Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire
Chapter 1865 - It Must Be Tough For Herself Too

Chapter 1865: It Must Be Tough For Herself Too
Pei Ge coughed and Tang Xiaoyu hurriedly picked up the clothes from the floor and covered her shoulders. “It’s cold now. You should wear more clothes. It’s so cold outside. We shouldn’t be talking outside.”
“Silly girl, no matter how cold I am, I won’t be as cold as you are when you don’t trust me. If you really don’t trust me one day, that would be cold-hearted.”
She stood rooted to the spot and allowed her best friend to cover her with her coat.
“It won’t happen again. In a few days, when the situation is better for me, I’m going to take the baby to see my three cute children. I don’t know if they’ve forgotten me yet.”
“How could they forget you? They’ve been talking about you almost every day. If you didn’t appear, I would have thought that something had happened to you.”
Pei Ge scolded as she looked at Tang Xiaoyu before her. The anxiety in her heart was finally relieved. Everything could be resolved when two people communicated.
“Xiaoyu, I really won’t do this again. Just take it that I’m not in my right mind today. I can guarantee that I won’t do this again.”
“Why are you talking about yourself like that? You’re the best girl in my heart. Come, let’s walk to the front yard. I’ll get someone to send you home.”
Pei Ge held Tang Xiaoyu’s hand and said softly, “It must have been tough for you to not contact me for so long.”
“I’m fine.”
Tang Xiaoyu shook her head and looked at Pei Ge calmly.
“Ge Ge, there’s no need to get someone to send me back. I can go back by myself. Don’t worry, I can take a taxi by myself. Hurry back to the lobby, you don’t have to worry so much about me. Besides, you still have to…”
“Miss Tang, let me arrange for someone to send you home.”
Ji Ziming stood not far from them.
“Ziming, why are you here?”
She looked at him in surprise. The suit he was wearing had a different style and style compared to the one she was wearing.
“I heard that you’ve already found Miss Tang, so I came over. What’s wrong? Now that you’re finally willing to show up, it’s hard for us to find you.”
Ji Ziming’s lips curled up and the silence in his eyes made Tang Xiaoyu feel uneasy.
She knew that with Ji Ziming by her side, she would be able to find her safe place after she left, but she did not tell Pei Ge what the man was thinking about.
“What’s wrong, Miss Tang? Did I say something wrong? You’re only willing to show up now. Could it be that you’ve really lived in the capital for a long time and really can’t figure things out, that’s why you’re here?”
“What am I thinking about? Mr Ji, you need evidence to speak.”
Although Tang Xiaoyu admitted it in her heart, she could not explain it when she looked into his eyes.
Compared to Pei Ge, Ji Ziming knew Pei Ge better. She had only heard Pei Ge mention this man’s personality a few times.
The crazy wife-doting demon, the mysterious mission in the business world, and the sky in the capital were not enough to describe all of his achievements in the capital.
“I have evidence. Of course I have evidence.”
Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes at Tang Xiaoyu from top to bottom, from left to right. His gaze was terrifyingly cold, making Tang Xiaoyu shudder.
What kind of man was this? Why could Pei Ge follow him for so long?
“There’s no need. Mr Ji, I can take a taxi home myself. Just accompany Ge Ge. I’m leaving now.”
Tang Xiaoyu looked at Pei Ge and retracted her hand. When she walked past Ji Ziming, his voice and his aura were cold.
“Miss Tang, do you really not want me to send you back?”
“No need. I’ll walk on my own.”
“Just like how you came yourself, right?”
Ji Ziming’s voice was cold as he watched Tang Xiaoyu’s figure become weaker.
“Mr Ji, you’re thinking too much. I don’t think I need your help. I’ll leave in the same way I had come.”
“Oh? You appeared in front of Ge Ge just because it’s not a quiet night tonight?”
“Mr Ji, what do you mean?”
Tang Xiaoyu turned around and looked at Ji Ziming with a displeased look.
“Don’t you know what I mean? Why do you believe that Gu Zhengrong really likes Ge Ge? How do you know that she will accept him? Do you really know what you are thinking?”
“Stop arguing. Ziming, Xiaoyu, what’s the point of arguing now?”
Pei Ge walked forward and held Tang Xiaoyu’s arm as she said, “Xiaoyu, quickly go back. I’m here with Ziming, you should hurry back to check on your child.”
“Ge Ge, I understand. Take care of yourself.”
With that, Tang Xiaoyu walked forward and ignored Ji Ziming.
“Ge Ge, don’t you know why Tang Xiaoyu is here?”
Ji Ziming held Pei Ge’s hand and his voice suddenly became gentle. “She came back to look for you with a motive. You were deceived by her appearance.”
“I know. She gave birth to Gu Zhengrong’s child, so how could I bear to leave her alone? When I needed help the most, she was the one who stayed by my side. She was the one who encouraged and encouraged me, so now, no matter what she wants to do, I will support her. I will stay by her side and live through the hardships in her life.”
“But have you ever thought about what you’re going to do? She’s not the only reason you’re where you are today.”
Ji Ziming’s eyes darkened as he looked at Pei Ge, who was not moved by his concern.
“Ziming, I believe her just like how you believe me.”
Pei Ge grabbed Ji Ziming’s hand. Her small hand looked especially small in his.
“Is that really what you think?”
Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge. How could he not know what this woman was thinking? They clearly had similar personalities, so how could he not know what she was thinking?
“Right. That’s what I thought. So I thought you thought the same about me.”
Pei Ge’s voice was gentle as the cold wind blew and she involuntarily coughed.
“It’s cold outside. Hurry and put on my coat.”
He pulled her into his embrace.