Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei
Chapter 21 part1

Zheng daren almost cried. He turned to the silent Qi RongYue. "Qi Xiaojie, this… what is this? How could ZhongWen's eyes —?"
Qi RongYue nodded at him. He didn't need to say anything more. She went over to hold Zheng ZhongWen's wrist and read his pulse. Then she lifted his eyelids to take a look. "He bumped his head. There is a blood clot in his brain. Before the blood clot disperses, he will temporarily lose his eyesight."
Although she stressed that he temporarily lost his eyesight, she could not alleviate Zheng daren's panic. Who knew how long "temporary" was?!
Qi RongYue said, "You don't have to worry too much. I will write a prescription for him. It has a wonderful effect. It will take effect in at most half a month."
Fortunately, he only lost his eyesight temporarily. She had seen some who turned into fools after they fell. That kind of treatment was much more difficult!
Seeing Qi Xiaojie so confident, Zheng daren, his wife, and Zheng ZhongWen were excited. Since Qi Xiaojie said the latter will recover in half a month, then he certainly would recover. She said before that Zheng ZhongWen would wake up after two acupuncture treatments. Didn't he wake up then?!
Qi RongYue wrote the prescription, noted down foods that shouldn't be eaten, and the amount of medicine to be taken daily. Then she handed the prescription to Zheng furen.
"Please rest assured. If I, Qi RongYue, say that he will recover, then he will recover. I won't lie. If he doesn't recover, punish me at you wish. If he recovers, I will pick up the doctor's fee personally."
She spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. That confident, but not arrogant attitude made people wholeheartedly believe in every word she said.
Zheng daren continuously nodded. "Good, good —" He recalled that Qi Xiaojie was homeless and living in an inn. He said, "Why doesn't Qi Xiaojie stay in Zheng fu? It's also convenient for ZhongWen's follow-up visits. Besides, it's not safe for two girls to stay at an inn."
Qi RongYue immediately rejected his kindness. "Thank you, Zheng daren. But Zheng fu is ultimately Zheng fu. It's more convenient for me and Xue'er to stay at an inn!"