Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife
Chapter 542

Chapter 542
The small town was located in an remote area, therefore the people here were pretty simple . There were a few high officials and noble lords here, which lessened the opportunities to spot visitors from outside . Both the appearances and dressing styles of Han Shanyue and Yun Xi were remarkable, so when they walked on the street sided by side, they attracted a lot of attention . He was like an eucalyptus against the wind, she was like a shining flower in a peaceful courtyard . The majestic beasts pacing beside each blinded their eyes even more . Their rating was absolutely full .
Little Qilin had sharp ears, so it heard some praises and comments like ‘a match made by Heaven’, and ‘a string of pearl and jade’ and similar . When studying the pair before it, it couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable . He was its master’s husband!!! How could he be a perfect couple with other girls?!!… Its master would also get furious if she saw this picture–
Already used to it, Han Shanyue simply didn’t pay attention to them, as they couldn’t see his face . As for the ongoing gossipping, they were like cold breeze blowing past his ears . It was like he was deaf…
Little Qilin wanted to rush and separate these two people, who were unpleasant to loot . But, suddenly, a carriage sped towards them .
Yun Xi was listening to the talks from the people around them . Her heart became messy . After sending a glance at Han Shanyue walking beside her, she felt drunk . Since she was lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the carriage…
“Careful!” she was pulled away by her sleeve by somebody, narrowingly avoiding the dangerous carriage; her hair floated because of it .
Frightened, she ended up in their arms, exhalating a sigh . The person near her stiffened . He stepped back one step while pushing her away: “Yun Xi!” he exclaimed as he frowned . It was his first time seeing her so slow in reacting . She wasn’t a weak and foolish girl who would stand where they were, waiting to be hit . In fact, she could have easily avoided that carriage even though its speed was quick .
Her face whitened . Brushing her cloudlike hair, she forced a smiled: “Yun Xi has smelled cheap powder… It makes me feel dizzy… Also the Soul Searching Bird…”
As if to testify her, the bird before them flapped its wings as if it had drunk wine . After flying an 8, its head fell in Yun Xi’s hand . The powder’s smell was dense after the carriage passed through like an oriole trilling . At that time, Han Shanyue subconsciously stopped breathing . Now that it was gone, the smell has scattered, making people dizzy .
“How is it?” Han Shanyue stared at the Soul Searching Bird pretending to be dead with a frown .
“I just need to let it rest . But it is better to purify the air… This bird is very sensitive to powder…” the Soul Searching Bird slightly flapped its wings .
In order to make it healthy early, Han Shanyue waved his hand, where a a burst of whirlwind appeared and whirled through the street, before dissipating far away . The powder smell has disappeared, leaving a fresh and clean air, as if it has just rained