Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire
Chapter 1148 - The position of Mrs. Ji has already been filled up.

Chapter 1148: The position of Mrs. Ji has already been filled up.
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A cool night.
The difference in temperature between day and night was large.
Even so, the elites and socialites attending the Ji Group’s business gathering were dressed to the nines.
The females wore revealing gowns, their expressions joyous as they each showed off their looks.
The stars of the gathering were the bigshots of the business world, and precisely because of that, all the socialites and celebs had gone all out to be in their best outfits, overshadowing the main characters a little.
Because it was still summer, the Ji Group chose not to host the gathering at a hotel.
Instead, they chose a villa on the city outskirts, which was similar to a summer palace.
Even though it was rather secluded, the view was comparable to the scenic view in national parks.
Therefore, despite the remote location, a parcel of land here was still priced high.
“Chacha, I heard the person that you’ve got a crush on will be here.”
“He he! Yes. Why else would I take my sister-in-law’s place as my brother’s date? How about you, Wenwen? It can’t be that you still have thoughts about the great CEO Ji, can it?”
“What if I do?”
“Aiya. Can you be more realistic and stop wasting your time on that guy? Not mentioning that he already has an illegitimate son, the position of his wife has already been reserved for that…”
As she spoke, the lady looked in the direction of a petite woman.
Following the direction of her gaze, the other saw a woman.
The woman was in a light-blue dress, which made her look exceptionally stunning. The strips and transparent layers added to her elegance, giving her a gentle aura.
Even though the woman was not the pretties, her aura stood out from all the females gathered here today.
“The position as the CEO’s wife has already been reserved for the daughter of the Qu family…”
“Tsk! I wonder who came up with that? How many years has it been, and the man himself still hasn’t married her? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some people are just shameless!”
“Shh! Softer.”
It was clear that this lady wanted the woman to hear her, though.
“What softer? Some people are thick-skinned; they won’t care.”
The young lady grabbed her friend and escaped hurriedly after she saw the person in question look at them with a polite smile.
As she looked at ladies leaving hurriedly, the corners of her mouth moved ever so slightly.
A dark lightly seemed to flash across her eyes.
“Wanwan, you’re way too nice; how dare that lady to talk about you like that? Seriously!” asked Qu Jingwan’s good friend, Mu Jiaqian, angrily.
“It’s fine. Those two from earlier are still young.” She turned to look at her best friend, her voice gentle, much like her demeanor.
“What young? Everyone’s an adult here. Why should you put up with those two? Seriously…”
“It’s fine. It’s only a trivial matter,” she said gently, glaring at her best friend helplessly.
The other could only keep quiet and stop complaining about the two ladies from before at her glare.
However, even though she had stopped talking about that, being a natural chatterbox, the other could not help moving to another topic—a more important one.
“By the way, when will that CEO of yours marry you? This has gone on long enough. You are even magnanimous enough to accept that illegitimate son of his. Why is he still unresponsive?”
The gentle smile on her face froze a little when she heard her friend’s words, but she quickly smiled again after a beat.
If one did not pay attention to her expression, they would not notice it.
“Can you not always talk about this—” You nag more than my mother.
Before she could finish her sentence, her friend cried out, “That shameless woman, how could she appear here? Who let her in?”
Hearing that, she frowned and looked in the direction of the red carpet.
She saw the uninvited presence of Qiao Jingyun, whom others viewed as her rival.
Most people cried out in shock when the woman appeared, but their curious gazes did not affect her.
In a nude gown with a high collar and puffy sleeves, she was holding a limited-edition Jimmy Choo diamond-encrusted clutch and donning a set of Carter accessories. Even though she showed no skin, she looked like a fairy in her attire.
It made one unable to help but look at her.
“How could she still have the cheek to show up here? How did she get in here, anyway? How could the Ji family send her an invitation?! That’s improbable!” Mu Jiaqian said through gritted her teeth as she glared at the woman in the distance.
Looking at the woman, Qu Jingwan also narrowed her eyes; a complex expression appeared in them.
Indeed, why was this woman here?
As far as she knew, there was no way Ji Ziming would invite her.
Even if this woman was the biological mother of his child, she had no right to set foot here.
That was because…. the woman the man hated the most was her!
“Wanwan, you wait here; I’ll go teach that shameless b*tch a lesson for you!”