Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 1993 - Didn’t Want To Lose This Chance

Chapter 1993: Didn’t Want To Lose This Chance
She didn’t want to listen to her lecturing at all. “Sis, I know what I’m doing. I don’t need you to remind me. At any rate, I have to thank you for helping me get this role tonight.”
“I will stop talking here. You take care of yourself!”
Xiao Yuqian didn’t continue to say anything and left this place straight away.
Xiao Yuxin turned around and went back into the room. Niu Jiang intentionally arranged for her to sit beside President Mei. They started to have their dinner after the food and alcohol was served.
President Mei got drunk at the end. Niu Jiang arranged for Xiao Yuxin to send President Mei to his room to rest and gave her the room card.
This wasn’t the first time Xiao Yuxin had experienced such a thing. When she received the room card, she already understood Niu Jiang wanted to arrange for her to accompany President Mei tonight.
This was initially a moment to weigh an actor. It would show if an actor would protect their integrity and if they were willing to cross the line. It would show if she could resist the temptation in the face of such benefits.
Xiao Yuxin wanted that role and wanted to become famous too badly. Ever since she debuted as a child till now, all of her roles were minor roles and supporting roles.
In the Xiao family, everyone would praise Xiao Yuqian as a talented and famous manager but no one ever praised her for being a talented actress. It was because none of the roles she acted in were famous.
Right now, President Mei was like an opportunity appearing in front of her. She didn’t want to lose this chance.
That’s why she took the room card and helped President Mei upstairs to the reserved room to rest.

Xiao Yuqian left the hotel and walked towards her parking spot. She took out the car keys, got ready to unlock the car, and right at this moment, a person of unknown origins came from the side.
“Xiao Yuqian!”
Xiao Yuqian turned her head to look when she suddenly heard him call her name. The person confirmed she was the one they were looking for and waved his hand. “She is the one! Grab her!”
“Who are you guys?”
Xiao Yuqian stepped back and they didn’t answer. Each of them rushed towards her fiercely.
Xiao Yuqian sensed the situation was bad so she quickly turned around and ran. A group of people chased after her like a swarm of hornets.
She lost one of her high heels while running and Xiao Yuqian threw out the other one as well. She ran barefoot on the road. Xiao Yuqian ran extremely quickly and she could only hear the sounds of the wind next to her ears.
The people behind her were still pursuing her relentlessly. Xiao Yuqian did not dare to slack off for even a moment. There was an alley in front of her and she ran down it. The group of people continued to chase after.
“She can’t run anymore!”
Xiao Yuqian really couldn’t run anymore. She never would’ve thought this alley was actually a dead end. There was no path in front of her and there was already nowhere she could run to behind her.
She leaned against the wall, staring and guarding against the people who chased after her. She asked, frightened and panting, “Who exactly are you guys? Why do you want to catch me?”
One of the leaders in the group said vulgarly, “To make you feel good, of course! Later, we will take turns serving you and pleasure you till you go up to heaven. Hahaha…”
The entire group laughed wildly. One of them started rubbing his hands together as he walked towards her.
Xiao Yuqian saw the pervert walking towards her and she had no choice but to use the purse in her hand to fling it fiercely towards them.
However, they also snatched the purse and threw it to the side. He grabbed her shoulder and Xiao Yuqian couldn’t move. Her anxiousness reached its highest point and she shouted loudly for help.
“Scream as much as you want! This area is very remote. No one will be coming to save you!”
One of them stretched out his hand and tore her clothes. Snow-white skin was exposed around her collar and it excited their beastly desires.
Just as Xiao Yuqian started to think she would definitely die today, the sound of a loud booming engine could be heard in the alley. Vroom, vroom, vroom. It was so loud that even the deaf could hear it.