Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 32 - Sharing a Bed

Chapter Ch32 - Sharing a Bed
Yan Tianhen comfortably took his hot water bath and was a bit reluctant to leave the bathtub.
This is the water heated up personally by his Dage, it wasn’t just rare, it was precious!
Yan Tianhen had half his head underwater and blew bubbles for awhile before lifting his head up again.
Ei? Did he forget to ask about something?
Yan Tianhen scrunched his small face up and pondered for a bit. He saw his reflection in the water and suddenly wilted — so ugly, so scary, even he was about to cry from his ugliness, his Dage definitely won’t like it.
Thus, the Yan Tianhen who was engrossed in his “ugly apperance” completely forgot about the Duan Yuyang whom he had thrown to the back of his mind.
Suddenly, Yan Tianhen’s door was opened from the outside by someone.
Yan Tianhen looked up and saw Lin Xuanzhi.
Beside Lin Xuanzhi were two tiger cubs. When Ah Bai and Hu Po saw Yan Tianhen, both of them pounced towards the bathtub.
One little tiger cub fell into the water.
Two little tiger cubs…the second one was picked up by Lin Xuanzhi by its neck and into his arms.
Ah Bai let out an ao wu and glared at Lin Xuanzhi. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws and couldn’t wait to scratch that face of his. He wants to play in the water, he wants to be with Henhen, he didn’t want to be hugged by this baddie to be trampled on!
Lin Xuanzhi skilfully grasped all four of Ah Bai’s claws in his hands. No matter how much Ah Bai was flailing about randomly, it was all for naught.
Hu Po was in the water and kept bumping against Ah Hen with his body, the fur on his body were dripping wet.
Yan Tianhen was initially scared out of his wits, then his mood brightened up. He grabbed Hu Po from within the water and kissed his small nose as he laughed, “Hu Po wants to take a bath too? Then let’s take a bath together!”
The hairs on Hu Po’s body immediately exploded. He turned around and tried to escape from the bathtub, but Yan Tianhen was already pinning him down in the water.
Hu Po: I just like to play with water, I don’t like taking baths QAQ!
However, Lin Xuanzhi quickly lent Hu Po a helping hand. He stretched out one hand and fished Hu Po out of the bathtub, then casually flung him onto a bed not too far away.
Hu Po did a somersault and all of the water on his body was now on the bed. After he stood up on his four small limbs, he even quickly shook his body to get rid of the remaining water on his body.
Yan Tianhen was about done with his bath. He looked towards his own bed and said, “Aiya, Hu Po you’ve made my bed so wet, how am I supposed to sleep on it tonight. You’re really too naughty.”
Hu Po: “&#k2026;&#k2026;”
He had obviously been flung onto the bed, and Yan Tianhen must have clearly seen that. He either has really short-term memory, or he naturally has an embellishment function in his brain for Lin Xuanzhi!
Hu Po was very depressed and dejected, so he even pissed tiger pee on Yan Tianhen’s bed.
“Hu Po you’re asking for a beating!” Yan Tianhen saw what he was doing and immediately jumped out of the bathtub. He rushed over and was about to grab Hu Po to smack his butt when Hu Po sneaked along the bed pole and up onto the beam. He squatted there and stuck his tongue out at Yan Tianhen.
Hehehehehe! You can’t catch me you can’t catch me!
Yan Tianhen was so angry he laughed. He rolled up his sleeves to go beat up Hu Po, he didn’t think– roll, he rolled nothing.
Yan Tianhen silently looked towards the Lin Xuanzhi who held Ah Bai with one hand and was standing by the door with a faint smile on his face, then quickly grabbed a long gown that was resting on the clothes rack next to him and put it on at the speed of light.
Lin Xuanzhi lightly laughed, then said in a teasing manner, “Did Ah Hen feel like it was a bit windy down there?”
Yan Tianhen’s face turned bright red. He was so flustered his hands were everywhere as he recklessly tied a dead knot on his clothes and really wanted to dig a hole in the ground to bury his head in. He walked over to Lin Xuanzhi with his head hung low as he said, “Dage, sorry for being inappropriate.”
Lin Xuanzhi released Ah Bai, then casually took a cloth to lightly rub Yan Tianhen’s head that was covered in Hu Po’s golden, wet hair. He laughed, “Ah Hen is still a kid, what’s there to be embarrassed about.”
Even though Yan Tianhen was young, he still knew what he was supposed to know so his face immediately flushed red. He felt a bit embarrassed as he pursed his lips and said, “Dage you’re actually cracking this kind of joke with me. Daddy said before that my absorption capabilities aren’t very good so my nutrition can’t keep up. And I’m still young now, in a few more years, I definitely won’t just be like this! I might even become more amazing than Dage.”
“I only said one sentence, yet you returned me so many.” Lin Xuanzhi lightly pinched Yan Tianhen’s nose as he teased, “Looks like our Ah Hen isn’t a kid anymore, he still knows how to feel embarrassed.”
Yan Tianhen nodded with a very serious face and said, “Dage, I’ll definitely grow up to be very big in the future, if you don’t believe me, I’ll measure myself everyday and use actual numbers to prove it.”
Lin Xuanzhi: “……pfft!”
Why is his family’s Ah Hen so interesting?
His hair had almost been rubbed dry, but the tiger pee on his bed was a big problem. Even though the tiger cubs feed on spiritual plants and food everyday so even their pee didn’t have a weird smell, but in the end, it was still pee.
Yan Tianhen scrunched up his ugly little face and said, “If it was just the bed sheets it would still be okay, but I don’t have any extra blankets. This Hu Po is asking for a beating, when I catch him tomorrow, I need to teach him a good lesson!”
“Sleep with me tonight then.” Lin Xuanzhi said.
Yan Tianhen was stunned, then subconsciously said, “How could I do that.”
“Why not.” Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with a hint of a smile in his eyes, and purposely asked, “Or does Ah Hen despise Dage and isn’t willing to sleep on the same bed with Dage?”
Yan Tianhen hurriedly said, “How is that possible, I’ve always looked forward to be as close to Dage as possible.”
After he finished speaking, he felt like his words sounded a little wrong somewhere so he quickly explained, “What I meant was, I treat Dage as the person I’m closest to, so I’m definitely willing to be with Dage.”
He, since that’s the case, then Ah Hen should go get your pillow and follow Dage back to rest ba.” Lin Xuanzhi said.
It was only when Yan Tianhen was lying next to Lin Xuanzhi when he realised that, he had actually slept on Dage’s bed this easily!
This is Dage’s bed ei!
Yan Tianhen flipped over and sniffed the bed’s light and nice smell; it was a smell that belonged only to Lin Xuanzhi – cool and clean, yet also kind of quiet and mysterious.
Lin Xuanzhi turned over and embraced Yan Tianhen with one hand.
Yan Tianhen’s body stiffened up.
Lin Xuanzhi opened his eyes and looked at Yan Tianhen’s nervous face up close. He said, “Ah Hen, has Daddy slept with you before?”
Yan Tianhen nodded, and said, “Daddy always used to bring me along with him, no matter where he went, he would bring me along.”
As he spoke, Yan Tianhen’s face revealed a nostalgic look.
Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Did Daddy treat you well?”
Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “Well, Daddy treated me especially well.”
“Then from now on, Dage will treat you even better than Daddy did.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “You need to start getting used to it.”
Lin Xuanzhi inwardly sighed: this silly boy is really too easily coaxed and contented. How can what I’ve done be considered as treating him well, at most I’ve just treated him like how I would any other person.
But from now on……Lin Xuanzhi secretly swore to himself, he must spoil Yan Tianhen to the point where the whole world would envy him.
“It’s getting late, you should rest.” Lin Xuanzhi said.
Yan Tianhen obediently listened. He closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.
But Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes remained open; he gazed at Yan Tianhen’s quiet sleeping face.
Those irksome cracks on Yan Tianhen’s face look like they had torn his face apart, but the truth is that Yan Tianhen wasn’t born with those cracks. A malicious person had casted a demonic seal in his body and fed him poison, while his savior casted a similar magic seal to suppress the poison and his body’s natural yin Qi, which resulted in the cracks on his face as well as his weak, left leg.
In order to undo the demonic and magic seals, as well as the poison that had already seeped into his meridians and Dantian, Lin Xuanzhi had to hurry and get stronger in order to earn enough capital to do business with the powerful people who can help Yan Tianhen.
Lin Xuanzhi sat up. He tucked Yan Tianhen into the blankets, then silently wore a robe and got off the bed. Like a soundless and shadowless wind, he left the room.
The Hu Po and Ah Bai who were resting by the left and right sides of the entrance respectively immediately looked up warily and stood up.
Ao wu!” Ah Bai called out softly, but immediately shut up when Lin Xuanzhi swept a glance across him.
Hu Po coldly showed Lin Xuanzhi his tiger butt, his tail was still swishing about.
Hu Po was one to hold grudges. Even though Lin Xuanzhi had redeemed him, he didn’t forget the reason he had to be sold in the first place.
“You guys did well today, I’ll reward you both with demonic delight fruits.” Lin Xuanzhi wouldn’t bother bickering with a little tiger cub. He took out two demonic delight fruits from his storage bag and threw them at the two little tiger cubs.
The tiger cubs immediately bit the demonic delight fruits, then began savouring them from all kinds of angles excitedly.
“Keep up the good work tomorrow.” Lin Xuanzhi left behind a sentence rich with meaning before he left the yard and walked towards the back mountains.
Hu Po and Ah Bai communicated through beast language.
Ah Bai tilted his head to one side. He bit his demonic delight fruit with a puzzled expression and asked, “What does he mean by saying we ‘did well’ and ‘keep up the good work’?”
Hu Po coldly replied, “Idiot, he wants us to continue pissing on Henhen’s bed.”
Ah Bai: “……”
Ah Bai dejectedly licked his demonic delight fruit for a bit, then asked, “Then are you going to continue pissing?”
Hu Po threw him a look, then said, “Don’t you want demonic delight fruits anymore?”
Ah Bai shook his head, then spoke righteously, “You’ll get hit if you do that!”
Hu Po nodded and said, “So, tomorrow it’s your turn to wet the bed.”
Ah Bai: “……”
He really is my biological brother! Actually, isn’t it enough for his mother to give birth to him alone, why did she pop another one out?
He thought about the other family’s younger brother Yan Tianhen, then looked at his own younger brother. Ah Bai really felt like comparing beast and human would anger him to death!
But, if Lin Xuanzhi wants Henhen to sleep on the same bed as him, then can’t he just say so directly? Why does he need to use this kind of vile and obscene method that strips us noble, amethyst white tigers of all our dignity to trick Henhen into sleeping with him?