Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife
Chapter 503 - You Little Traitorous Bastard

TL: bluedreamsfairy
PR: Lazybug Meimei

Xue Yilan squinted his eyes again and chuckled: “Isn’t it just taking an oath before the Evil Ancestor? How can it be that difficult…?” After that, he vowed indeed.
When he finished, Ye Feng excused himself and also actually let go of Ning Xuemo.
Xue Yilan waved his sleeve and Ning Xuemo ended up in his own arms. He grasped her well with his left arm and gritted through his teeth near her ear: “You little traitorous bastard! Weren’t you afraid he would have really killed you?!”
Since Ning Xuemo’s acupuncture was being touched, she couldn’t speak but only blink her eyes, not having any other reactions.
She was actually sure that Ye Feng wouldn’t have killed her for real. Moreover, she was the one who suggested he take her hostage through her eyes… However, she didn’t expect that Xue Yilan would agree so quickly… It looked like he truly feared she would die…
Ye Feng over that side also heaved a sigh. He has just taken a risk, but it wasn’t bad, because he has won!
He finally won an opportunity for everyone to survive…
His gaze fell on Yan Ziyuan, who was leaning onto Gu Ziyan. Her face was still ghastly pale and her eyes dark and indistinct, seeming as if she hasn’t gained back energy yet.
A glint of guiltiness appeared in his eyes and was about to step forward to take a look, when Xue Yilan suddenly chuckled: “You can be counted to be lucky! Even if this one won’t kill you, do you think you will be able leave?”
Laughing without a pause, he floated up like a red cloud and crushed the ship’s top.
Everyone was flabbergasted and had yet to react when they suddenly heard Ye Feng groan and stumble before falling down because of pressure.
Xue Yilan’s laughter came through the hole in the cabin: “This one hates being threatened the most! And gave you a lesson!” Afterwards, his voice gradually dimmed, his figure far away already.
Ye Feng continued to lie there, feeling that his internal organs hurt, as if they were rolling. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He was unable to climb up and could only stay there and gasp.
A pair of beautiful embroidered shoes walked and stopped before him. His body became rigid, slowly lifting his head facing Yan Ziyuan’s inky black eyes directly.
Towering above him, Yan Ziyuan stared at him: “How are you?”
Ye Feng drooped his eyes and he coldly replied: “Just a little injury… won’t die…”
“Won’t die? Hehe, how could a person like you die that easily?” Yan Ziyuan sneered. And then, she unhurriedly squatted down, looked straight at him as she persisted in having an answer: “Did you really have no scruples about my safety a moment ago? Would you have really prepared a coffin only after I died?”
“Ziyuan, we are coming out alive now already, so don’t question no more. It was just an expedient as the matter was urgent and there were no other ways… In the end, didn’t we escape from danger?” Someone tried to mediate.
“Shut up!” Yan Ziyuan fiercely responded back at that person, before turning his head to scowl Ye Feng again, as if she wouldn’t give up yet if she didn’t obtain an explanation: “Answer me!”
Ye Feng’s body was dead straight. Slightly lowering his eyes, he only spitted out one word: “Correct!”
“Piah!” his face was being ruthlessly slapped!
“Ye Feng, you are merely a Shadow Guard! I am the Master! You are the servant! How can you decide my life and death?!”
Half of Ye Feng’s face was painfully hot. Lowering his eyes again, he just pursed his lips and didn’t answer.
“Ye Feng, I have always disliked you! Do you know it?” Yan Ziyuan’s eyes were burning like fire.
“Yes.” Ye Feng slightly closed his eyes.
“Hehe! It’s good if you know it! I tell you! Now I hate you even more! Wait for when we return home and I talk with my father!, making him fire you as a bodyguard!”
Ye Feng’s became more pallid. After a pause, he answered with three other words: “As you wish.”
Yan Ziyuan: “…”
A scorching fire burned in her chest making her want to hit him. In fact, she couldn’t endure it anymore and stretched her hand to push Ye Feng ferociously: “GO DIE! I DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE!”