Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 2170 - Training (2)

Chapter 2170: Training (2)
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Just before she was about to break through, Ye Qingtang suddenly sealed up her spirit energy.
In the Second Domain during her previous life, Ye Qingtang obtained a special skill. This was the skill which enabled her to finally ascend to the Emperor level toward the end of her previous life.
This skill was called Spirit Sealing.
As the name suggested, this skill could temporarily seal one’s spirit energy. As one’s spirit energy increased with cultivation, the amount being stored would also increase. After reaching the maximum limit, the practitioner could then unleash all the spirit energy at once. This spirit energy would be more vigorous and trigger a breakthrough in the cultivation level.
This kind of skill might be good but it could only be used by practitioners at Paragon Fifth Heaven level and above. As long as the stored energy was enough, it could trigger a breakthrough when unleashed.
Also, this skill was only suitable for practitioners below the Emperor level. It was useless for those who had already surpassed the Emperor level.
Taking advantage of her time in the Netherworld Academy when Ye Qingtang didn’t have to worry about her survival, she made use of her Spirit Sealing skill.
Directing the energy in her body toward the sealed compartment, it maintained her cultivation level, which was supposed to increase, at the Paragon Sixth Heaven level.
In reality, the Paragon Sixth Heaven level was not that high in the Second Domain. But it was still sufficient.
However, the Netherworld Academy was the top academy in the Second Domain, and the teenagers here were all terrifyingly powerful.
Even Jing Ze, whom everyone else here sneered at, would be considered an enviable prodigy in other regions within the Second Domain.
Ye Qingtang continued to utilize the Spirit Sealing technique as she taught Nangong Lie and the rest. It did not take long for Ye Qingtang to realize that although her students’ powers were not considered high in the Netherworld Academy, the constraints on their innate talents should be easily overcome.
In reality, over the next 300 years, there would be all sorts of techniques developed and spread across the world which would enable many people to cultivate and improve.
It could be said that if these teenagers were transported 300 years into the future and cultivated using those new techniques, they would be at least five levels higher.
Going by what Lei Yan and the rest told her about their situation, Ye Qingtang gave them specific pointers on how to improve their practice methods.
Lei Yan and the rest were very astonished by her methods.
“Boss, are you joking? You want me to seal my energy and cultivate… I feel so bloated and uncomfortable.” Lei Yan was flushed red all over. It was a cool day but his bare arms were already drenched in sweat.
Ye Qingtang just looked at Lei Yan.
According to what she knew, Lei Yan was not born in the Leiting family. His mother left the family after getting pregnant, and so Lei Yan spent his early years away from the family, practicing normal cultivation techniques. As such, he had not benefited from the guidance of a great clan.
Lei Yan’s innate talents were considered pretty good, but he had missed out on the most crucial period of time. His energy channels were not unlocked when he was a child, and so his speed of cultivation was very slow now.
Ye Qingtang had him practice energy sealing to unlock his energy channels.
Seeing that Ye Qing did not respond, Lei Yan had no choice but to bear the heat and continue cultivating. He had his doubts but he did not dare to dally.
Ye Qingtang observed him for a moment longer before leaving. Lei Yan and the rest had no choice but to just continue practicing.
After practicing for some time they followed Ye Qing’s earlier instructions to find an empty area in the campus, and started training their physical body.