Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 1554 - A Good Idea

Chapter 1554: A Good Idea
Ge Juhua was sure that she could get the one million dollars from the Dragon Kingdom until Jin Xiaoxi suddenly said she didn’t want to move. That meant a loss of 200 thousand.
“Are you stupid?” Ge Juhua scolded. “We could live a good life in the Dragon Kingdom, and you are willing to throw that away?”
“But if I leave, no one will be able to take care of Heiniu and his son! I’ve promised to not leave them alone here!”
So, it was for them? Ge Juhua scolded in her head, but then realized something. If she could get Heiniu and his son to go with them, she could get another 400 thousand dollars.
“You’re right, we can’t leave them here,” Ge Juhua said emphatically. “I have a great idea. Why don’t you get them to come with us? They could live a better life there too. What do you think?”
Jing Xi couldn’t help but feel amazed at how quick-witted her mother was.
“But… They aren’t from the Dragon Kingdom… How can we get them there?”
“That’s easy!” Ge Juhua said and whispered into Jing Xi’s ear.
“What? You want us to get married?”
Jing Xi scolded her mother for her absurd idea.
“That’s right! We’re just doing it on paper. The most important thing is to make the three of you a family, and he’ll become our son-in-law,” Ge Juhua explained. “With that, we can bring them with us, right? Since the kid has been calling you his mother, we just need the paper to prove it.”
With Ge Juhua’s explanation, Jing Xi realized that it was actually a great idea.
If she could get Heiniu and Xiao Tieniu of the Star Kingdom to move to the Dragon Kingdom, they could get the money for the little boy’s ear surgery and a prosthetic leg for Heiniu.
“All right, I’ll go and ask them,” Jing Xi decided.
Jing Xi brought food for the father and son the next morning. She began to stare at Heiniu while they were eating.
No matter how much she wanted to, it was hard for her to bring up the proposal.
Even though Heiniu had lost one of his legs, he was still good looking and originally came from a wealthy family. Jing Xi was wondering if he would actually marry an ugly person such as her.
“Xiaoxi, what’s wrong?” Mo Yutian asked, realizing Jin Xiaoxi was staring at him. “Is there something on my face?”
“No… It’s just that there’s something I want to talk to you about but don’t know how to bring it up…”
“What’s that? You don’t have to mind me.”
Jing Xi cleared her throat and said, “Do you know about the new policy that the Dragon Kingdom has for their former citizens?”
Mo Yutian nodded.
“Our family is planning to move there, and I wanted to ask if you would be willing to come with us or not?” Jing Xi asked.
Mo Yutian then stared at Jin Xiaoxi in silence.
He was making calculations in his head.
The only thing that kept Mo Yutian alive was raising Little Apple up and finding a way to send him back home.
He had heard of the new policy and learned that Huo Yunshen was already the king of the new kingdom.