Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 1994 - Enchanted By His Kiss

Chapter 1994: Enchanted By His Kiss
The sound of the bike made everyone turn their head and check who it was. All they saw was a black sportbike stopped right behind them.
The person on the bike had his helmet on, so no one could see who he was. But from how he showed up, it was clear that he wasn’t someone to be taken lightly.
The man took off his helmet and ordered the group of people, “Let her go!”
Xiao Yuqian finally saw the man’s face. It was Ma Haodong. She never thought that he would appear at such a moment, and it touched her.
Ma Haodong got down from his bike and walked towards the group of people. The leader of the group ordered his men to take Ma Haodong down.
Ma Haodong evaded the attacks as if they were in slow motion and took them down one by one. The few that were left ran after they saw how strong Ma Haodong was. Yet, Ma Haodong wasn’t planning on letting any of them go.
He jumped forward and blocked their escape route. Without giving them any chance to plead, he beat them down.
Every person from the group was lying on the ground, wailing and crying in pain. Ma Haodong walked towards Xiao Yuqian and covered her with his own jacket.
“I’m late… I’m sorry…” Ma Haodong apologized as he hugged Xiao Yuqian.
“Thank you…”
Xiao Yuqian was deeply touched. In her eyes, Ma Haodong was like a black knight that showed up to save her.
“That’s not what I want to hear,” Ma Haodong said and let her go to grab her bag. “Come on, let’s go home.”
Xiao Yuqian followed Ma Haodong to his bike, but the trauma from the attack took away all her energy. Before even taking a few steps, she started to fall.
Ma Haodong noticed it and quickly grabbed her. He then picked her up and put her on his bike. After helping Xiao Yuqian put on a helmet, Ma Haodong started the bike and left.
After arriving back at the mansion, Ma Haodong carried Xiao Yuqian back into the building.
He put her down on the couch and asked, “Are you feeling any better?”
Ma Haodong’s hand never left Xiao Yuqian’s.
“How did you know where I was?”
Xiao Yuqian was already feeling better and began to wonder how Ma Haodong had shown up at the right moment.
“I was always near you…”
Ma Haodong smiled awkwardly. After Ma Haodong had learned that Xiao Yuqian had a meeting at the hotel, he followed her and waited outside.
That was how he noticed she was being followed and managed to save her.
Ma Haodong wouldn’t dare imagine what would’ve happened to Xiao Yuqian if he did not follow her.
After learning that Ma Haodong was stalking her, Xiao Yuqian did not get angry. Instead, she was feeling thankful for that.
“I really do have to thank you, Ma Haodong.” Xiao Yuqian smiled.
“Are you sure just a simple thank in enough?” Ma Haodong asked as he stared into Xiao Yuqian’s eyes.
“Then… What do you want?”
Ma Haodong did not say anything. He moved his face closer towards Xiao Yuqian slowly and sealed her lips with his.
The kiss started slow and turned into a wild one.
Without noticing it, Xiao Yuqian was enchanted by his kiss and she lost herself in it.
Their fingers entangled as they lay down on the couch. At that moment, all they needed was each other.
The heat in the mansion rose slowly throughout the night.
The girl who had kept pushing Ma Haodong away accepted him that night.
After pleasuring each other on the couch, they moved on to the bathroom and ended up in the bedroom.