Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Chapter 2529 - Bridal room and ornamented candles(8)

Chapter 2529: Bridal room and ornamented candles(8)
Li Moying looked at her innocent and pure look as his heart was filled with warmth, as he guided her patiently and systematically.
“We are already married and now you are my wife, what should you call me?”
Huang Yueli’s eyes blinked, “Moying?”
Li Moying coughed slightly, “Not right? That’s what you called me before we were married! Shouldn’t you call me by another term now?”
Huang Yueli pursed her lips and spoke out again, “Then… Young Sect Master Li?”
“Not right! What kind of name is that?” Li Moying frowned.
“A little interesting but it’s not right!”
“Surely I don’t need to call you…. Brother Li? Woah, you’re so mushy! I’m not going to call you that!”
Li Moying’s brows rose as he looked at that little fox in his arms with a sly smile. How could he possibly not understand by now that he was being fooled by this little fox
He didn’t say anything more but instead lowered his head as he gave Huang Yueli a peck on her lips, then moving back slightly to leave an inch of distance between them.
The two of them were extremely close to each other and their breathing was filled with each other’s breath.
“Li’er, call ‘My Husband’!”
The man’s mellow and sexy voice was simply too seductive, like a little brush as it brushed Huang Yueli’s heart here and there, making her heart itch.
Huang Yueli pouted, totally not wanting her to submit to Li Moying so easily.
This man would use the handsome male trick every single time and she would be utterly defeated so wasn’t this a little too embarrassing! What would happen if Li Moying climbs over her head to ride roughshod over her in future?
However, her eyeballs rolled and Li Moying knew what she had in her mind as he couldn’t help but laugh out secretly.
His voice became sexier still, “Be obedient, Li’er, call me My Husband, en?”
He turned his head sideways as he licked Huang Yueli’s fair and dainty earlobe gently, while blowing air into her ear.
Boom! Huang Yueli’s face instantly turned so hot that it was going to explode!
This… this was such a foul, why did her husband have to be so tempting, making her want to pounce up to take a bite!
No way, no way, she had to calm down!
Huang Yueli repeatedly warned herself from the bottom of her heart but when Li Moying leaned closer once again, tempting her while talking softly into her ears, Huang Yueli really felt that her brain had turned into mush totally….
She obviously hadn’t drank any wine, why did it seem as though she was already drunk?
“My husband…..” finally she pouted as she let out the satisfactory answer that Li Moying wanted to hear.
Hearing her sweet voice ringing by his ear, Li Moying’s body shook, so excited that he almost spilled the wine inside the wine cup! Just this one sentence, he had waited for so many years and he finally had his wish fulfilled!
“Li’er, you are mine!”
Li Moying declared his sovereignty resolutely by her ear, and later raised up the wine cup as he gulped the Maiden Rose wine in his cup at one go.
“Eh?” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, he actually drank the wine by himself??
“What are you doi….”
Before she could even finish her sentence, at the next moment, Li Moying had already pasted his lips onto hers, as the scorching kiss, mixed with the fragrant wine on his tongue and lips slowly spread in her mouth, intoxicating them….
This kiss, lasted for a long time.
Perhaps it was because of the wine, Huang Yueli felt her body turning even hotter than before, and even more lethargic and weak.
So when Li Moying carried her once again, she totally did not resist but laid quietly in the man’s arms.
As for what was going to happen after that, she had already prepared herself fully for it.