Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 407 - Xuanyuan Pill (2)

Chapter 407: Xuanyuan Pill (2)

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“It is good that you’re here. Take a look for me. This Daybreak Crossbow is already pretty much done with only some details left. Let’s make use of these few days to finish forging it.” The elderly completely ignored Ye Qingtang’s resentful expression and cheerily pulled Ye Qingtang to look at the results of his effort.
When Ye Qingtang heard “make use of these few days,” she felt her mind explode.
“Senior, I don’t think I’ll have time in the next few days.”
“Don’t have time? You’re deceiving me again.” The elderly groaned unhappily.
Ye Qingtang replied. “I’m not deceiving you. I am participating in the Three Sect Competition half a month later and will need to cultivate hard in the coming days. Otherwise, wouldn’t I tarnish the sect’s reputation in the Three Sect Competition?”
Ye Qingtang was really afraid of this energetic elderly and could only use the sect’s glory as an excuse.
After he heard about the Three Sect Competition, a surprised look flashed across the elderly’s face. He scanned Ye Qingtang with eyes full of suspicion.
“Didn’t you enter the inner sect for a few months only? Even if it’s the Three Sect Competition, it has nothing to do with you. Don’t lie to me.”
“I really am not. I am going there as a reserve.”
“Reserve…” The elderly was in thought as he swept a look at Ye Qingtang. “You only entered the inner sect for not long, yet you’re heading to the Three Sect Competition, where outstanding disciples from the three sects would be present. Although they are not considered elites, they are all skillful. Why are you joining for nothing?”
“Since I am a disciple of the sect, of course, I am willing to strive for the sect’s glory.” Ye Qingtang lied blatantly without guilt.
The elderly raised a brow at Ye Qingtang.
“Oh, you’re pretty ambitious?”
“Of course.”
“Hold it, I know that you’re ambitious already. How about this? As long as you come here for four hours after your cultivation from now on, I’ll give you a Xuanyuan Pill. What do you think?” The elderly stroke his chin as he laid the conditions.
“Xuanyuan Pill?” Ye Qingtang was startled. The Xuanyuan Pill was a master-grade pill which was extremely beneficial in cleansing one’s spirit energy and increasing one’s skills. However, this pill was difficult to refine, and its ingredients were even more difficult to obtain. Even if Ye Qingtang knew how to refine it, she could not gather the ingredients.
Never had she expected that this seemingly-scheming old imp would actually have a Xuanyuan Pill.
“You can’t be lying to me, right? You have the Xuanyuan Pill?” Ye Qingtang looked at the elderly suspiciously.
The elderly immediately narrowed his eyes. “Little girl, how dare you doubt me?” Then, the elderly waved for the incharge to come over and pointed to Ye Qingtang. “Tell her whether I have the Xuanyuan Pill.”
The incharge was busy forging and was confused after being called over suddenly, completely at a loss why the Xuanyuan Pill was brought into question.
“Girl, he has the Xuanyuan Pill indeed.”
The elderly placed his hands on his hips and snorted. He gave Ye Qingtang a proud look.
“…” Ye Qingtang was silent.
“How about it? Do you agree? Four hours a day in exchange for one Xuanyuan Pill. Little girl, not everyone can earn such a huge bargain,” the elderly said.
The incharge finally understood what was going on. After hearing that the elderly actually wanted to give Ye Qingtang a Xuanyuan Pill, his eyes almost popped out.
You’re too generous!
Such an exorbitant Xuanyuan Pill to be given out just like that?
The incharge could only feel his heart bleed.