Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 2064 - Not His Intention

Chapter 2064: Not His Intention
What happened between him and this woman last night?
But upon closer inspection, Yi Xiao felt that he had not done anything.
It was impossible for him to not remember or feel anything after a night of hard work. The fatigue that lingered on his body was from when he had sex with Fang Xiaocheng last night.
Yi Xiao got out of bed immediately and found his clothes to put on. Just as he was putting on his clothes, the woman on the bed also happened to ‘wake up’.
“President Yi…”
“Last night…”
Yi Xiao put on his shirt and buttoned it up. He turned around and asked coldly, “Who are you? Why are you here?”
“President Yi, my name is Guan Mei. You were drunk last night. I sent you to the hotel out of kindness.”
She would not have created such a fake image if she had kindness!
Yi Xiao snorted. “I don’t care who you are. You should know that nothing happened last night. I never touched you at all. Why are you acting like this?”
Guan Mei’s face froze. She hadn’t expected Yi Xiao to see through her plan at first glance. That was fine too. Guan Mei smiled even more charmingly. “Yi Xiao, I’m a woman and you’re a man. We were in the same room for a night and nothing happened? Would other people believe you?”
“Spit it out! What’s your motive?”
Yi Xiao had already put on his clothes and found his phone.
Guan Mei also got out of bed and picked up her clothes. “President Yi, actually, I’m also an artist under Juxing. I was really lucky to have met you by accident last night. I’ve always admired you, President Yi. I’m willing to do anything for you. I don’t even ask for anything in return.”
Hearing this, Yi Xiao already understood what this so-called artiste under his company was up to. She was definitely trying to climb up in status.
“If that’s the case, I don’t want to hear any groundless scandals. Nothing happened between us. If I hear anything bad, don’t blame me for anything that happens to you!”
Yi Xiao took his jacket and left without hesitation.
“President Yi… President Yi…”
After Yi Xiao left, Guan Mei, who had changed her clothes, quickly chased after him. But Yi Xiao’s strides were too big and he quickly disappeared around the corner.
Guan Mei did not chase after them, but she had already achieved her goal. The paparazzi friend camping at the door had gotten evidence of her and Yi Xiao leaving the room one after another.

When Yi Xiao came out of the hotel, the first thing he did was to call Fang Xiaocheng. Although he didn’t do anything to let her down, he still felt guilty.
It was not his intention to spend the night at the hotel with a stranger. Now, he only wanted to find Fang Xiaocheng and ask for her forgiveness.
Fang Xiaocheng’s phone was off.
Yi Xiao was even more confused when he heard the notification that the phone was off. If she did not pick up the phone, it meant that she could still look at his phone. But if the phone was off, he could not even call her.
The frustrated Yi Xiao contacted his assistant Lu Nan and asked him to check if there was a woman named Guan Mei in the company.
Lu Nan quickly replied that there was indeed an unknown artist named Guan Mei.
“Good! Blacklist her!”
Yi Xiao ordered.
He would never tolerate artists who had ulterior motives and wanted to use him to climb up the ranks.
After that, Yi Xiao went to Beibei’s kindergarten to wait. He guessed that even if Fang Xiaocheng did not want to see him, Beibei still had to go to school.
Fang Xiaocheng would definitely send Beibei to school!
While waiting, he had ordered a subordinate to send his car over from the bar.