Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 2169 - Training (1)

Chapter 2169: Training (1)
A dazed expression remained on Jing Ze’s face as Mu Ziying told him what happened after he fainted.
Jing Ze was immediately dumbstruck.
Lei Yan was going to fight Qin Feng?
Had he gone mad?
“Jing Ze, you are awake.” Ye Qingtang noticed that Jing Ze had come around and temporarily set Nangong Lie and Lei Yan aside.
“Teacher Ye…” Jing Ze was still groggy.
“How does your body feel?” Ye Qingtang asked.
Jing Ze snapped out of his trance and carefully analyzed the condition of his own body. He gasped.
“Blood… blood… bloodline?”
He had a bloodline! His bloodline had awakened!
At this moment, Jing Ze finally noticed the new strangeness in his body. It was a major surprise.
“You have the Divine Hidden Bloodline. It is a high-level bloodline…” As Ye Qingtang looked at the flabbergasted Jing Ze, she really couldn’t picture him as the evil Yun Mian Palace Master.
In this life, Jing Ze’s bloodline had been awakened earlier, so his powers would only continue to grow. Would his destiny change because of that?
Ye Qingtang had no idea. She explained to Jing Ze about the Divine Hidden Bloodline, who listened in disbelief. His own bloodline had really awakened.
After his bloodline was activated, Jing Ze’s long-suppressed cultivation level surged. He was shocked to realize that during his sleep, his cultivation level already shot up to Paragon Seventh Heaven level!
Surprise after surprise, Jing Ze nearly fainted from joy.
From the side, Nangong Lie and Lei Yan observed the newly-improved Jing Ze. They exchanged looks and saw their thoughts reflected in each others’ eyes.
How long had Jing Ze been under Ye Qing?
Half a month at the most.
He had improved by one whole level. He had also gotten a bloodline?
Where did this Boss come from?
“Jing Ze, congratulations.” Nangong Lie grinned and cupped his fists at Jing Ze.
He was going to cling onto this Boss for life now. Nothing else mattered.
Beside him, Lei Yan also congratulated Jing Ze.
“From now on, you all will come here every afternoon. I will teach you about martial arts,” Ye Qingtang said.
“Yes, yes, yes.” The two guys nodded eagerly. All they wanted to do now was to hang onto Ye Qing all day long. They might evolve into brand new improved versions of themselves.
“In future, Jing Ze will be your Senior Brother.” Ye Qingtang smiled.
“Of course. Senior Brother, you are awesome.” Nangong Lie addressed Jing Ze without any qualms.
Jing Ze immediately blushed. He was a useless person mocked by all. To think that he was now someone’s Senior Brother.
“And Ziying will be your Senior Sister,” Ye Qingtang continued.
Nangong Lie: “…”
Lei Yan: “…”
Looking at the petite Mu Ziying, the two guys looked rather conflicted.
Mu Ziying couldn’t resist chuckling.
“Alright, you guys go about your own business. Come back tomorrow for your training.” Ye Qingtang spoke up.
There were only ten days before the fight with Qin Feng. She already gained a good understanding of Lei Yan and Nangong Lie’s situation. Tonight, she would have to conduct a careful analysis on how to improve their cultivation levels as quickly as possible.
Even as Ye Qingtang came up with their cultivation plan, she didn’t neglect her own cultivation. During this period, she had revised quite a bit on martial arts and made some significant adjustments to her own cultivation methods. As a result, her own powers were gradually increasing. There were already signs that she might break through to the Paragon Seventh Heaven level soon.