Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy
Chapter 2212 - Exposed

Chapter 2212: Exposed
Li Meien rolled off the bed shamelessly and begged, “Zhehan, let me explain. We…”
“What else is there to explain? If I hadn’t come back early, I wouldn’t have seen such a pleasant surprise! You two really disgust me!”
Wen Zhehan’s face darkened as he glared at Li Hou, who was lying on the ground. “Li Hou, you… I trusted you so much, but you did such a thing. You have no right to work for the Wen family anymore!”
“I’m sorry, sir…”
Li Hou knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing.
Li Meien knelt in front of him and grabbed his pants. She begged, “Zhehan, no, I didn’t do this on purpose. Please forgive me…”
“Get lost! I always thought you were dignified and virtuous. I didn’t expect you to be such a fickle woman. Since you want to be with him, fine, let’s divorce. Go live with him!”
Wen Zhehan kicked Li Meien away.
Li Meien did not give up and cried again. “Zhehan, I was just confused. I still love you. Please don’t divorce me… Please…”
“There’s no use begging. The divorce is final. You and your daughter can forget about getting a single cent. I’ll go look for a lawyer to draft the agreement right now!”
No matter how much she begged, Wen Zhehan remained unmoved. He kicked her away again and turned to leave.
Li Mei’en looked at Li Hou in panic. Both of them were afraid that if Wen Zhehan told the truth, not only would their reputation be ruined, but they would also be kicked out of the family and not get a single cent.
In order to stop Wen Zhehan from finding a lawyer, Li Mei’en could not care less about his clothes and ran out of the house, followed by Li Hou.
Both of them came to pull Wen Zhehan and beg for his forgiveness, but Wen Zhehan did not give them any leeway.
Just as he was about to go down the stairs, Li Hou suddenly pushed Wen Zhehan from behind.
Wen Zhehan lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
Li Meien shouted and waited for Wen Zhehan to roll to the first floor. The two of them chased after him and saw that his forehead had hit the wall and was bleeding. He was also unconscious.
“It’s over! Call the ambulance!” Li Mei’en shouted in horror.
Li Hou calmed down and said to Li Meien, “Call an ambulance! We might as well go all out and take the chance to…”
He did a neck-killing action, which was equivalent to telling Li Meien that he wanted to take the opportunity to kill Wen Zhehan.
Li Meien was so scared that she broke out in a cold sweat. She was hesitant. After all, she had been married to Wen Zhehan for a long time. She could not bear to see it happen.
Li Hou was more ruthless. He directly dragged Wen Zhehan out.
He planned to get rid of Wen Zhehan. It would be best if he did it without anyone knowing.
Li Meien thought about the current situation. If Wen Zhehan could get better, he would definitely divorce her and leave her with nothing. When that time came, she and Xiaoyu would definitely lose everything.
Now that the truth was out, her only option was to stand with Li Hou. Therefore, she hurried to help him.
The two of them dragged Wen Zhehan out of the mansion and planned to transport him to the basement. Just then, a light came on and the sound of an engine was heard.
Li Hou and Li Meien were blinded by the lights. With the sound of the brakes, Mu Chenguang’s car stopped in front of them.