Power and Wealth
Chapter 372 – Pregnant?

Chapter 372 – Pregnant?
Dong Xuebing is looking at the Investment Promotion Agency’s website in his office.
Knock, knock. Someone knocks on the door lightly.
“… come in.” Dong Xuebing let go of his mouse.
Luo Haiting’s voluptuous body entered the office, and she smiled. “Chief, I am here to report on my work progress.”
“Ok. Have a seat. What is it regarding?”
Dong Xuebing shivered in his heart and is slightly afraid of Luo Haiting now. He can still remember the feeling of Sister Luo’s breast pressing against his shoulder earlier in the morning. Getting seduced by an older woman might be exciting, but it feels weird at the same time. Dong Xuebing has mixed feelings about this.
Luo Haiting walked over and gave a document to Dong Xuebing. “Do you want to take a look at first?”
Dong Xuebing took the document from Luo Haiting and felt a fingernail brushing against the back of his hand twice. It felt like a kitten scratching him, and it is ticklish.
Luo Haiting retracted her hand emotionlessly as if nothing had happened.
The corner of Dong Xuebing’s eyes twitched. Why are you trying to seduce me again?
After some discussion, Dong Xuebing signed the document and handed it over to Luo Haiting.
Luo Haiting remained in Dong Xuebing’s office to discuss other work issues. Still, she did not flirt with Dong Xuebing anymore. Dong Xuebing thought Luo Haiting had started to focus on work and secretly peeped at her chest. He decides to pretend nothing had happened and let her do what she wants as long as she doesn’t cross the line. After all, being seduced by a mature woman is exciting, and it’s fine if they did not do anything else.
Luo Haiting left after she finished reporting about her work progress.
Dong Xuebing is relieved as Luo Haiting did not do anything bolder. He is afraid she will suddenly throw herself into his arms, and it will be embarrassing for both. He can accept some flirting here and there but cannot accept getting into a sexual relationship with her.
Dong Xuebing starts to think about his women after being aroused by Luo Haiting.
He picked up his phone and called Qu Yunxuan. He had not met her for a while and wants to call her over.
Du… du… du… The line did not get through.
Dong Xuebing rubbed his temples. He tried calling Aunt Xuan on Monday but could not reach her. Is the auction company so busy?
Dong Xuebing thought for a while and called Aunt Xuan’s parents’ home.
Ring… ring… the line got through. “… Hello, who’s that?”
Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “Auntie… I’m Xiao Bing. Is Yunxuan at home?”
“Oh, Xiao Bing.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother paused for a second and replied. “Yunxuan… she… she is at work.”
Dong Xuebing asked curiously. “Is she very busy recently? I had been calling her since Monday and could not reach her. Is she outstation, and there’s no reception?”
“…….” Qu Yunxuan did not reply.
“Auntie? Auntie? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. You try calling her again. Maybe the reception in her office is not good.”
“Ok. I will try again. Thank you.”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother suddenly asks. “Xiao Bing, you two… err… when is the last time you met Yunxian? Last month?”
Dong Xuebing replied. “I went to Korea last month. Didn’t you go on a holiday with Yunxuan last month?”
“… then when is the last time you met her? Have you two meet up recently?”
Dong Xuebing doesn’t understand why Qu Yunxuan’s mother is asking this, and he replied cautiously. “I have been very busy with work here and don’t have time to return to Beijing. I think it was late last year when I met her.”
Qu Yunxuan paused for a while and asked. “Did you really not meet her this year, and she had not visited you?”
“No.” Dong Xuebing blinked. “Auntie, what’s wrong? Did anything happen at home?”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother sounded frustrated. “Nothing. Err… that’s all. I am hanging up.”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother might be a snob, but after knowing Dong Xuebing is rich and is doing well in his career, she treated him well. However, Dong Xuebing can sense she is impatient, and something had happened. He quickly asks. “Auntie, don’t hang up first. What happens to Yunxuan? Is she sick?”
“… she is fine.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother replied. “Xiao Bing, I am cooking now. Bye.”
“Wait…” Dong Xuebing becomes anxious. “Tell me what happened.”
“Sigh… I…” Qu Yunxuan’s mother sighed.
Dong Xuebing becomes more anxious. “Auntie!”
“That’s all I have to say. Bye.” Du… du… du… the line got cut.
Dong Xuebing felt he is sitting on needles. He spoke with Qu Yunxuan over the phone several times a week. But this week, he could not reach her, and sense something had happened from her mother’s tone. He started to panic and paced around in his office. He lit a cigarette and snubbed it after two puffs before calling Qu Yunxuan’s mobile phone again. The phone is still off, and he called her parents’ home again. Ring… ring… ring… no one answered, and he called again!
Dong Xuebing called for more than 10 minutes before someone answered.
“Hello?” This time it is Qu Yunxuan’s father who picks up the call.
“Uncle.” Dong Xuebing asked. “What happens to Yunxuan?”
“Don’t tell Xiao Bing! Give me the phone!” Qu Yunxuan’s mother tried to snatch the phone from her husband. “Give me the phone now!”
Qu Yunxuan’s father scolded. “Get lost! Xiao Bing will know about this sooner or later! We can’t hide it from him!” Qu Yunxuan’s parents started arguing.
Dong Xuebing got worried.
After a while, Qu Yunxuan’s mother kept quiet, and Qu Yunxuan’s father said. “Xiao Bing, you must remain calm.”
Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “What is it?”
Qu Yunxuan’s father gritted his teeth. “Yunxuan… Yunxuan is pregnant.”
Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Pregnant?”
“… she found out about her pregnancy a few days ago. We do not know about this initially, but Yunxuan’s mum saw her medical report when she went to clean up her place yesterday. Yunxuan was at home, too. When she saw it, she quickly snatched the report from her mum and denied it. After that, her mum called me over. We questioned her again, and she confesses, but she does not allow us to tell you.”
Dong Xuebing could not believe his ears. “But I have not met Aunt Xuan this year. The last time we met is almost three months ago!”
“I know… that’s why…” Qu Yunxuan’s father stopped talking.
Dong Xuebing turns pale. “You are saying Yunxuan’s child…”
“We asked her, but she refused to tell us anything. She just keeps asking us not to tell you. I think… she wants to keep the baby. I asked if her baby is yours, but she refused to say anything and asked us not to interfere. I… sigh… this girl…” Qu Yunxuan’s father doesn’t know how to continue. His daughter is dating Xiao Bing, and becomes pregnant suddenly. But they had not met each other for more than two months. That means the baby’s father… also, Yunxuan still wants to keep the baby.
Qu Yunxuan’s mother snatched the phone. “Xiao Bing, we still have not found out what happened. You should know my daughter well. Even if it’s true… she… must be forced by someone else. She will never do such things… This girl just refuses to tell us anything.” Xiao Bing had bought a car and set up a company for her daughter, and she felt sorry for what happened. She had wanted to hide this from Dong Xuebing and ask Yunxuan to abort the baby. After that, they will pretend nothing had happened, but Yunxuan refused. Now, her husband had told Dong Xuebing everything, and she cannot hide it anymore.
Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s brain stopped working.
Aunt Xuan is pregnant?
The baby is not mine?
How is this possible?!
Dong Xuebing stood up. “Where is Aunt Xuan now?”
“She might be at the company. Xiao Bing, you…”
Dong Xuebing slammed down the phone. He is going crazy and believes something must be wrong. Aunt Xuan will never betray him. He took a few deep breaths to calm down and called Luo Haiting and Guo Panwei to his office. After that, he started packing. He doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants to rush to Beijing immediately!
The door opened, and Guo Panwei and Luo Haiting entered.
“Chief, what happened?”
Guo Panwei and Luo Haiting were shocked to see Dong Xuebing’s expression.
Dong Xuebing replied with a hoarse voice. “I need to return to Beijing urgently and will not be back this weekend. Take care of the Agency, and if anything crops up, discuss, and act first. You all don’t need to consult me. We shall talk after I come back. Alright. That’s all.”
Luo Haiting looks worried. “You…”
Dong Xuebing waved his hand to stop her and put on his coat. “It is some personal matters.”
“Chief.” Guo Panwei asked. “Do you want me to drive you there?”
“No need. Don’t tell anyone about this. If anyone asks, just tell them I am outstation.” Dong Xuebing grabbed his bag and stormed out of his office. On his way to his car, he did not return the greetings of other staff he met. Once he got into his car, he sped out of the Agency.
Everyone is speechless to see Chief Dong is in such a rush.
There is only one thought in Dong Xuebing’s mind. Return to Beijing and ask Aunt Xuan what happened!