Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor
Chapter 684 - Skin (3)

Chapter 684: Skin (3)
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“I want these few too. What other fresh stocks do you have? Just bring them all up. Don’t bring some unpresentable ones to fool me, or I’ll remove your skin.” Shangguan Rui scoffed coldly and looked at the slave master. His words threw those girls into utter despair.
A chill ran down the slave master’s spine as he said hurriedly, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll go look for you right now.”
Then, the slave master immediately led a few people towards the other cages as the girls on the stage were kidnapped away by Shangguan Rui’s followers.
A girl looked directly at the wealthy businessman who wanted to buy her and pleaded. “I beg you. Please buy me… I’m willing to do anything… Please… I beg you!!”
However, that wealthy businessman did not dare to say anything at all. Although he did fancy this girl’s beauty, he did not dare to snatch with Shangguan Rui no matter how bold he was. He fled hurriedly under the girl’s pleas.
While the wealthy businessman had his eye on the girl’s appearance and wanted to buy her, he completely dropped that thought with Shangguan Rui here.
Weighing his priorities between women and his life, the wealthy businessman obviously could distinguish which was more important.
When the girl saw the wealthy businessman leaving the place, expressions of despair filled that girl’s face, and her body shook violently.
More people gathered in the surrounding, wanting to watch the fun.
In this black market, those with money and power were the bosses. No one could dream of overstepping this rule.
This was especially so for Shangguan Rui, a regular in the black market. He had an extremely bad reputation in the monarch city and committed all sorts of crimes, yet he had extremely powerful forces behind him, so no one dared to offend him at all.
Although those slave masters found it a pity when their “goods” were destroyed like this, they did not dare to utter a word in front of Shangguan Rui.
“Why? Anyone wants to snatch with me?” A cold glint flickered in Shangguan Rui’s eyes as he glanced at the wealthy businessmen in the surroundings.
However, everyone whose Shangguan Rui’s eyes swept across lowered their heads successively, not daring to speak.
In this monarch city, they and even sect disciples usually did not dare to casually offend people of Shangguan Rui’s level.
“Hahaha, Young Sir Shangguan, you call the shots in this city. Who would dare to snatch with you?”
“That’s right. Unless someone doesn’t want his life anymore and dares to snatch these slaves with Young Sir Shangguan.”
Many onlookers chimed in and laughed immediately.
People in the black market were more or less clear of Shangguan Rui’s style and no longer found it strange. Moreover, it was only a few slaves, and the onlookers had never seen them as humans in the first place.
Shangguan Rui was in a good mood after hearing what everyone said and nodded in satisfaction. He scoffed coldly. “It can’t be said that way. This black market has its rules. I’m someone who respects rules fully. If anyone wishes to bid, I am happy to compete fairly. However… it’s a little risky to compete with me…”
After hearing what Shangguan Rui meant, those wealthy businessmen who initially wanted to compete gritted their teeth and eventually did not dare to say anything.
“What a joke. Do you think you can dictate things here in the monarch city?”
At this moment, a young man in white scoffed and walked out from the crowd in great strides.
Everyone was astounded and could not help but size up that young man.
“Rest assured, ladies. I am definitely taking care of this matter today.” The young man shot a look at Shangguan Rui and then told the girls in the cage.