Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
Chapter 230 - Disagreement On Who To Set Out

Chapter 230: Disagreement On Who To Set Out
“That’s right, that’s right! Young Mistress is right! Young Master has been in good health ever since he was young. He will definitely be fine!” Nanny Li said as she held back her tears.
“That’s right, Aunt Wang. Big Cousin will definitely regain consciousness! You can rest assured!” Gu Fangzi cried again.
Wang Shi let out a long sigh. She held back her tears as she looked at Sang Wan and nodded her head slightly.
“Sister-in-law! Is it true that something happened to Fengju? What exactly happened!” Soon after, Second Old Master Shi and his wife, as well as Third Old Master Shi and his wife arrived one after another.
When Wang Shi saw them, she could not help but feel heart-broken again. How would she still have the energy to explain to them? Sang Wan, Nanny Jiang, and the rest hurriedly comforted her again as they explained what had happened briefly.
When Second Old Mistress Shi heard the news that her son was fine, she felt great joy but kept her eyes low and her joy under control after being made aware of the situation. At the same time, Third Old Mistress Shi and others went to console Wang Shi.
“Sister-in-law, don’t worry. From the looks of it, Shi Fengju is in good hands since that physician knows medicine as well as acupuncture. Fengju will definitely be fine. We encountered a similar situation in Sichuan previously. Someone woke up after being unconscious for more than half a month and he was in his usual good health. Fengju is in a similar situation, so I’m sure he will definitely regain consciousness!” Third Old Master Shi quickly added.
“That’s right, that’s right. My husband is right! I remember that as well. That man’s situation was similar to Fengju!” Third Old Mistress Shi hurriedly spoke.
“Is that true?” Wang Shi’s eyes lit up and she hurriedly asked. Sang Wan, Nanny Li, Gu Fangzi, and the others looked at Third Old Master Shi and his wife at the same time, almost as if it was finally affirmed that Shi Fengju would regain consciousness.
“Of course it’s true!” Third Old Master Shi and his wife nodded.
“Sister-in-law, I think we should send someone appropriate to take care of Fengju. That person will decide on our behalf if anything happens there! How can he only have servants there with him!” Third Old Master Shi suggested.
After Wang Shi heard that, she slowly nodded her head. Zhan Huan must have come back with this intention. Moreover, she did not feel at ease when there were no close relatives beside him. If not for the long journey that would tire her body, she would have gone there personally.
Both Second Old Mistress Shi and Third Old Mistress Shi were naturally not suitable. Second Old Master Shi only cared about his birds and fish, so he was unreliable. Therefore, Third Old Master Shi was clearly the most suitable. However, he was the one who suggested it and did not volunteer himself. In any case, if he had volunteered himself, would he do his best to nurse Shi Fengju back to health over there?
Wang Shi was hesitant and unsettled. Gu Fangzi quickly got up and kneeled again before saying, “Aunt Wang, please let me go! I’m willing to take care of Big Cousin! Aunt Wang, you don’t have to worry. I will bring him back in good health!”
“Mother!” Sang Wan also kneeled and said, “Mother, let me go! He is my husband. Now that something like this has happened to him, if I’m not by his side as his wife, it’ll be hard for me to feel at ease. Mother, please let me go!”
Sang Wan was silently upset that she was a step slower than Gu Fangzi. As such, she had to put in a lot of effort in her words. Ever since it was decided that one Master should head over there, she already had the intention. Who knew that just when she was hesitating on how she should go about requesting, Gu Fangzi had spoken first.
Everyone was stunned for a moment.
Upon seeing that the two of them had her son in their hearts, Wang Shi was gratified. However, she felt she was put in a difficult situation as well.
“Sister Sang Wan.” Gu Fangzi said, “Since this household is taken care of by you, how can you leave? It’s better for me to go! Don’t worry. I’ll definitely take good care of Big Cousin!”
“There is still Mother and the rest who can take care of the household. I’ve always been taking care of Young Master. It’ll naturally be more convenient for me to go instead of you! Mother, let me go. Otherwise, how can I be at ease! Mother, please let me go!”
“Young Mistress is right. Since she has the heart, you should let her go! I can help to handle the matters in the household. Young Mistress has always taken care of Young Master’s daily life and knows what he wants. Nobody is more suitable than her to take care of him!” Nanny Li spoke in support of her.
When Zhan Huan heard Gu Fangzi say she would go over, his head went numb and silently complained. She had scolded him in the face just now. If she went over with him, he might get scolded even worse! Therefore, he stepped forward and cupped both his hands before saying, “Old Mistress, I don’t have the place to speak. However, I have been by Young Master’s side for a very long time. I know that he often misses Young Mistress so he will definitely want her to take care of him!”
“How dare a servant like you speak when you know there is no place for you! Don’t forget that you’re guilty. What right do you have to speak!” Gu Fangzi was furious. She hadn’t expected that even though she took the initiative, Sang Wan was still so thick-skinned as to request the same. As for Nanny Li, she had always been on Sang Wan’s side, so it was not strange that she spoke up for her!
There was nothing she could do against both of them. However, if Zhan Huan also chipped in and she did not speak up, then there would no longer be a place for her in the household.
After being scolded, Zhan Huan quickly lowered his head and did not dare to say anything more.
“Sister Sang Wan.” Gu Fangzi’s tears slowly came rolling down her pale face. Her eyes were teary as she begged Sang Wan with a pathetic look, “Do you have to fight over this with me? Please let me go instead! I beg you! Let me take care of Big Cousin!”
Gu Fangzi silently clenched her teeth hatefully. Not caring about how others would view her, she went up to Sang Wan and kowtowed.
Everyone gasped in shock at her actions.
Sang Wan was embarrassed, furious, and frustrated. This woman is really shameless!
“This won’t do!” Sang Wan promptly stepped forward with Nanny Li to help Gu Fangzi up as she said, “Sister Fangzi, Young Master is important, but so is Mother! You’re most familiar with her. With you comforting and being by her side, I can go there without any worries! Let us end this here! “
Third Old Mistress also spoke with a smile, “Since the two of you are hardly this nervous about Fengju, this is his blessing! Sister-in-law, I think sending Sang Wan there makes more sense! Fangzi will stay behind and accompany you while Sang Wan goes! They’re husband and wife after all so it’s more convenient to take care of him! Although Fangzi volunteered, it’ll not be convenient for someone like her who hasn’t sealed the deal with him yet. It’ll also bring shame to her family if she went!”
Wang Shi nodded, “Third Sister-in-law, you are right. Sang Wan, go back and pack your things. Be on your way early in the morning tomorrow! It’ll be hard on you during the journey. Once you arrive at the place, quickly write a letter to me after seeing the situation there, got it?”
“Yes, Mother! Don’t worry. I won’t dare to delay on the road. I will write a letter to you when I reach!” Sang Wan acknowledged respectfully.
Wang Shi nodded and said to Gu Fangzi, “Fangzi, stay here and accompany me! Don’t worry too. Fengju will be fine!”
Gu Fangzi was feeling disappointed. Nobody in the household had spoken up for her and everyone favored Sang Wan. An extreme resentment rushed up her head in a split second and she nearly vomited blood. So what if she wasn’t happy about the decision? Wang Shi had even spoken, she would only be laughed at if she still insisted.
“Yes, Aunt Wang! I will accompany you well and pray that Big Cousin will be able to come back safe and sound!” Gu Fangzi nodded her head obediently.
Everyone consoled Wang Shi for a while more before they left. Sang Wan hurriedly returned to Ning Garden1 to pack her traveling bag. She ordered for a horse carriage to be prepared, arranged servants to tag along, and handed over the household matters. The people in Ning Garden were so busy that they did not have the time to have their dinner properly.
When it was very late at night and everything else had been settled, Liu Ya, Zhide, and the others went to check the luggage again.
This time, Sang Wan picked Liu Ya and two other young capable servants to go on the journey. She also picked four more servants for protection while Nanny Li and Zhide stayed behind to look after the house.
“Nanny Li, I’ll have to trouble you again!” Sang Wan sighed lightly.
“Young Mistress, don’t say that! This is what I should do!” Nanny Li also sighed and felt a lump in her throat. She then added, “You have to bring Young Master back! Nothing must happen to him!”
“Nanny Li, don’t worry. I will.” Sang Wan also felt the same way.
Nanny Li knew she had lost control of herself and hurriedly blinked her eyes to get rid of the tears before saying with a forced smile, “Just look at that, what shallow thoughts I have! Young Master is going to be fine so we shouldn’t let our imaginations run wild! Young Mistress, it’s getting late. Rest early. You have to be on the road early in the morning tomorrow. The road might get bumpy, so you have to take care! Don’t worry about the household. Nobody will dare do anything. Even if they do, I will report it to the Old Mistress and let her handle it!”
Sang Wan nodded her head. Nanny Li and her gave a few more words of comfort to each other before they parted. Sang Wan washed her face and rinsed her mouth before going into her room to rest.
How could she fall asleep? It was as if a corner of her heart had been dug out and she did not know when it would be filled up again. Her heart was so empty that she felt uneasy and it would accelerate without a reason. All she could think of was Shi Fengju. The sorrow, the joy, the despair, the peace, and the other parts of life that he had given her in her past and current life constantly appeared in her head. The thought of whether he would regain consciousness disturbed her a lot.
She always had him in her life, regardless of whether it was by her wish or not, and she had never thought of completely having a life without him. Upon hearing this news, she undoubtedly felt shocked and saddened. At the same time, she was flustered and at a loss as well.
In her two lifetimes, could it be that it would end with a tragedy where each had their own grief!
After tossing and turning for a night, she could vaguely be seen through the curtain getting out of bed.
Liu Ya, Zhide, Nanny Li, and the others had gotten up as well. Despite the dejected atmosphere, the servants helped Sang Wan freshen up. Nanny Li ordered the young and old servants to carry the luggage out one by one.
After she was done freshening up, the kitchen served a bowl of piping hot porridge and light snacks.
“This morning’s breakfast is a bowl of shredded chicken porridge with fresh prawn dumplings and steamed milk buns. Young Mistress, eat them while they’re hot. The horse carriage is already prepared outside the second gate. You should be on your way after breakfast!” Nanny Li advised.
How could Sang Wan still have the appetite? She shook her head with a bitter smile on her face as she tried to eat a few mouthfuls of porridge before putting the spoon down and rinsing her mouth. When she saw Liu Ya was done eating and was waiting for her, she went out with Nanny Li and the rest of the servants.