Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 1465 - Wild 1

Chapter 1465 Wild 1
“Eldest brother…” Jiang Qin’s face was extremely pale as she stood behind Jiang Shun nervously. All the prior arrogance and conceitedness was absent.
Jiang Lang was a lunatic, and everyone in the Jiang Family knew about it. In the entire Jiang Family, Jiang Lang did not have any respect for anyone, and only the Domain Monarch could somewhat repress Jiang Lang.
They wanted to join forces to attack Mo Yi and Ye Qingtang earlier on because they relied on the fact that Jiang Lang was not present.
Who would have thought…
He was actually back.
“Jiang Lang, calm down. She is your younger sister.” Jiang Shun reproached coldly.
“Younger sister?” Jiang Lang’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile. “I dare to kill anyone who dares to harm Yi, even if that person is a god. Younger sister… so what?”
“You’re insane!” Jiang Shun frowned and spoke. “There is a reason for today’s incident. Do you know what Mo Yi did? She injured Yiming and even proclaimed that she wanted to dig You’s spirit root…”
“Injured Yiming?” Jiang Lang’s expression remained the same, but his gaze swept across Jiang Shun.
“That’s right. She…”
“So all of you are here to kill my wife?” Jiang Lang’s tone changed suddenly.
Jiang Shun was taken aback. Before he could react in time, Jiang Lang stabbed straight toward Jiang Shun’s heart directly.
Jiang Shun retreated hurriedly as disbelief was written all over his face.
“You want to kill me?” Jiang Shun glared at Jiang Lang. They were biological brothers! Mo Yi was merely Jiang Lang’s wife!
“No.” Jiang Lang laughed when he saw that he failed to get Jiang Shun in a move, and his bloodshot eyes swept across everyone at the scene. “I want to kill all of you.”
Then, Jiang Lang struck with his spike without any leniency.
He had never borne to let his wife suffer any injustice. How dare they hurt her!
Jiang Lang was extremely talented, and his martial comprehension skills were very high. In the past few years outside, he had been fighting with his life on the line, and all the techniques he trained out were killing moves.
Jiang Shun broke out in a cold sweat as he was cornered by Jiang Lang, and he continuously cussed the lunatic Jiang Lang in his heart.
Ye Qingtang’s eyes were filled with astonishment when she saw the change of events.
“Don’t be afraid.” Mo Yi’s voice suddenly traveled from behind Ye Qingtang.
Ye Qingtang turned around slightly, and Mo Yi walked to her side strenuously. “That is your father. Everyone in this world can be afraid of him, but we don’t have to.”
Mo Yi’s eyes were permeated with warmth and gentleness as she looked at the man in the battle.
Ye Qingtang could not help but lament in her heart when she saw Mo Yi’s expression.
This infamous couple was not heartless; it was just that their emotions were solely devoted to one person for their entire lives.
Jiang Qin and the rest fought Mo Yi for a long time earlier on and had used up much energy. Currently, Jiang Lang was on a rampage and attacking everyone crazily. In addition, the four demon-masked guards that Jiang Lang brought back were highly-skilled as well, so Jiang Qin and the rest felt the strain immediately.
As Ye You watched the scene from afar, the smile on her face had gradually fallen apart.
“That… that is Jiang Lang?” Ye Xun swallowed her saliva silently as she looked at the demonized Jiang Lang.
Previously, she felt that Mo Yi was already very frightening, but who would have thought that Jiang Lang was even more terrifying? He was actually merciless to his siblings and attacked them with lethal moves just for a woman.
Ye You gritted her teeth in silence.
First, Mo Yi. And then Jiang Lang. Why does Ye Qingtang have such a good life?
If Jiang Lang had come any later, Ye Qingtang would definitely have died.