Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 2149 - Going Too Far Again

Chapter 2149: Going Too Far Again
In the Wen family, Wen Zhehan was the head of the family and was very strict. Li Meien did not dare to act rashly in front of her husband. She quickly pulled her daughter back to her room and closed the door to coax her. “Xiao Yu, don’t cry. Aren’t you just a man? I’ll introduce you to someone better.”
“I don’t want it, Mom. I want Chenguang, I want Chenguang! He and I are childhood sweethearts. We should be together.”
Wen Shiyu cried willfully until her eyes were red.
“Yes, the two of you were originally a match made in heaven. They were both that Wandou. She interfered. Don’t cry anymore. It’s not that easy for them to be together. I’ll call her father over tomorrow and tell him to go back and take good care of them. Don’t worry, Mom will definitely not let them be together successfully.”
Li Meien’s heart ached for her. She could only blame it on Wandou. Her precious daughter had been raised in the palm of her hand since she was young. When had she ever suffered such grievances? That Wandou actually went too far again and again.
It seemed that he should call Wan Dehai over and teach him a lesson.

Early in the morning, Wandou’s father went to work.
Just as he arrived at the music school’s guardhouse, a colleague sent him a message. “Old Wan, Principal Wen called last night and said he wants you to go to his house today. He seems to have something to discuss with you.”
“Okay. I’ll be right there.”
Wan Dehai asked his colleagues to help take over the post while he rode his electric bike to the Wen family home. He kept thinking about why his old employer had suddenly asked him to go.
After arriving at the Wen family mansion, he was brought into the mansion.
The servant told him to wait for a while. Wan Dehai waited for a while but did not see Wen Zhehan. The person who came downstairs was Wen Zhehan’s wife, Li Meien.
Li Meien walked down the stairs gracefully and smiled. “Oh, it’s Old Wan!”
“Madam, it’s Sir who called me,” Wan Dehai said respectfully.
Li Mei’en sat down on the European-style sofa and gestured for him to sit too. “Actually, I was the one who asked you to come. Come, have a seat!”
Wan Dehai could not guess why Li Meien had called him over in the name of Wen Zhehan. He asked him to sit down and talk, but he did not sit down and remained standing respectfully in front of him.
Li Meien picked up the porcelain teacup and took a sip of tea. She put down the cup and said, “Old Wan, you have a daughter in your family, right?”
“Yes, Madam.”
“Is she engaged?”
“Um… not yet.”
“It just so happens that my family has a nephew who is at the age of marriage. Why don’t you tell him about your daughter?”
Li Meien tilted his head and waited for his answer.
Wan Dehai thought about it carefully. He knew Li Meien’s nephew. His name was Li Liang, but he was not a proper person. The entire music school knew that Li Liang was notorious.
He liked to use Li Meien and her husband’s name to hook up with the girls in the school. He promised that he would arrange for the graduation party to be packaged and developed in a professional music company. But in fact, after sleeping with them, he would not admit it.
Li Mei’en’s reputation and morals were terrible. Now, Li Mei’en suddenly said that he wanted to marry his daughter. Even Wan Dehai himself did not like Li Liang. Even if he did not marry his daughter, he would not throw her into the fire pit.
But in front of Li Meien, it was not good to directly reject her. She could only tactfully say, “Madam, I appreciate your good intentions. Although my daughter is not engaged, she already has a boyfriend and her relationship is very stable. As parents, we can only respect her own choice. So,I can only thank you for your kind offer, Madam.”