Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler
Chapter 8 - How Important a Head-on Blow!

Chapter 8: How Important a Head-on Blow!Translator: 安贝-Peggyan
Shi Qingzhou came outside. He was the empress. Besides, rumor has it that His Majesty took fancy on him. In that case, those imperial concubines were very courtesy on the surface.
“Your Grace, greetings.” Led by Lady Rou and Lady Shan, the rest of seven imperial concubines paid official respects to Shi Qingzhou. Shi slowly sat on the chair and then felt that Long Xiaoyuan hid behind the curtain.
Shi sneakily drooped his eyelids. His martial arts and internal strength were rather good, so he was able to easily sense Long’s existence.
Long Xiaoyuan came here fast, so who did he worry about?
However, it was a good chance for Shi to sound out Long’s true intention.
Therefore, he lifted his eyes and glanced at those who greeted him. Because he didn’t order them to get up, those concubines still squatted.
Some of them felt a little tired.
Lady Rou and Lady Shan, who used to the favorite concubines of the original emperor, had shown their unhappiness on their faces.
His Majesty loathed His Grace the most. Although His Majesty had been kinder to him a little recently, how dare he put on airs? Did he really not disdain them?
After all, it was they who really handled the Imperial Harem affairs.
They hadn’t learned that he got the Phoenix Seal!
He said after a long time, “Get up.”
Lady Rou and the others stood up with the smiles on their faces stiffened.
“Sit down,” said he in a more indifferent voice.
Subsequently, those palace maids served the concubines to sat on their own chairs.
Of course, they sat down according to their rankings.
Lady Rou and Lady Shan were seated on the two sides below him, followed by Lady Qing, Lady You, Lady Lan, Lady Yuan, Lady Yu, Lady Luo, and Lady Qiu.
There weren’t many rankings of the imperial concubines in this dynasty. Those who hadn’t had sex with the emperor was called maidservants who were just better than palace maids. Those who had had sex with the emperor and were rewarded were called Ladies, and those who had had sex with the emperor but weren’t rewarded with were still called maidservants. The ladies were divided into different rankings. Lady Qiu and Lady Luo were at the lowest ranking and lower than Lady Yu. At the same ranking, Lady Qing, Lady You, Lady Lan, and Lady Yuan were higher than the Lady Yu but lower than Lady Rou and Lady Shan who were at the highest-ranking and only second to the empress.
“Your Grace, we come to only see you. We’ve heard that you’ve been in bad shape for several days, but afraid of disturbing you, we thereby didn’t come here. Won’t you blame us on this?” said Lady Rou.
She had stayed at the palace longer than anyone else. Although she was at the same ranking as Lady Shan, the original emperor loved her more. Thus, she got more power than Lady Shan, which she felt the proudest of.
Shi said after glancing at her, “Thanks for your kindness. I should have summoned you. Since you come here, I have one thing to announce to you. I have taken a mission.”
His words made them look at each other.
In the end, Lady Shan said with a charming smile, “May we know what you are referring to?”
“Since the end of the year is approaching, all palaces need arrangements. Grand Palace Banquet and Small Palace Banquet are also around the corner, so there must be many things to attend to. His Majesty has appointed me to be in charge of them, so I need your cooperation.”
His words instantly changed their face color.
He then dropped another bomb among them. “His Majesty has mercy on me and is afraid of me being bothered by someone, so he’s given the Phoenix Seal to me in the meantime. Now that you come here, I’ll tell you what I need you to do for fear that you aren’t unprepared.”
Hearing that he had the Phoenix Seal, all those present were so shocked.