Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 2375 - Toying With Someone (2)

Chapter 2375: Toying With Someone (2)
But somehow, every time there were only a few pieces left on the board, Xing Rong would suddenly make a misstep and end up being swept clean by Ye Qingtang.
She won by a thread every single time, but Xing Rong was gradually sinking into a loser’s rut.
In just a short period of time, Xing Rong had lost five consecutive rounds. Not only did he fail to win the Nine Melody Spirit Elixir, but he had also lost all the items previously won.
After placing the newly-won spirit jade back in Ran Mo’s hands, Ye Qingtang prepared to leave. But Xing Rong, whose eyes were bloodshot with defeat, suddenly stood up. “Please wait.”
Ye Qingtang paused.
Xing Rong put on a calm smile. “Teacher, you have only just won back all the items lost by your students. The real match starts now. I wonder if you are interested to continue?”
Ye Qingtang’s expression was mild. She looked completely indifferent to Xing Rong’s proposal.
“I have no interest in your items.”
Xing Rong took a deep breath.
“I have two spirit jades. I want to play one final match against you. If I win, I want the Nine Melody Spirit Elixir. If I lose, I will give you these two spirit jades!”
Ye Qingtang pondered over it before reluctantly sitting down.
Xing Rong took a deep breath. With that final round, he had already thoroughly analyzed Ye Qingtang’s chess play.
Ye Qingtang would lose this match for sure.
One Nine Melody Spirit Elixir might be able to exchange for one spirit jade. But two spirit jades would be a major loss for him. Xing Rong was confident that he had already seen through all of Ye Qingtang’s moves. He would not lose again.
Ye Qingtang’s chess play was very convoluted and one could be easily tricked if not careful. But now, he had already seen through it all.
He would not lose again!
Xing Rong was full of confidence. He was prepared to defeat Ye Qingtang in a single move. But this time, the moment the match started, Xing Rong fell into major despair.
It wasn’t the same!
In fact, it was completely different!
Ye Qingtang’s chess play had totally changed!
His previous gameplay was full of genial twists and turns, but now, his every move was like a ferocious beast who had just risen from its slumber. Every step was filled with intense aggression.
In the blink of an eye, Xing Rong’s chess pieces were all swept off the board. Meanwhile, every single one of Ye Qingtang’s chess pieces was still standing!!
Seeing his Beast King surrounded, realization suddenly dawned upon Xing Rong.
To kill someone, you must target his goals and intentions.
It was clear that this teacher had just been baiting him in the first five rounds. Those were not his true chess skills!
Xing Rong thought very highly of his chess abilities. He had made use of his own baiting technique to toy with countless opponents. They thought the disparity in skill was not that great but it was in fact thousands of miles wide!
Today, he had planned to use the same technique against Ye Qingtang, but he never expected…
He was the one who ended up being played by Ye Qingtang.
Even more terrifying was the fact that he had only realized the truth at this final moment…
Xing Rong’s arrogance and confidence in Illusion Beast Chess had now been utterly destroyed. His face was pale and he looked like a sad, defeated rooster. Sitting deflated in his chair, he was left staring forlornly at his defeat.
When his Beast King was swept off the board, Xing Rong’s hands started trembling uncontrollably. He stared on blankly as Ye Qingtang took his two spirit jades…
Meanwhile, he had not even managed to even lay a finger on the Nine Melody Spirit Elixir.