Perfect World

Perfect World

Perfect World
Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 - Complete Eradication
This group arrived extremely quickly. They were only a group of the large army, taking the risk and entering Heavenly Beast Forest. They never expected that they would really run into Huang here!
From this aspect, one could see just how much importance the other side attached to this rotten wooden chest, not hesitating to have these people risk their lives, enter this vicious place.
This group was extremely lucky, actually running straight into Huang after entering!
Even though the old woman felt uneasy, berating that youngster, when she saw the rotten wooden chest in Shi Hao’s hands, she also became stirred up, her breathing hurried.
The mountain forest was full of thistles and thorns. At first, these would have stopped these people, but now, everyone saw what was in Shi Hao’s hands!
Haha…All of our efforts weren’t in vain, what we seek if right here!” A young King Clan individual laughed in an extremely brash manner.
Even the old woman and other older generation figures couldn’t remain calm, all of them crying out in alarm.
“I really never thought that Huang would actually succeed, obtain this unmatched ancient artifact!”
“Heavenly luck is on our side! Imperial Pass is destined to be broken through,haha…
The group of people were all excited, incredibly moved. This was definitely going to be incomparable merit. They all felt like they were too fortunate. The foreign side sent out so many people, yet they were the ones who ended up running into Huang.
Everyone stared at Huang, the expression in their eyes fervent. This already became the only thing in their view.
“Right, I heard that this chest previously fell into the hands of a long life tree. Where is the immortal medicine? Huang, if you don’t want to suffer anymore, then just hand it over!” A youngster shouted.
They moved quickly, surrounding this place to prevent Shi Hao from escaping.
Haha, the heavens are on our side, just how joyous of an occasion is this? Huang actually obtained the rotten wooden chest, doing all the work for us!” Right now, even a middle-aged man roared with laughter, losing his composure.
There weren’t many youngsters in this group, most of them middle-aged and older individuals.
It was because they knew that Huang’s talents were too great. If they sent out the younger generation, the losses would be too disastrous, and they wouldn’t even be able to stop him.
That was why this time, the ones who moved out were all great experts!
“Go, capture him and bring him back earlier! Just a Void Dao Realm brat, yet he has created such a disturbance, actually making my side send out such a great army for no reason!”
A middle-aged man said. He rushed forward, wanting to immediately capture Shi Hao.
“Wait!” The old woman who spoke out suddenly calmed down, because the feeling of uneasiness became even stronger.
She was at the peak of Self Release Realm, not only was she the number one expert in this group, she was also the number one expert among all the individuals who entered Heavenly Beast Forest.
“What is there to be worried about?” A youngster muttered.
“Senior, what’s wrong?” Another middle-aged man asked.
“This rat isn’t quite right, it seems to be a powerful individual. Also, this withered branch gives me a bad feeling!” The old woman’s expression was grave.
Right now, the Heavenly Mouse was extremely weak, at its last grasp. It was impaled by that withered tree branch, blood flowing out, already about to die.
It long lacked the aura of an expert, the cultivation of a Self Release Realm cultivator nowhere to be seen. That withered branch was the same, returning to its dried-up appearance, no great dao natural law fragments around it.
“Just a dead rat, what is there to be scared of? Even if it’s a powerful expert, just kill it all the same with a single slap!” A youngster said, completely unconvinced.
“Who cares about all of this? Huang is real, that rotten wooden chest is also real, I’ll just bring both back!” A middle-aged man said, decisively taking action.
He reached out a large hand, grabbing forward, wishing to seize the rotten wooden chest from Shi Hao’s hand. Regardless of whether there was anything strange about this place, seizing that thing and quickly bringing it back was the most important.
Even though the others also became much more careful, they definitely didn’t expect disaster to erupt this abruptly.
From the depths of the old forest, a withered branch rushed over!
It was just too fast, too hard to evade.
Ah…” The middle-aged man who took action was the first one to release a miserable scream. A branch penetrated his body, nailing him in place, blood splashing everywhere.
“What kind of blasted thing is this? Kill!” Someone shouted.
As a result, when they frantically attacked, magical energy surged, a disaster descended.
This time, more than thirty withered branches shot out. All of them rumbled with noise, carrying great dao fragments and natural law divine light, as if hundreds of war chariots roared past, crushing the heavens.
This power was too many times greater than before!
“Idiots, you all actually dare attack, actually take action here!” The Heavenly Mouse opened its eyes. Even though it was extremely weak, it was waiting for an opportunity, wishing to escape.
Pu pu pu...
Large amounts of bloody light splashed out in this place, all those who attacked were pierced through. It wasn’t that they weren’t strong, but rather that the dried branches were too astonishing, like imperishable spears, piercing through their bodies.
This place was immediately dyed in blood.
This type of disaster naturally produced an intense struggle and retaliation. All of the creatures from the other side took action.
The result was that all of them were stabbed through, impaled!
This included that old woman, her body stabbed by the thickest dried branch. She struggled about, but as time went on, she became weaker and weaker, even her primordial spirit trapped in her body, no way of freeing herself.
In this place, only Shi Hao remained. He wore the Lightning Emperor Armor, brought out the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, but didn’t attack, everything only a passive defense.
He was the only one who escaped disaster.
This result really was hard to accept!
The foreign cultivators experienced great joy to great grief, the difference was just too great. The group of people simply didn’t dare believe that their hot blood was still surging just now, incredibly excited, yet now, they were close to death, vitality slipping away.
“I am willing to be forever imprisoned in Heavenly Beast Forest, obey orders, return to reincarnation!” Suddenly, it was as if that Heavenly Mouse was bewitched. After saying this, it chanted this mysterious incantation.
Something strange happened. It broke free, that withered branch withdrew. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Mouse turned into a streak of flowing light. A spatial passage was torn open, this light rushing into the distance.
Time and space seemed to become chaotic. One could see that at the end of the passage, that Heavenly Mouse fell into a pool inside of a mountain summit surging with mist.
Shi Hao’s pupils rapidly contracted. Next to that pool was a tablet. He took a hurried glance, seeing two Immortal Ancient characters: Reincarnation Pool!
This Heavenly Mouse was entering reincarnation? He really didn’t dare believe this. At the same time, he felt that this was extremely strange, that this wasn’t really too realistic.
This Heavenly Beast Forest was just too absurd!
Those from the foreign side were also shocked. They were dying, but just now, a few people also saw those words, all of them a bit stupefied.
On the dried branch, there was someone who turned into ashes, dying on the spot.
Ah,no!” The others screamed out.
“I am willing to be forever imprisoned in Heavenly Beast Forest, obey orders, return to reincarnation!” The old woman imitated, actually also speaking these words.
Only, she didn’t know the following incantations, no way of continuing it.
As a result, when the old woman became despondent, blood shot out from between her brows. It was as if her divine senses were wiped out, immediately falling from that dried branch.
The expression on her face was blank, losing her sense of self, as if her soul had departed from her body. Meanwhile, she directly walked towards a certain direction in Heavenly Beast Forest, moreover kowtowing with each step.
Everyone became stupefied. What was going on?
Only Shi Hao vaguely guessed that the experts gathered in Heavenly Beast Forest, for example, those heavenly beasts and others, most likely all originated in this way!
When he thought of this, Shi Hao felt a wave of bone chilling cold. This really was a bit ridiculous, quite horrifying.
Ah…” One of them couldn’t hold on anymore, crying out in horror.
It was because the old woman was their number one expert, yet in the end, she still ended up like this, losing herself, even kowtowing with each step, as if she was making a pilgrimage, as if she was having an audience with someone.
Then, some of them exploded, and then turned to ashes, dying extremely miserably.
Suddenly, someone raised their hand, releasing a streak of resplendent divine light. This was a magical artifact. It rushed into the heavens, as if entering outer space, and then it exploded, the brilliance extremely dazzling.
This was a bizarre magical artifact, its purpose to pass on some type of message.
The information it released, was that Huang was right there!
This was something they had arranged beforehand, whenever anyone saw Shi Hao or the rotten wooden chest, they had to release this type of signal so that large numbers of experts could rush over.
Only, it was a bit special this time. This place was too strange, if there were large numbers of cultivators who rushed over, they might end up encountering things that were quite abnormal.
Immediately afterwards, the creatures on the dried branches all screamed in alarm, most of them dying.
Meanwhile, the ones who survived were all in the Self Release Realm. In the end, their eyes all became vacant, falling onto the ground, also heading in the direction where the old woman went, kowtowing with each step.
It really was just that strange!
Shi hao stood there, not acting rashly. He watched all of this happen right before his eyes, chills running down his entire body. His fine hairs were all standing on end, cold sweat continuously pouring out.
This Heavenly Beast Forest was many times more dangerous than he had imagined!
Could he even go through this place?
Outside, many groups saw the brilliant radiance in the skies. They immediately knew that Huang was in Heavenly Beast Forest, even the direction ascertained.
“Report to the higher ups, have them dispatch men over and surround Heavenly Beast Forest. We are already sure that Huang obtained that chest!”
News spread, triggering a great commotion.
Soon afterwards, large numbers of men hurried over from Divine Medicine Mountain Range, gathering towards Heavenly Beast Forest.
Powers from Imperial Pass were included among them. They also appeared nearby.