Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 2171 - Training (3)

Chapter 2171: Training (3)
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Inside the academy, Qin Feng was walking alone. His face looked rather grim and his skin had a purplish tinge to it. Endless waves of pain spread across his chest and his face turned increasingly ghastly.
“Qin Feng.” A voice rang out from behind Qin Feng.
Qin Feng turned to see a familiar figure.
Qin Xuan.
Qin Xuan and Qin Feng were both from the Qin family. When Qin Feng had been famous, Qin Xuan would tag along beside him all day long, ingratiating himself to him and following his lead. At that time, he could be considered Qin Feng’s closest same-age friend.
But after Qin Feng’s powers declined, Qin Xuan replaced him as the Qin family’s upcoming star. He started to grow distant from Qin Feng.
Qin Feng looked impassively at the smug-faced Qin Xuan. The other teenagers besides Qin Xuan all gazed at Qin Feng with disdain. On the contrary, they behaved deferentially toward Qin Xuan.
They looked exactly like how Qin Xuan used to be when he once stood beside Qin Feng.
“Qin Feng, why didn’t you attend Faculty Head Gu’s lesson today?” Qin Xuan smiled at Qin Feng.
Qin Feng’s eyes flashed slightly at the mention of Faculty Head Gu. Then he looked away and started to leave without a single word.
But Qin Xuan had no intention of letting Qin Feng leave so easily. He lifted his leg to block his way and his icy gaze. Qin Xuan smiled again. “Qin Feng, Faculty Head Gu used to be your Master, how can you disregard him in this way? That doesn’t seem appropriate, right?”
Gu Wei was the faculty head of the internal cultivation faculty inside the Netherworld Academy. He was also the most respected elder in the Netherworld Academy when Qin Feng first joined the school. After Qin Feng enrolled in the Netherworld Academy, Faculty Head Gu took him under his wing as his direct disciple, carefully grooming him.
A disciple and student were two different things. At that time, Qin Feng’s future appeared limitless.
But then Qin Feng’s powers suddenly declined. No matter what method Gu Wei tried, he could not change Qin Feng’s situation. It was a smear upon Gu Wei’s reputation and he gradually ignored Qin Feng completely.
“Qin Feng, it was a pity you didn’t go for the lesson today,” another teenager beside Qin Xuan piped up.
“Today, Faculty Head Gu officially took in Qin Xuan as his personal disciple.”
Qin Feng’s face stiffened slightly at his words.
That’s right.
His own powers were declining while Qin Xuan’s cultivation level was increasing. It was only natural… that Gu Wei no longer wanted him.
“Eh, Brother Feng is also Faculty Head Gu’s disciple. In the future, we will be fellow disciples.” Qin Xuan smiled before pretending to suddenly realize he had said something wrong. He said with fake regret.
“Sorry Brother Feng, I forgot. You are no longer Faculty Head Gu’s disciple. The academy has assigned a new teacher to you…”
“Excuse me.” Qin Feng took a deep breath and turned to leave.
This time Qin Xuan didn’t stop him. He just grinned at Qin Feng’s departing profile.
“Brother Feng, Faculty Head Gu said that he wants me to participate in the Inter-Academy Competition.” Qin Xuan suddenly spoke again.
Qin Feng’s footsteps wavered.
The Inter-Academy Competition…
When Gu Wei first took him under his wing, it was because he wanted to groom him for the Inter-Academy Competition.
He had changed his candidate to Qin Xuan.
Qin Feng quietly clenched his fists as he thought about his declining cultivation level.