his contemplation.
Si Yehan nodded lightly and walked toward Yi Lingjun, involuntarily glancing at the girl standing next to Yi Lingjun.
“President,” Si Yehan greeted him.
“Director Si, I will consider your earlier suggestion. Young people should be more courageous anyway, and it’s not a bad thing for you to develop ideas that are ahead of your time,” Yi Lingjun said with a smile.
“Thank you for your support, President,” Si Yehan replied.
“Oh right, let me introduce you—this is my daughter, Yi Yunmo.” Yi Lingjun pointed at Ye Wanwan next to him.
When Yin Heng saw this scene, his brows locked together and a shadow enveloped his eyes. Why was President Yi introducing his daughter to Si Yehan?!
He finally managed to gain Qin Xiyuan’s favor with great difficulty. If Si Yehan sank his claws into Yi Yunmo, everything would be wrecked.
“Miss Yi.” Si Yehan looked at Ye Wanwan, his frosty face not revealing any change in emotions as though he was wearing a mask. His austere and unworldly aura permeated the air around him.
Ye Wanwan merely glanced at Si Yehan and looked away without a single response.
However, this was what played out in her mind:
Ahhh! So handsome!!!
Why is he dressed so nicely today? It’s not like I can strip him right now!
No! Control yourself!
Your persona can’t collapse!
When Yin Heng, who was a little nervous moments ago, saw this, he inwardly sneered, derision and mockery brimming from his eyes. Yi Yunmo was haughty to the bone and considered everyone else beneath her, so how could she respond favorably to Si Yehan?
Who cared about how capable or outstanding Si Yehan was? His taste was too pitiful and he just had to ruin everything because of a woman.
Otherwise, he’d truly be at a loss if Si Yehan managed to attach himself to Qin Xiyuan.
As for Yi Yunmo, her appearance was incredibly surprising, but she evidently didn’t have any intention of befriending any of the guests, so it wouldn’t impact anything.
He would still stomp Si Yehan beneath his feet in the end!
Yi Lingjun looked at Ye Wanwan and unwittingly chuckled. Her pretense was pretty on point. She was truly worthy of being his disciple and daughter, inheriting a pinch of his capabilities.
At this moment, melodious music started playing, and the banquet formally began.
“Miss Qin Xiyuan, may I invite you for a dance?”
Soon, many young men from the Arbitration Council approached Qin Xiyuan with the desire to ask her for a dance.
Although Qin Xiyuan came with Yin Heng, many people were unwilling to give up.
As for Yi Yunmo, after the series of failures just now, nearly everyone gave up and was settling for second best.
“No need. I have a dance partner already. Thank you,” Qin Xiyuan courteously rejected them with a faint smile on her face.
“Miss Qin Xiyuan’s dance partner is naturally Yin Heng…”
Everyone couldn’t help but look toward Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng.
The corners of Yin Heng’s lips turned up, his aura impressive. The couple attracted many people’s gazes.
People watched as Yin Heng courteously extended his hand toward Qin Xiyuan.
Upon seeing everyone’s attention focused on her again, Qin Xiyuan’s expression finally eased, and she gracefully placed her hand on Yin Heng’s hand.
Qin Xiyuan had an elite education since she was young, so she was like a fish in the water at this kind of social function. She was fairly superb at the waltz and shared a rather tacitly matched dance with Yin Heng, winning a round of applause from the crowd.
“They really are a handsome couple made in heaven!”