Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Chapter 2734 - Heavenly Tribulation Tenth Stage (4)

Chapter 2734: Heavenly Tribulation Tenth Stage (4)
Hearing Huang Siluo’s words, everyone was stunned.
All of them were so concerned about Li Moying’s safety that none of them thought of this at all
Moreover, it had been ten thousand years since the practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent broke through the tenth stage realm. No one had the experience so they subconsciously neglected the most crucial problem.
It was only until this moment when everyone realized that— after breaking through to the tenth stage realm, none of the practitioners would be able to stay in the lower realm. They had to ascend to the God Realm!
Those who had realized that all looked at Li Moying in shock.
Huang Yueli’s heart started pounding wildly once again…
Ascend to God Realm!
That was right. After Li Moying advanced into the tenth stage realm, he naturally had to ascend to the God Realm.
For so many years, she and Li Moying had worked hard to cultivate. They kept looking for opportunities trying to break through, all for only one motive!
To climb to the peak of the cultivation, they had to head to God Realm, in a more spacious land so that they could display their ability and attain even higher achievement!
But… this meant that she and Li Moying… had to separate!
Amid the daze, Huang Yueli’s mind flashed past this thought. But somehow it felt like a distant matter. Never in her wildest dream did she expect this day to come so swiftly and so suddenly!
They got married not too long ago, and they had only consummated barely two weeks ago…
Moreover, even during the days after they got married, they spent most of their time cultivating in order to save Huang Siluo. So they didn’t have much time together at all.
Huang Yueli stared blankly at Li Moying as multiple thoughts flashed past her mind.
But she didn’t say a thing.
Ascending to God Realm was something that the both of them had to do, and it was necessary to take this step!
She would not allow her own selfishness to impend Li Moying’s future development!
This wasn’t anyone’s fault. If she had to blame someone, it would be herself for not having enough ability. Her cultivation speed wasn’t fast enough and she could not accompany Li Moying to ascend together!
Although that was the truth, Huang Yueli’s eyes flashed past a hint of sorrow.
Li Moying’s gaze was fixed on her face so he naturally saw the minute expression that she made.
He squeezed her hand gently and said softly, “Li’er, don’t worry. I don’t feel as though I’m about to ascend anytime. In fact…” he suddenly stopped and frowned, as though he couldn’t comprehend the situation.
Huang Siluo asked relentlessly, “Don’t you have the feeling of ascending? How is that possible? A low-level plane could not possibly accommodate tenth stage realm practitioners, and this is common knowledge within Heaven and Earth! Numerous planes in virtual space had verified this point, so you can’t be an exception! What on earth had gone wrong? How do you feel?”
Li Moying furrowed his brows as he allowed his Profound Energy to go one entire round through his meridians. Then he replied, “It shouldn’t be my misperception. I somehow feel that… I haven’t broken through the realm? My current cultivation has indeed been raised, but as compared to the ancient manuals recorded in the tenth stage realm, there seems to be a huge difference…”
As he said that, he started to work up his Profound Energy and somehow, he had this feeling that something wasn’t quite right.
The others kept looking at Li Moying and they felt something was off as well.
Although everyone did not know much about breaking through to the tenth stage realm, at the very least they knew that tenth stage realm practitioners had to ascend!
Li Moying’s current situation was indeed very strange.