Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 1738 - Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 76)

Chapter 1738: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 76)
Everything stopped around her and the train was already in front of Ah Yue.
The train was right in front of Ah Yue and under everyone’s eyes, she didn’t know what to do to not make this world collapse.
If she saved Ah Yue like this, perhaps……
[System notification: The place will completely collapse and the end of the world will come.]
System! Don’t just watch like this, tell me what to do!
[Let live and let die.]It can’t be that you’re telling this treasure to die, right…..
[All living things are in a cycle. Other than that, the host’s space and time freeze has already reached level three, so you can unfreeze one person.]
Luo Qing Chen understood the meaning of the system. Although she didn’t how it would turn out, but……For Ah Yue to survive this calamity, someone had to die in her place, which should be what the system meant by let live and let die.
To unfreeze one person, it was most likely……
The system knew that she already wanted to get rid of Pei Dan Dan……
“Ding, space and time freeze lifted.”
Pei Dan Dan trembled. She suddenly came out to this absolute silent world, looking around in disbelief.
“Should you repeat what you just said?” Luo Qing Chen curled her lips into an ice cold smile, releasing a chill from her body that could freeze everyone around her!
Pei Dan Dan’s face was pale. She was not someone afraid of death, but when she saw everything that went against common sense in front of her, she couldn’t help being filled with fear.
This was a fear that everyone would have……
“This…..What is this?” She desperately shook her head as her fire red lips were trembling from fear.
Luo Qing Chen looked at her with ice cold eyes, “You can’t understand? This in our world is called space and time freeze!”
It had to be said, seeing how shocked Pei Dan Dan was and how scared her eyes looked, she felt strangely pleased.
The suppressed feelings seemed to have been vented at this moment.“Impossible, impossible, impossible.” She repeated this three times as her legs couldn’t stand firm and she fell to the ground. Slowly turning her eyes, she looked at Ah Yue standing in front of the train in horror.
“Pei Dan Dan!”
“Don’t say that! I am not Pei Dan Dan, I am Luo Qing Chen!” She defended to the best of her ability. In this world where only she was Luo Qing Chen, she desperately said these words for herself.
That beautiful face distorted and looked quite sinister.
“No matter who you are, you will always be a poor person who can’t get anything.” Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort and looked down on her, “Because you can’t kill me and can’t kill the people by my side.”
“Impossible, I will make you suffer, you will definitely suffer!” Pei Dan Dan hit the floor with both hands as she roared, “You monster, this world can’t take you. You’re this ugly and have such a lowly status, how can you compare to me?!”
She kept saying that she wasn’t good, but it was funny in Luo Qing Chen’s eyes.
A person who even looked down on themselves, there was no meaning in letting them live.
“Pei Dan Dan, you can’t fight me not because of my status.” She looked over at Mo Ze Chen and muttered, “Because you don’t have a person who loves you.”