Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire
Chapter 1543 - What ‘scram’ is ‘scram’.

Chapter 1543: What ‘scram’ is ‘scram’.
Pei Ge stood rooted to the spot. Suddenly, she could understand this man’s extraordinariness.
“I don’t have an answer, and it’s fine as long as you mete out a just punishment for him.” She walked up to the man, her gaze on him becoming more affectionate. “The best answer that I can give you is that my heart has never changed.”
Ji Ziming curled his lips up as his alluring voice rang. “I know.”
“You know? If you know, why are you still…”
She was baffled. Since he knew about everything, why was he unwilling to spell things out for her and still beating around the bush?
“I did it on purpose.”
She glowered at the man with increasing fury in her eyes.
Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes, not the slightest bit worried. He asked in his deep, charismatic voice, “How do I scram? Like sleeping with you? Why don’t we sleep together?”
Pei Ge hurriedly walked away and only laughed when she was several steps away from the man. “I won’t do it. Let’s go to the police station this afternoon; I want to clarify some things with Huang Zhian.”
“Why do you still want to see him?”
The man stood up straighter and looked at the woman with his deep-set eyes. He spoke in a voice full of sarcasm, though directed at the guy in prison. “You still want to see such a person? He tried framing you, yet you wanna go and rescue him.”
“It was his choice to frame me and had nothing to do with me. In any case, I want to see him not to rescue him—as no one can save him for his sins—but to know who’s behind him. Haven’t you also suspected that the person who knocked me down and the person who had him frame me were the same one?”
“A suspicion is a suspicion, but I’ve never said anything about seeing him.”
Ji Ziming looked outside the window, his shadows reflected on the floor, and spoke again. “What’s wrong is wrong, and it can’t be changed. Just like what’s fake will always be fake and what’s real will always be real no matter how long time passes.”
“What do you mean by saying that?”
Pei Ge was unable to understand the man increasingly. For instance, she could not fathom what he meant just then. She did not know why this man, who was usually fierce and decisive, was so worried about her paying Huang Zhian a visit. It was not like something would happen to her if she made a trip down to the police station, was it?
“You don’t get what I’m trying to say; when are we leaving?”
The man turned around. The serious look in his eyes had disappeared by then. He did not want this woman to see how worried he was about her safety.
“Let’s leave now; is that alright?”
Upon saying, the woman looked up at him carefully.
“Sure. I’ll get He Yun to drive the car here.”
He nodded. As long as there was somewhere she wanted to go or something which she wished to do, he would accomplish everything no matter what. That was because she was his woman—the only person he had ever loved in his life.
Pei Ge picked up the beige Chanel jacket on the sofa and looked at the motionless man. She could not help asking, “Why aren’t you making a call? Didn’t you say that you’ll have He Yun drive the car here?”
Ji Ziming leaned on the desk and looked at the woman, who was not far away from him. He then spoke in his deep, alluring voice. “I changed my mind; I’ll bring you there myself.”
In reality, it did not matter who accompanied her there. She was already familiar with Zhao Jingcheng’s territory.
“Don’t you have any form of gratitude since I’m the one bringing you there?”
“Huh?” She was slightly taken aback. What wistful thinking was this man engaged in? Why was there the confidence and calmness in his eyes as though he had her wrapped around his little fingers?
“What ‘huh?’ Take your bag and let’s go.” The man was not bothered by her dazed look and calmly picked up his suit on the sofa to put it on. “If you continue to space out, then stay in the office the whole day.”
When she heard his words, the woman hurriedly followed, tut-tutting, “Tsk!”
“Mhm?” He turned around and blocked the entrance as he looked at the woman frostily. “What did you say?”
“Nothing, nothing.” Pei Ge had not expected the man to hear her and even confront her over her passing remark. She hurriedly shook her hands. The smile she had on her face could be considered the most shameless in history. “I’m praising you; how could you think of me in such a light?”
“I heard your recalcitrant retort.”
Ji Ziming curled his lips. Even though he had seen through this little woman, she was still purposely putting on an innocent look.
“How could that be? Come on; let’s just hurry up. If we still don’t go, it’ll be night soon.”
The woman shook her head, the haste on her face looking genuine.
“It’s not even afternoon yet, but you’re actually telling me that the sky is getting darker?”
He really wanted to open up this woman’s head to see what was inside it. Why was it so ridiculous, yet she was unwilling to admit it?
“Time passes fast; are we going or not.”
Pei Ge was bent on maintaining her shamelessness all the way.
“Sure. Let’s go; I’ll bring you there now.” The man opened the door and signaled her to go out.
She shot a glance at the man before walking to the CEO’s exclusive elevator. She looked at the floor before shifting her gaze onto the man, who did not follow her. “Why aren’t you moving?”
“That’s because you haven’t pressed the elevator, silly.”
Ji Ziming curled his lips. This woman’s brain was really not routed correctly; if not, it would not have been so complicated.
Pei Ge grunted and rolled her eyes at the man as she watched him close the office door before pressing the elevator’s button.
Their car arrived soon at the police station. The newly appointed superintendent was older than Zhao Jingcheng and was in his fifties. His hair had already turned gray on both sides, yet his bright eyes were radiating with vigor; compared to his predecessor, he was more snobbish.
“Sir, ma’am, you guys are finally here; I already got Huang Zhian to wait in the interrogation room.
“Sorry for the trouble, Superintendent He.”
Ji Ziming held his woman’s hand and walked in front with He Xing walking abreast with them like an emperor’s little eunuch.
“How is this troubling? The police station is honored by your presence. I’m still afraid that this small abode of ours is far lacking, you guys may find it unsatisfying.”
The new superintendent was subservient; even though he had just celebrated his fiftieth birthday, he appeared like an immature child beside Ji Ziming. He was deeply afraid of committing any mistake that might upset this couple before him.
“Your words were too grave. Why would my wife and I be upset? We’re not here to have a picnic.”