Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 2060 - Grand Elder (1)

Chapter 2060: Grand Elder (1)
Ye Qingtang thought that they would leave the underground world once they entered the underground world but to her surprise, another palace appeared in front of her after they had walked a short while.
Their footsteps wavered and You Qiong’s expression was dark.
“What’s wrong?” Ye Qingtang noticed his expression and asked.
“I have a bad feeling about this.”
“What do you mean?” Ye Qingtang asked.
“Over ten thousand years ago, when I was still a Great Elder of the Ancient You Clan, the Clan Master wasn’t who it is now, but another one who was as famous as the Domain Monarch Founder Jiang Yu…”
You Qiong lifted his eyes to look at the carvings on the huge palace entrance.
“Those pictures… they belong to him…”
His brows furrowed even deeper.
“I’ve heard from the other Ancient You Clan members that the Grand Elder isn’t actually dead. It’s just that… I’ve never seen him in the underground world or with the Ancient You Clan…”
His words stunned her.
Just as they were whispering to each other, Little Luo Xue carried Little You Yun into the old palace.
A sudden feeling of unease rose in her heart.
Her words hadn’t aroused Little Luo Xue’s suspicions but Elder Yuan’s order was something they had not considered.
It turned out he had instructed him to bring Little You Yun to the Ancient You Clan Grand Elder if anything went wrong!
Seeing that Little Luo Xue had already entered the palace and that they had to pass through it if they wanted to leave through the secret passage, Ye Qingtang and the rest decided that they couldn’t abandon them and turn back.
So they had no choice but to continue onwards. She just hoped that… the Ancient You Clan Grand Elder wasn’t here.
A strong aura of death hit them as they entered the palace. But it was completely different from the aura that the Undead Clan gave out. It was the stench of rot.
It was dark in the main hall but the pillars were all carved with life-like buddhas.
The buddhas all looked different.
For some reason, the scene reminded her of the murderous buddhas in the Hell of Avicinaraka…
“Who is it?”
A low voice echoed from the center of the main hall. The lights in the main hall lit up with the voice and illuminated the whole palace.
A dim figure was sitting high above them.
It was the source of the voice they heard.
“Greeting, Grand Elder,” Little Luo Xue said politely as he knelt on one knee. His words struck Ye Qingtang’s heart like a bolt of lightning.
What terrible luck they had!
It was the Ancient You Clan Grand Elder!
“What pure power…” the distant voice said. He seemed to be looking at Little You Yun who was still in Little Luo Xue’s arms.
“Bring her over.”
He stepped forward with her.
Little You Yun’s chest still glowed with faint light.
As they approached the figure with Little You Yun, Ye Qingtang and the rest finally saw what the Grand Elder looked like…
It made her face instantly turn pale.
The Grand Elder was nothing but a dried-up corpse!