Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 1003 - Teammate

Chapter 1003: Teammate
Lan Ling’er tore the scarf away and threw it on the ground before stepping on it.
“It’s your fault!” Lan Ling’er scolded Xu Xiyan. “I hate you! I hate your face so much!”
“We should just tear her apart!” Shen Mengyuan added.
Shen Mengyuan and Lan Ling’er were so compelled to grab Xu Xiyan. They wanted to scratch her face and tear her clothes apart.
Yet Xu Xiyan did not want anything to do with them and cracked her fingers to show hostility.
“Tear me apart? Come on then! Don’t blame me if I beat both of you to a pulp!”
Shen Mengyuan and Lan Ling’er were just angry at Xu Xiyan, there was no way that they would fight Xu Xiyan knowing that she was trained in martial arts.
Xu Xiyan could’ve put them down without breaking a sweat.
They would not want to leave the gala in ambulances.
“Don’t talk shit when you can’t do shit!” Xu Xiyan scolded and picked up her jacket. “This is your last warning!”
Xu Xiyan faked punching them to scare them, and they shrieked as they hugged each other.
They waited until Xu Xiyan left before they changed into different dresses.
“Why didn’t you warn me before you dropped the pearls?” Lan Ling’er scolded after learning that it was her stupid teammate that should be blamed.
There was no way Lan Ling’er would do such a stupid thing because she might trip herself.
“I was just thinking of embarrassing her…” Shen Mengyuan said.
“And did it work? We were the ones who got embarrassed while she walked away unharmed! I’m sure that if the press learned of this, her fame would rise!”
The thing that pissed off Lan Ling’er the most was that whenever she tried to make a move on Xu Xiyan, it always favored Xu Xiyan instead.
“Forgive me, Ling’er. I did everything without thinking it through first. I’ll follow your lead next time, okay?”
Ever since Shen Mengyuan had lost Li Zhonghao’s support, she was looking for someone to lean on.
With Lan Ling’er’s fame and Tianyu at her back, Shen Mengyuan believed that she was the right choice in taking care of Xu Xiyan.
They were just like two mice trapped in a cage.
Xu Xiyan left the resting room and went back to the main hall.
She was shocked by the merge of fashion and technology in the main hall as soon as she entered. The lighting, music, and aesthetic came together in harmony.
It was as if she was in the sky filled with shining stars.
Food and fine wines were placed on every table as celebrities and designers gathered together.
Xu Xiyan was guided to her own seat, and she sat next to Su Jimo, waiting for the main event to begin.
After tasting the foods prepared by some of the world’s finest chefs, the award ceremony began.