Power and Wealth
Chapter 374 – Going to be a father

Chapter 374 – Going to be a father
Qu Yunxuan’s parents’ apartment.
The bedroom door opened and Dong Xuebing walks out with Qu Yunxuan in his arms.
Qu Yunxuan’s parents saw them and knew they are fine.
Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You don’t need to help me. I am less than three months pregnant, and my tummy is not even visible. I don’t need you to hold me when walking.” She suddenly remembered something and said. “Oh, I was washing the dishes halfway. Xiao Bing, go and watch TV first while I finish washing the dishes.”
“No!” Dong Xuebing quickly stopped Qu Yunxuan.
“Stop!” Qu Yunxuan’s parents also shouted.
After knowing the baby Qu Yunxuan is carrying is not from another man, Qu Yunxuan’s mother will not allow her to do any household chores. “I will do the dishes. Yunxuan, go and rest on the sofa.”
Dong Xuebing ran to the kitchen. “Auntie, let me do it.”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother stopped Dong Xuebing. “You are now a Department Head. How can you do the dishes?”
“Auntie, we are a family, and you don’t need to stand on ceremony with me. Even if I am a Bureau Director, I am also your son-in-law. You can order me around.” Dong Xuebing replied.
Qu Yunxuan’s mother is pleased and is grinning. “Then why are you still calling me Auntie? Huh?!”
Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and greeted them. “Mum, Dad…”
“Ah…” Qu Yunxuan’s mother laughed, and in the end, she did not let her son-in-law do the dishes. She entered the kitchen and washed the dishes while humming an old song from the 80s. Qu Yunxuan’s father is also in a good mood as he looks at Dong Xuebing and her daughter.
They are going to have a grandchild to carry.
Qu Yunxuan immediately becomes the darling of the family. She sat on the sofa and doesn’t need to lift a finger to drink water. Dong Xuebing will bring water to her.
Qu Yunxuan felt uncomfortable. “Your Aunt Xuan is fine. You don’t need to do this.”
Qu Yunxuan’s father gave his daughter a stare. “What, Aunt Xuan?! You are carrying his child now! How can he address you as Aunt Xuan?!”
“Lower your voice!” Qu Yunxuan’s mother steps out from the kitchen with her hands on her waist. “Let them do what they want. Is there a need to raise your voice?! Ah?! I will not forgive you if you scare my grandson!”
Qu Yunxuan’s father stared at his wife, angrily.
Qu Yunxuan laughed. “I am used to it, but I will try to change it in the future.”
Dong Xuebing felt warm to see the bantering within the family.
“Oh… I still have not touched my child.” Dong Xuebing slapped his forehead as he had forgotten about this. He quickly kneeled down between Aunt Xuan’s legs and pressed his ears against her tummy. “Hehe… your tummy is so big now. I think we will have a big baby. Eh? Why is it not moving?”
Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheek. “I am only slightly more than two months pregnant. How is it possible for the baby to move?”
“You are right. Let me listen to your tummy again.” Dong Xuebing continued to press his ear against Qu Yunxuan’s tummy.
Qu Yunxuan hugged Dong Xuebing’s head. “What did you hear?”
“… I heard our baby calling me Daddy.”
“Get lost! You are full of nonsense. Hahaha…” Qu Yunxuan and her parents laughed.
Dong Xuebing couldn’t describe his feelings now. This is his first experience, and he felt something had blown up in his chest. He just keeps grinning and can’t stop.
I am going to be a father!
8.30 pm. The sky had turned dark.
Qu Yunxuan’s mother laughed. “Xiao Bing, you and Yunxuan can stay over at my place tonight. It is cold outside, and I am afraid Yunxuan will catch a cold if you two return to Heping Road.”
Dong Xuebing nodded.” Ok.”
“Alright. Sleep early.” Qu Yunxuan’s father added. Pregnant women should get more rest.”
Qu Yunxuan joked. “Both of you are different from yesterday. You two can’t wait for me to catch a cold yesterday.”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother glared at Qu Yunxuan. “You still dare to mention this?!”
“Hahaha… I will not talk about this again.” Qu Yunxuan stood up.
“Ah… slow down. Be careful.” Dong Xuebing quickly said.
“What are you doing?” Qu Yunxuan laughed. “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t need help?”
“Safety first. I must hold you when you walk. You are now my precious darling.”
Dong Xuebing quickly grabbed Qu Yunxuan’s arm to help her to the bathroom. They brushed their teeth, and Dong Xuebing does not have a toothbrush here. So, he had to use Qu Yunxuan’s toothbrush and towel. After washing up, they returned to the bedroom and close the door.
“Are we going to sleep now?” Dong Xuebing asked.
Qu Yunxuan nodded and reached out to take off her sweater.
“Wait a minute. Let me warm up the bed first before you lie down.”
Dong Xuebing quickly took off his clothes and threw them into Qu Yunxuan’s closet. He only wore his long johns and got under the covers. He rolled around under the cover to warm up the bed with his body heat before waving Qu Yunxuan over. Qu Yunxuan smiled and took off her sweater and leggings before getting under her covers.
Dong Xuebing hugged Qu Yunxuan. “Are you warm?”
Qu Yunxuan looks at Dong Xuebing. “… It’s alright.”
“How about now?” Dong Xuebing hugged Qu Yunxuan closer.
“Hmmm… it’s better now.” Qu Yunxuan reached over and pinched Dong Xuebing’s nose. “When we were staying at Heping Road, you don’t even want to wash your own clothes. I still need to wash your dirty socks and underwear for you. Haha… now, my Xiao Bing has grown up and knows how to take care of me.”
Dong Xuebing replied. “Stop saying as if I am still a kid.”
Qu Yunxuan bit her lips. “You will always be a kid to me.”
Dong Xuebing’s hand reached over and pinched Qu Yunxuan’s butt and rolled over onto her. “Let me show you I am no longer a kid.”
Qu Yunxuan felt Dong Xuebing’s hand reaching under her pants and quickly stopped him. “Stop it. You will hurt our baby.”
“Huh? Did the doctor say we cannot do that?”
“The doctor says we can, but cannot be too vigorous.”
“Then it is not a problem. Hurry up. I missed you badly. Let’s do it.”
“Go to hell! Do you want to get a beating from me?” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s chest.
Both fooled around under the warm blanket, and Qu Yunxuan was soon naked. Her bra was thrown off the bed by Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing stared at Qu Yunxuan’s naked body and stroked her thighs. Her body is beautiful, and he couldn’t help himself every time he sees it.
Qu Yunxuan blushed and pushed Dong Xuebing’s head away. “Stop looking at me like this!”
“We are already husband and wife. What’s there to be shy? Let me take a closer look. I have not seen your body for so long.” Dong Xuebing continued to look at her.
Qu Yunxuan glared at Dong Xuebing. “If you still look at me like this, I will not do it with you.”
“… alright… Don’t be anxious.”
Qu Yunxuan grumbled. “You hooligan! When am I anxious?”
Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan is shy after being together with her for over a year. She will feel shy initially, but when he finally enters her, she will slowly open up.
Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and entered Qu Yunxuan.
Qu Yunxuan quickly covered her mouth and moaned softly. “Arrrgh…”
Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan’s parents are still outside and should not to make too much noise. But it’s been a while since they got together, and he missed her badly. He doesn’t care anymore and started moving. They will switch to different positions every once in a while, and Qu Yunxuan had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from moaning too loud.
Five minutes…
Ten minutes…
Knock… knock… knock… Suddenly, someone knocks on the bedroom door.
Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan immediately pause and looked at the door.
They don’t know if it’s Qu Yunxuan’s mother or father who had knocked on their door, but after knocking, they heard the person walking away.
Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan look at each other.
After one minute, they could not stand it anymore and continued moving.
“Ah… ah… You like to pinch my nose?! Ah?! … *pant… do you still… dare to pinch my nose again?”
“… no… hmm… slow down… ah… parents are still outside.”
“You keep saying I don’t grow up?! Ah? Who is a grown-up now?”
“… you… you are bigger than me… ah… ah… you are older than me, ok?”
“Since I am older, what should you call me?”
“… Ge Ge (Big Brother in Chinese)”
Dong Xuebing laughed and continued moving while kissing Qu Yunxuan. “Call me again.”
Qu Yunxuan covered her mouth with her palm and pant. “Hao Gege… Hao Gege…” (Hao = Good)
At this moment, someone knocks on the door again. Knock… knock… knock… knock… knock… knock… This time, it was six loud knocks.
Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan immediately hugged each other tightly and dare not move.
Qu Yunxuan’s mother shouted from outside. “Stop Gege, Meimei (Meimei = sister)! You are pregnant… don’t be too vigorous!”
Damn! Qu Yunxuan’s parents had heard them!
Dong Xuebing blushed. It’s too embarrassing.
Qu Yunxuan also blushed and shouted shyly. “Mum! You…”
Qu Yunxuan’s mother interrupted, “Sleep early!” and she left.