Perfect World

Perfect World

Perfect World
Chapter 1959

Chapter 1959 - Fearless
When Shi Hao heard this, his eyes became dazzling. He stared at that stalk of medicine. It really was sinister!
This existence’s power was something he had long heard of, even immortal kings feeling apprehension. Even after many years passed, this individual still had a tremendous reputation, with even the future Cao Yusheng mentioning him before.
Shi Hao was rather interested. His figure was like a streak of lightning, approaching, staring at that stalk of medicine.
“It’s best if you don’t provoke it.” Burial King Huo Heng warned.
This was an unrivaled giant who could dominate the Realm Sea. Its six dao bodies weren’t things normal people could scheme against.
“I am only watching.” Shi Hao said. He squatted down, looking at that foot tall small tree. Its fragrance was rich, even a single breath would be enough to extend the lives of mortals by a few years.
The immortal mist was spotlessly white, wafting between Shi Hao’s mouth and nose. He narrowed his eyes slightly, carefully sensing everything about this stalk of medicine.
The three flowers on the small tree blossomed, scattering down waterfall-like essence, landing on the body of that little figure seated beneath the tree, also refining that weapon.
Symbols were faintly discernible within Shi Hao’s pupils. He wanted to see through this creature’s magic and dao, believing that even if it was a Burial King, they definitely researched it before.
Reservations were reservations. When it was right there, what reason was there to not examine it?
“Are you sure that this is an unrivaled expert?” Shi Hao was doubtful. This medicine was extremely mysterious. However, the little figure who sat underneath the tree possessed a chaotic aura. Even though it was comprehending the dao, the imprints were too mottled, they didn’t reveal anything extraordinary.
He felt like he could kill this little figure with just a single finger.
“As an unrivaled expert, if one could easily see through him, then how would he be able to dominate the world?” Burial King Huo Heng said with a sigh.
According to what he said, this stalk of medicine first arrived in Immortal Domain from Realm Sea and then went to the Nine Heavens Ten Earth before finally arriving at Burial Earth. It went to too many places, going through many daunting experiences.
“That expert is sleeping inside the immortal medicine, the little figure we see is just a bit of its aura. Its true body is breathing in the medicine, its breaths producing this small figure type of irregular scene.”
“When can it return?” Shi Hao asked.
“We do not know. This creature is extremely special. While walking through the world and sensing the various affairs of the secular world, when it is time, it will naturally turn into a figure and leave.”
Perhaps saying that it moved based on instinct is fine. That terrifying creature was moving through a type of special cultivation, engraving all types of dao fruit in this world.
“It will choose to leave on its own?” Shi Hao was stunned.
While they were speaking, that little tree moved, scattering down even more essence across the little figure’s body. After that, it grew larger, quickly reaching the height of a normal person.
Then, that small tree shrunk, entering that creature’s body.
En?” Shi Hao was stunned. They were just talking about when it would leave, yet it really happened.
This creature was surrounded by white mist, extremely hazy, staring at Shi Hao, and then it walked to his side.
What was the intention of this? Shi Hao was confused.
“I’ve wronged dao friend.” Burial King Huo Heng said, carrying an apologetic tone as he faced Shi Hao. However, there was also a type of undisguised fatigue, as if he was finally relieved from a burden.
“What is the meaning of this?”
“He wishes to follow you.” Burial King Han Zhuo replied.
It was going to leave just like this, follow him out of Burial Earth? Shi Hao felt a wave of speechlessness. Why did it choose to follow him?
“It is because for it, Burial Earth no longer carries any mysteries, it already obtained what it needed. Now, it is staring at dao friend, feeling like you are strong enough, that you can help it take another step in the future.” Burial King Huo Heng said.
When Shi Hao heard this, he sneered and said, “Wishing to scheme against me, even if its true body comes, we’ll have to fight it out first. Just a separated body, yet it dares to act impudently!”
Shi Hao really didn’t care. This creature before him was too weak, he could completely destroy it with just a finger.
“Dao friend, do not act recklessly, this creature is only a single breath from it. When its body in the medicine breathes, the magical body formed when it takes in and sends out essence naturally doesn’t look strong, easy to kill, but this stalk of medicine’s real body isn’t easy to deal with!”
Burial King Huo Heng secretly transmitted sound, warning Shi Hao that he absolutely couldn’t act impetuously.
“There were previously creatures who had killed the existence formed from its breath of air, making the immortal medicine’s true body appear, but in the end, that expert ended up facing a huge headache.”
The so-called body in the immortal medicine was only one of its six great divided bodies, not a whole.
Despite this being the case, once it revived, it would still become terrifying beyond comparison, no one could stop it.
Of course, after all these years, the separate body in the immortal medicine never displayed might. Even if the humanoid figure that was produced while it took in and released essence was killed, it still remained silent.
“What does it wish to do?” Shi Hao asked.
“It is merely stopping over this world, engraving all dao fruits. Regardless of whether it is powerful or weak, it will record everything, carry out a comprehension.” Burial King Huo Heng said.
This was only a separate body. Even after all these years, the six great magical bodies were all doing similar things.
The six great divided bodies, as long as one of them was still alive, after an endless amount of time, they would remain imperishable, forever undying.
It was rumored that once they merged together, the six great bodies returning to one, becoming the sole true body, heaven and earth’s endless dao would be accumulated, gathering into the so-called dao fruit!
At that time, it would precisely be when it would choose to break through the Immortal King Realm, try to become an emperor!
“Interesting. You are plotting against me, wishing to engrave my dao fruit?” Shi Hao revealed a cold smile.
Even if the other party was an unmatched giant, they still had to pay a price if they dared do this. Who could obtain his dao fruit without paying any price, pry through his ultimate mysteries?!
Shi Hao raised a finger, blasting that creature into immortal mist, revealing the medicine’s true body.
With a peng noise, he grabbed this medicine, carefully examining it, preparing to bring it away and use it to refine medicine.
Right now, Shi Hao had a wave of unmatched confidence. Whoever dared to brashly plot against him, even if that person was someone on the level of the Butcher, possibly becoming an emperor, he still wouldn’t feel any fear.
The two Burial Kings’ expressions changed, inwardly advising against it.
If Shi Hao really forced out the existence in the medicine, there might be a great battle. Even if that was a separate body, it still might not be weaker than the original body.
If they faced each other, it would definitely be earth-shattering, ghosts weeping and deities howling. Burial Earth would be completely shattered!
In the end, this creature’s other five great bodies would definitely be startled, which might force them to condense an unmatched true body ahead of time.
“This world is a balanced one. At this level, if it dares act randomly, obtain great dao mysteries from me, it will definitely have to pay the corresponding price!”
Shi Hao said, throwing down this medicine. However, it actually shone, drifting up, staying at his side.
“Do you think that I am scared of you? If you dare follow me, then I will just treat you like a stalk of immortal medicine and refine you!” Shi Hao said coldly.
In the end, he threw this medicine into a spatial vessel, not feeling any fear, preparing to bring it away.
The two Burial Kings were stunned. This young dao friend really was incredibly fierce.
Shi Hao went to pay Cao Yusheng and the little dog a visit. They were sleeping, covered in All Life Earth, their bodies carrying sparkling light, lacking the slightest bit of rotting aura.
“When you all wake up one day, will you still be yourself?” Shi Hao said with a light sigh, inwardly feeling grieved.
“This is their memory crystal, carrying the events of the past world. Everything has been sealed within.” Sanzang said, handing it to Shi Hao.
“Let’s keep this by their sides.” Shi Hao nodded with a rather heavy mood.
Five hundred thousand years, everything already changed. There were some people who he didn’t know if it would still be like before when they met again, able to feel the past joys and sorrows, experience the past emotions.
However, this was still better than death, after all, this was a different type of new life.
“When will you two achieve Burial King status?” Shi Hao asked Sanzang and Shenming. The two of them obtained great natural luck. They came into contact with Origin Ancient Artifact and lived, they previously obtained Three Life Medicine as well.
According to normal reason, they were definitely going to become Burial Kings!
The two both had a bitter smile on their faces, feeling helpless.
“Do you think anyone can defy the heavens like you? We have a huge chance of succeeding and we need time to accumulate, but we still need at least millions of years, perhaps even a great era!”
When Shi Hao heard this, he felt a wave of speechlessness.
“Are you going to leave?” Shenming asked, because she just felt as if something wasn’t quite right when Shi Hao looked at the two of them, his eyes flickering about.
“I wish to borrow some divine objects from you all.” Shi Hao said.
“What objects?”
“Three Life Medicine!”
“That is not possible!” The two refused decisively. These were unmatched wondrous medicines used to achieve Burial King status, they wouldn’t exchange these things even if the world collapsed.
“I really do need it. Back then, didn’t I give it to you all? Now, I require just a bit to refine medicines and save others.” Shi Hao said with a discussing tone.
“Before, the Three Life Medicine was divided into three shares, each of us had been given one part. Did you use it all up already?” The two didn’t believe him.
“I need quite a bit. Moreover, you all don’t need that much at all.” Shi Hao replied.
He indeed was in need of Three Life Medicine since he was preparing to concoct a pot of medicine back in Immortal Domain. He needed ‘Number Two Under Heaven’ and that Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist.
These were immortal king level existences. He wanted to save them, have them protect Imperial Court, help him.
He had a bit of Three Life Medicine on him, but he didn’t want to use it all. It was because in the past, through a spatial node, he saw that the future Cao Yusheng and a large black dog were weeping, searching for Three Life Medicine, wishing to save someone.
That man and dog’s true feelings leaked out, becoming extremely emotional. This made Shi Hao’s mind surge with emotions. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the future.
However, he knew that the Three Life Medicine was too rare, even more scarce and precious than immortal medicines. There were only one or two stalks that appeared in all of history.
Moreover, the stalk they obtained, if it wasn’t the second stalk, then it was the third!
Shi Hao stayed here for a day. In the end, he obtained some fine powder from Shenming and Sanzang. Even though there wasn’t much, it was already pretty much enough.
Those two were incredibly pained, but fortunately, the amount that was left behind was still enough.
Shi Hao returned to Immortal Domain, immediately seeking out Pan King, wishing to borrow a medicinal furnace. He wanted to refine the legendary pill medicine that existed from the Age of Emperor Collapse.
It could allow one’s soul to return from the grave, mend the most miserable immortal king’s soul injuries.
“You found Three Life Medicine?” Pan King was shocked.
That type of stuff was something even immortal kings couldn’t find after who knew how many years, yet Shi Hao actually discovered some, moreover this quickly, wishing to prepare a furnace of medicine.
When he heard Shi Hao’s explanation, that this Three Life Medicine was obtained by him, Sanzang and Shenming when they unknowingly entered Immortal Domain, Pan King was stunned, lost for words.
This was especially when he heard that the Three Life Medicine was shaped like firewood, shaved down into a wooden sword by someone, even starting to become a bit moldy, Pan King was even more so stupefied, not knowing what to say.
“By making this thing, you are basically defying the heavens. Who can save immortal kings? When they are dead, they are dead. Making a ruined soul recover like this, turning the impossible possible, it will incur the wrath of heaven.” Pan King warned.
Shi Hao insisted on continuing. It was because he also wanted to have the restricted region lord, golden arm bone and others try it out. They were remnant wills, but if they could also be considered a type of ruined soul, if they could be saved, he would be willing to pay any price!
“If you refine this type of ancient pill, the legendary great medicine, I believe normal pill furnaces definitely won’t do. It will be destroyed by lightning tribulation.” Pan King advised.
In the end, he helped Shi Hao borrow an ancient furnace, an immortal king furnace that belonged to Hunyuan Immortal King. This was a magical artifact that had accompanied him when he achieved the dao.
Hunyuan Immortal King’s precious furnace, this was a supreme treasure. By grasping it, Shi Hao’s chances of success immediately became greater!
That day, he began to concoct pills. There were heaven shocking irregular scenes from the very beginning, drawing eyes from all directions.