Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Chapter 2530 - Bridal room and ornamented candles(9)

Chapter 2530: Bridal room and ornamented candles(9)
Very soon, her back touched the soft wedding bed.
Huang Yueli’s eyes were half open and she saw that powerful yet arrogant man in a half kneeling position right in front of her, as his handsome face was filled with sweat with eyes as dark as the night sky staring fixatedly at her.
Huang Yueli’s heartbeat increased faster once again as it pounded wildly, as though it was about to jump out of her chest.
Li Moying stretched out her hand in front of her chest as he undid her disc buckles, trying to remove the thick wedding gown.
Huang Yueli’s face became burning hot but she was extremely willing to coordinate with Li Moying to remove her outer clothing, lined jacket…..
Not too long later, she was only left with a thin layer of inner clothing.
The pure white material was completely weaved out of the lightest wild silk yarn and it presented a half transparent lustre and if one looked at it, it totally could not block off anything as the young lady’s curvy figure was plainly visible.
Li Moying’s gaze landed on the curves in front of the young lady’s bosom.
Huang Yueli could clearly see his adam’s apple moving up and down, and that fiery flame beneath his eyes also started to lit her up!
However, at the very next moment…..
Li Moying suddenly pulled the blanket on the bed as he covered it onto Huang Yueli and moreover, wrapped her entirely inside the blanket.
Huang Yueli totally hadn’t expected that this would happen hence she stared at him with astonishment.
“… Moying?”
When Li Moying heard her soft voice, his brows twitched uncontrollably as he almost lost control of himself once again.
His fingers trembled as he carelessly pulled off his wedding garments, kicked off his boots and laid down beside Huang Yueli.
She sensed his presence near him as her lips curled and her slender body started nudging inside the blanket, attempting to climb out.
“Don’t move! The weather is a little chilly, you will catch a cold!”
Li Moying gritted his teeth as he said that and at the same time, he stretched out his hand once again as he wrapped Huang Yueli in the blanket tightly, “Let’s sleep, we’ve been tired for an entire day so let’s have a good rest.”
Saying that, he turned around and gave Huang Yueli a quick peck on her face as he laid flat once again and shut his eyes.
Huang Yueli’s eyes widened and for quite a while, she wasn’t able to regain her senses!
She, she, she….. had she met with a fake Li Moying!
Didn’t this man usually tried ways and means to get fresh with her? Today was their wedding night in the bridal room and ornamented candles but he was prepared…. Prepared to lay down and sleep just like this?
Had something gone wrong?
Moreover, earlier when they were drinking the nuptial wine, she clearly felt that… Li Moying had a reaction….
Huang Yueli turned her head around in an uneasy and confused puzzlement as she looked at the man beside her.
Li Moying just laid there without moving and his eyes were tightly shut with his long lashes drooping down. He had a tranquil and calm look on his face, as though he had already fallen asleep.
But Huang Yueli knew that Li Moying was still awake because the obvious unstable breathing of his had already betrayed him.
“Moying?” She called out softly.
Li Moying didn’t move, as he maintained his flat sleeping position.
Huang Yueli binked suspiciously as she called out again, “Moying… you… what’s the matter with you? I know you’re not asleep!”
Li Moying then slowly opened his eyes and swept her a lazy glance as he replied in a low hoarse voice, “Li’er, I’m really too tired today and I’m so sleep… aren’t you sleep? Sleep early, tomorrow there’s a huge pile of things waiting for us to handle!”
Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frown.
Although what he said was not wrong, but…