Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 33 - Luojia's Glittering Jewel

Chapter Ch33 - Luojia’s Glittering Jewel
Hu Po chewed his demonic delight fruit thoroughly before swallowing it, then contentedly belched and said, “If you can’t comprehend that, then you’re not a white tiger, you’re an idiot1.”
Ah Bai: “……”
O, wait, you’re naturally a bit idiotic.” Hu Po said with a face full of disdain, “Ah Bai, do you know why Henhen sold me off and not you?”
Ah Bai puffed out his chest and said proudly, “Isn’t it because I’m soo obedient and cute that master couldn’t bear to sell me off!”
Hu Po shook his head, then sneered with an ao, “I heard him talking to the big devil the other day, he said, it’s because Hu Po is smart. Ah Bai always looks a bit dumb, if he were to sell Ah Bai, he feared that within a few days you’d turn into a piece of tiger skin. But if he were to sell Hu Po, based on how clever and quick-witted he is, he might even be able to escape and run back by himself!”
Ah Bai looked like he had just been struck by lightning. He instantly stared at Hu Po with his mouth agape, his whole tiger being didn’t feel too good!
Which part of him is dumb, his intelligence just isn’t very obvious!
He really regretted not letting master sell Hu Po off and never redeeming him back!
At the back mountains, Lin Xuanzhi was standing at the peak with his hands behind his back; he was looking towards the large mountain behind the law enforcement hall.
The Lin residence occupied more than 10 000 mu2 of land; it had innumerable pavilions and kiosks and its inner structure was perfect – its whole layout was equivalent to a town. The Lin family had their own commerce and teaching systems. In order to encourage the Lin family’s disciples to put in all their efforts into cultivating and strengthening themselves, the Lin family even set up a promotion system that corresponds with their cultivation levels.
At the back of the Lin residence stood a vast mountain called Luojia mountain. Luojia mountain has numerous rare treasures and beasts; one could say that you could make a living with its natural resources.
The Lin family’s five elders have a fixed seclusion area located at Luojia mountain’s main peak – Glittering Jewel peak. As for the other Lin family disciples, they have to reside at the foot of the mountain first. When they have cultivated to an appropriate level, they will then have the right to obtain the entry permit to Luojia mountain’s secondary peak – Heaven’s Secrets peak – and be able to cultivate in the Lin family’s core mountain peak where the concentration of spiritual Qi is at its greatest.
In the past, Lin Xuanzhi had that right.
He could come and go into any of Luojia mountain’s peaks aside from the Lin family’s elders’ Glittering Jewel peak. In fact, if he were to fancy any spiritual plant, as long as he gave a greeting he could take it away. But today, he has lost that right.
Lin family’s biggest secret was hidden on the Lin family’s main peak.
In his past life, Lin Xuanzhi did not personally solve this secret before he degraded into a soul body. In this life, he decided that he wouldn’t miss this great opportunity.
Glittering Jewel peak…… Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and looked towards Glittering Jewel peak as he sat on the ground cross-legged.
Within Glittering Jewel peak was a huge gathering spirits formation. All of the scattered spiritual Qi in the Lin family is influenced by this gathering spirits formation, which is why it wouldn’t dissipate elsewhere.
As you get closer to Glittering Jewel peak, the surrounding spiritual Qi would get thicker, and facing Glittering Jewel peak is the best place for absorbing spiritual Qi and cultivation.
Lin Xuanzhi closed his eyes and formed his hand seals, he had settled down within a second.
Even though he’s unable to repair his Dantian right now, he didn’t seem to mind it at all. Afterall, as a craftsman, he didn’t need his Dantian Qi sea at the beginning stages to store Qi. He could craft and advance through levels based purely on his soul force.
Lin Xuanzhi opened up the soul plate in the corner of his consciousness that he had almost forgotten.
The soul plate gradually reappeared. The moment it awakened, it began to cuss noisily, “Fuck you, you little rascal, you actually dared to lock Benzun up in this lousy plate and silenced me. Do you believe that the day Benzun sees daylight once more is the day you visit the netherworld to meet Hades!”
Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “If you continue spouting rubbish, I’ll finish using up all your forged stones before you can even get out of there.”
Soul plate: “……”
Lin Xuanzhi’s cold eyes narrowed slightly, then said, “Now that’s called a threat.”
1. This is a pun. White tiger = bai hu; idiot = bai chi; so Hu Po said that if Ah Bai isn’t a bai hu, then he’s a bai chi↩
2. 1 mu = 667m2↩