Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler
Chapter 306 - They Didn’t Match

Chapter 306. They Didn’t MatchTranslator: Storm in a Teacup
The next morning, Long woke up and touched the other side of the bed. It was cold, showing that no one slept beside him.
Long pursed his lips, and then got up.
He had recovered from the cold, so they would continue on their journey.
Liu and Ouyang went there after Long put on his clothes. When they saw that Long was the only one in the room, they raised their eyebrows.
“Hmm? You alone?”
“Yes.” Long grinned. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”
Liu narrowed his eyes. “No.”
Long curled his lips. “Let’s set off after breakfast.”
“Okay.” Liu had no objection.
After ordering the Shadow Guardians to deliver the food, Long went to refresh himself.
Liu and Ouyang sat at the table, waiting for the food.
Soon, the breakfast was served. Long sat down and began to eat.
Liu glanced at him and said, “Has Shi Qingzhou eaten?”
“I don’t know.” Long replied, and then began to eat silently.
Liu and Ouyang took a look at each other. Then, Ouyang said, “Won’t you go find him for breakfast? We’ve leaving soon.”
Long said indifferently, “He will naturally come back when he wants to.”
No one expected Long would say that.
Liu coughed. When he was about to say something, Long glanced at him coldly. “Can’t you stop talking while eating?”
The two of them blinked and shrugged. “Well, we won’t talk about it.”
They really meant it. Then, Liu and Ouyang just focused on eating and didn’t say anything.
After they finished breakfast, Shi still didn’t come back. Long wiped his mouth and said, “Let’s go.”
Liu shrugged and walked outside first.
When the carriage was about to move, Shi finally appeared.
But instead of going towards the carriage, he directly mounted the horse.
Long took a glance at him and closed the curtain.
Maybe at the beginning, he was being unreasonable and started the fight, but all he wanted was Shi to say some sweet words to him.
Shi said he had nothing to do with Lian Qingyang. Long trusted Shi and also believed that Shi was unaware of that.
What he wanted was just soft words from his empress.
He didn’t apologize for what he said, but Shi didn’t come back to sleep with him at night.
Who was to blame for that?
He compromised the next day, but Shi still ignored him. And who was to blame for that?
Right, he was a man and should care about his lover. He could compromise and there was nothing to be ashamed of.
However, Shi was also a man, wasn’t he?
He knew that Shi was stubborn and didn’t like to compromise.
However, he had compromised for several times. Why was Shi reluctant to do it once for him?
Was it so difficult for Shi to compromise first?
Perhaps it wasn’t because of Lian Qingyang, but… after being together, he always wanted more.
He was willing to compromise for the man he loved, but he didn’t want to do it every time.
He also hoped that Shi could coax him occasionally.
Men were sometimes like children. That was really true.
Shi didn’t return last night and then he appeared without any explanation.
That being the case, why would he take the initiative and embarrass himself more?
He was willing to compromise and admit defeat because that was the man he loved. However, it didn’t mean that his love could be ignored and trampled on again and again!
The curtain was closed, blocking the view outside.
It also blocked the communication between the two men.
They were keeping at a distance after the argument. With the curtain between them, they seemed to become more estranged…
Long dozed off in the carriage.
When it was time for lunch, Long didn’t get off and just ate in the carriage. He had no appetite and didn’t feel hungry.
When they left from the inn, they brought some cooked food and snacks, so it was convenient for him to eat something in the carriage.
Liu and the others had lunch outside. Liu once went to ask Long, but was quickly dismissed.
After lunch, the carriage continued on its way and Long still dozed off in there.
A long day passed. When the carriage stopped at night, Long felt that his whole body was going to fall apart.
Since they could finally stop and rest, Long quickly got out of the carriage.
However, they stopped in the wildness, so they had to stay outdoors this night.
Therefore, the Shadow Guardians began to put up the tents. There was everything in the carriage and it would be comfortable, so they didn’t need to worry about it.
Long went in and lay down for a while after the tent was set up.
Sitting in the carriage all day long was really tiring.
However, it was still better than riding a horse, right?
Long also felt that he had been spoiled and leading a comfortable life.
When it was almost time for dinner, Liu opened the curtain and came in.
“Dinner’s almost ready. Will you eat here or outside?”
“Of course I’ll go out. There’ll be a bad smell if I eat here. Then how can I sleep at night?” Long said disapprovingly.
“Alright. You can have dinner wherever you want.”
“I’m coming out,” Long said.
Liu took a look at him, and then they went out together.
Ying Feng and Ying Qiu were roasting prey out there.
Ouyang and Shi were also sitting beside the bonfire.
Shi also had a stick in his hand, on which was a pheasant.
Seeing the two of them coming out, Ouyang beckoned. “You came out?”
Long yawned lazily. “Yes.”
Ying Feng had already cooked something. When Long came over, he immediately handed a deer leg to him.
Long took it and sat on the ground beside Ouyang casually.
Ouyang was surprised. He secretly took a glance at Shi, but he found Shi didn’t look at Long.
Ouyang had no choice but to keep silent.
“Deer legs match liquor,” Long said.
Liu smiled faintly. “You want to drink?”
“Yeah. Is there any problem? All men love drinking,” Long said.
Liu thought about it carefully. “I’ve never seen you drink.”
Long raised his eyebrows. “It depends on my mood. If I want it, I’ll drink a little. If I don’t want it, then just forget it.”
“Okay.” Liu understood and nodded. “Wait a moment.”
With that, Liu walked to his horse and took a flask from it. “Take it.”
“Oh? When did you prepare it?” Ouyang asked in surprise.
Liu smiled faintly. “When we left the inn.”
“Huh? Why did you bring some liquor?” Ouyang still couldn’t believe it.
Liu smiled. “Just to drink on the road.”
Hearing Liu’s words, Ouyang curl his lips. “I don’t know when you began to like drinking.”
Liu blinked. “Better be prepared.”
“Yes.” Long nodded. “It’s better to be prepared.”
With that, Long directly opened the flask and took a sip.
Long disliked it and said, “It tastes bad.”
Liu rolled his eyes. “At least you have something to drink. Don’t be picky.”
“Of course I have to be picky,” Long said disapprovingly, “As for liquor, quality is more important quantity. Good liquor deserves to be loved, just like a beauty. Bad liquor isn’t mellow and pleasant. I’d rather not drink it.”
“Good liquor is like a beauty?” Liu looked at Long with a smile.
“Yes.” Long squinted at Liu. “Your liquor is just like your face.”
“What do you mean?” Liu didn’t understand.
Long grinned. “It looks good, but it tastes too bad. So it’s better not to have it!”
Liu became speechless.
Ouyang burst into laughter.
Liu glared at Ouyang silently.
Ouyang said immediately, “The one who looks down on you is him, not me.”
Liu became angrier.
“I don’t look down on him,” Long said with a smile, “Ouyang Chuan, don’t slander me. I just mean that his face doesn’t match his character.”
“Oh, that’s it.” Ouyang nodded, and suddenly reached out to touch Liu’s chin. “Well, they really don’t match!”
Liu was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.
Long laughed. “Liu Suifeng, you’re so pitiful. Your dear Brother Ouyang also thinks so.”
Liu was furious.
“Calm down. Don’t be angry,” Ouyang said smilingly, “He dislikes me, but I don’t. Suifeng, don’t worry.”
“Brother Ouyang.” Liu gritted his teeth. “Should I thank you for your kindness?”
“Uh… if you really want to thank me, then I’ll accept it.”
Liu became speechless again.
Long laughed again when he heard that. “Yes, you really need to thank him. Come on, do it. Hahaha…”