Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 494.2 - Out of breath, how to use (Part 2)

Chapter 494: Out of breath, how to use (Part 2)
Xiao Zian’s face drastically changed. He was about to say something, but he heard Lin Chujiu said: “Eldest Princess, you think too much. Prince Zian lives in the palace, while I live in Xiao Wangfu. How can I get close to him? Besides, although I’m young, I am his elder. Eldest Princess, you mustn’t say this thing later, other people might think that you’re saying that wangye is too old to be worthy of me.”

“I’m not… …” When Princess Fushou Zhang’s words were distorted by Lin Chujiu, she wanted to explain immediately, but Lin Chujiu said after pausing a bit: “Speaking of being intimate, the Crown Prince is very intimate to the eldest princess. I remember that shortly after the Crown Prince spent a night to the eldest princess’s mansion, you also spent a night in his highness’s palace, right? In other words, the eldest princess and the crown prince is so close to that you live together.”
What Lin Chujiu said were facts, and it’s a pretty common thing at an ordinary time. However, at this moment, especially when she said the last sentence, Prince Wen almost choke when he heard those words.
Live together?
These words… … can easily be misunderstood.
Prince Wen didn’t dare to speak, but he looked at the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince didn’t think that there was a problem with it, but he felt uncomfortable when Prince Wen stared at him. On the other hand, Princess Fushou Zhang took advantage of it: “The Crown Prince is my nephew. What’s wrong with me living in his palace?”
“Nothing, but the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. Oh, there is one more thing— the whore sees lasciviousness.” After she said the last sentence, Lin Chujiu laughed at her own words.
*Cough cough cough* The Crown Prince was choked. His face turned red from coughing. Lin Wanting, who sat beside him, hurriedly handed him water: “Your Highness, are you okay?”
“No, it’s nothing serious.” The Crown Prince took a sip of water and calmed down.
Lin Wanting sat down neatly and looked at Lin Chujiu with eyes full of blame, but didn’t say anything.
Lin Chujiu didn’t pay attention to her. She just took a glance at her.
Princess Fushou Zhang also asked the Crown Prince a few words with concern, and when she determined that the Crown Prince was fine, she glared at Lin Chujiu fiercely. Seeing her not sorry at all, she angrily said: “You dare to say such dirty words, are you not afraid to stain people’s ears?”
Princess Fushou Zhang said out loud without feeling guilt or embarrassment.
Lin Chujiu looked at Princess Fushou Zhang with a smile and said lightly: “The words are created for people to speak. Some people speak good words and some are dirty words, right? It’s only a joke, so why the eldest princess take it seriously?”
Lin Chujiu was sitting upright, her hands were folded in front of her lower abdomen, looking all dignified.
Princess Wen watched silently, then turned his head, pretending that he didn’t hear anything. However, Xiao Zian was very supportive: “What Imperial Aunt said is right. The word is used to speak. Just like a knife, some people use it to save people, some use it to kill. The fault does not lie to the knife itself, but to the people who use it.”
Xiao Zian spoke lightly, but there was a smile on his lips. He then looked at Princess Fushou Zhang with no emotion. Seeing Princess Fushou Zhang out of breath in anger, but she didn’t dare to make a sound. He found it more interesting.
After eating many losses, the Crown Prince’s face looked very ugly. Seeing Lin Furen sitting near him, he gave her a look, indicating her to talk to Lin Chujiu, but… …
As soon as Lin Furen saw the looked in the Crown Prince’s eyes, she hurriedly swept her eyes away and acted like she didn’t see anything.
She was willing to do anything to get an opportunity to preach Lin Chujiu, so that she will lose a face, but… …