Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess
Chapter 167

HiChapter 167:Falling into the lake.
There is a ‘Yun‘ character in this hall. It was created by Emperor Yunqi for Empress Yun. They were in their youth and loved each other. Who knows how many tender and intimate days they spent here? But the rumor that Emperor Yunqi almost favored Empress Yun alone was first spread out from here, so that the women outside the palace were both admire as well as envious.
Legend say it that it took 100,000 people to build this artificial lake and it took a year to build. And it took another year to decorates the Baoyun palace. Baoyun palace is surrounded by several small palaces where people live.
It is also a rare place of elegance.
The artificial lake leads to the Baoyun hall. There is no road to go. All the round trips are taken by boat. In the lotus boat field, there is a different style!
The Qunfang Pavilion’s people have been sent away by two boats and the rest are waiting for the boat.
Not far away, Juyi Pavilion is the place where men gathering. Pavilions are not far away from each other. If you look at it carefully, you can also distinguish it. At a glance, An Qingran can see several familiar figures, including Lian Muhan and Dongfang Jin!
The two of them are easy to recognize. They are the same as each other.
At the same time, she saw Dongfang Ye and Dongfang Yan. They were together. In the words of An Qingran, it’s natural that they were in collusion with each other.
Dongfang Ruoxue only glanced at the lake and looked at the water with a slightly forgiving face. She exclaimed, “maybe this Bixin lake should be renamed…”
An Qingran and Lou wanyue look at each other: “what’s the name?
“One heart lake! Emperor Empress’s Yixin lake! ” She sighed deeply.
An Qingran see state and said : ” It’s because the princess has poetry. If I think of it, I don’t know what to call it. Maybe the mandarin ducks and butterflies are in a mess!”
Dongfang Ruoxue chuckled. Just about to say something, she heard Qin Xiangning and An Yanran’s laughter. It was very clear and crisp. However, they attracted people from Juyi pavilion to look here together. Only the voice of An Ranyue came: “look, the boat is coming, let’s go…”
She pulled two other people together to Qunfang Pavilion. When they looked at the lake, a group of small boats came over. Another group of boats ran to Juyi Pavilion.
The eunuch on the shore took the cable and secured the ship.
But he looked at An Ranyue and An Yanran and other waiting people said: ” The two young ladies wait for a moment. This boat has a name list. It’s Miss Dongfang, the princess of Shou wangfu and prime minister Mansion’s Qianjin Miss Lou and Miss An Qingran, Di daughter of the General’s mansion and Dingyuan Hou’s Qianjin Miss Qin……”
With his voice, the face of An Ranyue and An Yanran changed several times. It’s just a broken boat. Does it make the level of DiShu so clear?
But they didn’t dare to say anything here. They just endured the anger and watched the four men get on the boat.
An Qingran and Dongfang Ruoxue are sitting on one side, and the other two are sitting on the other side. The duckweed and waterweed in the lake were almost within reach, and the remaining lotuses were everywhere. An Qingran enjoys the beautiful scenery and imagines how comfortable and tender it is for the Emperor and the Empress to sail across the lake.
She didn’t know if she was lucky enough to get a man who love only one woman.
The wind blows from the lake, with the fragrance of water and the fragrance of autumn dew. This let An Qingran squint her eyes and pull her lips slightly. She looks more beautiful and heartache.
But the gaze from the opposite is not so polite.
Even with a trace of resentment, which made An Qingran alert. she finds that other person is Qin Xiangning. But when she looks at each other, Qin Xiangning’s eyes pass by her and Dongfang Ruoxue’s side. As if looking at the sky in the distance, more like looking at the lotus leaf behind them!
An Qingran thought that maybe she was too sensitive. Maybe she just meant that. She asked herself that she didn’t offend Miss Qin. How could she be so angry with herself!
The only reason she could think of was the Taizi?
But is that right?
She’s not sure.
Besides, I have nothing to do with the Taizi. It seems that the rumors kill people!
An Qingran doesn’t know how to deal with the relationship with the Taizi. Anyway, he is his own savior. Of course, she is also his Savior. In this way, she really has a tangled relationship with him!
Look again, Qin Xiangning’s eyes have fallen on Dongfang Ruoxue. Dongfang Ruoxue is attracted by the beautiful scenery of a lake. She doesn’t see her, but An Qingran is caught her. But Qin Xiangning doesn’t seem to avoid it and expression also not very kind to Dongfang Ruoxue. An Qingran thinks to herself, when did Dongfang Ruoxue offend her?
What’s wrong with this woman?
An Qingran was puzzled. Could something happen between them that she didn’t know?
It’s also possible to think about it, but I used to be very closed and didn’t understand everyone’s things.
Lou wanyue didn’t see anything, except that the water and the sky were the same. She has her feeling that this lake should really be called love lake.
All the people looked at the lake with their heads up and down.
In An Qingran’s stunned looks, Dongfang Ruoxue around her suddenly screamed and shook her body and falls backward. An Qingran rushed up. She had just reached Dongfang Ruoxue’s hand, And the boat swayed violently under her feet. Just before An Qingran figured out what was going on, she plunged into the lake with Dongfang Ruoxue …
She can’t swim!
At the moment when An Qingran fell into the water, she saw only a piece of green in her eyes. Then she was surrounded by thick black green and cold. She choked into the water in her mouth and nose. But she who was always calm ,at this time completely flustered. This panic, she choked into the water again. For the first time, she felt so close to death…
When the two Qianjin fell into the water, the boat puller was blinded. Qin Xiangning shouted to save the people, reached out to hook them, but pushed the boatman into the water. The boatman who wanted to save the people didn’t really understand the situation. But he knew that if there was something wrong with these two people, his head would not be needed. So, from the other side of the ship, he swam desperately to this side, on the ship Lou wanyue was so worried that she almost fainted. She wished she could jump down on her own, but she couldn’t swim in water and went down to only make trouble. She only hoped that the boatman would swim over quickly. But in a flash, the two people who were still fluttering just now were gone…
How is this happening?
Lou Wanyue pulled Qin Xiangning and said, “Where are they? Where are they?”
Qin Xiangning pretends to be flustered: ” they’ve all drown…. They all drowned just now! What should do? Miss Lou, quickly save people.”
She cried like this in her mouth, but laughed in her heart. Just now, she just kicked in the boat side of Dongfang Ruoxue when An Qingran didn’t pay attention to her. But Dongfang Ruoxue and An Qianran who were thinking about something distracted were didn’t notice her . It was just heaven’s help.Leave a Reply
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