Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 38 - A Belly full of Evil Tricks

Chapter Ch38 - A Belly full of Evil Tricks
Yan Tianhen kind of wanted to see how the fight between the two was going, but he was concerned about Lin Xuanzhi so he gave up on watching the show.
Just as he was preparing to leave, he suddenly heard a familiar voice that had a hint of laughter in it coming from his back——
“Why didn’t I know before that Ah Hen was actually such a naughty boy with a belly full of evil tricks.”
Yan Tianhen jumped like he had just been electrocuted, then turned around.
His eyes lit up. He looked at the young man who had a faint smile on his face and said, “Dage, why are you here?”
Lin Xuanzhi walked over, then tapped on Yan Tianhen’s forehead that was covered with a few beads of sweat and said, “When I went back, I realised that Ah Hen wasn’t home, so I thought that Ah Hen probably came over here to work and decided to come take a look&#k2026;&#k2026;”
He changed the topic with a faintly discernible smile on his face as he said, “But I didn’t expect that not only were my worries unfounded, I had actually managed to watch a pretty interesting show too.”
Yan Tianhen scratched his head in shame, then stuck his tongue out and said, “Dage don’t misunderstand me, my base nature is that of a simple and kind good kid. It’s because those two bastards were crossing the line and kept bullying me all day, if I didn’t cause some trouble for them, they would have climbed all over me until there was nowhere else to climb.”
Even though Yan Tianhen didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong, but his Dage was an upright person. He had always been straightforward and just, and despised this kind of backstabbing methods.
Yan Tianhen may not care about how others see him, but he didn’t want Lin Xuanzhi to distance himself from him just because of this matter — you must know, it wasn’t easy for him to climb onto Lin Xuanzhi’s bed1!
How could Lin Xuanzhi look down on Yan Tianhen. From the moment Yan Tianhen was being bullied by those two boys, he had already been spectating from the side. He didn’t step in because he wanted to see how Yan Tianhen usually dealt with these kinds of bullies.
Lin Xuanzhi had thought, if Yan Tianhen really plucked weeds until midnight like an honest little boy, he’d definitely have to drag Yan Tianhen back and properly educate him, then let those two kids have a taste of some bitter medicine.
When he saw that Yan Tianhen didn’t even need to appear and only got someone else to spread some fake news to cause internal strife between the two bullies, Lin Xuanzhi was very much pleasantly surprised.
Ah Hen really is a smart kid.
Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curved up into a smile and said, “Ah Hen did really well, but there’s just one thing. The kid whom you transacted with, is his mouth really tight? Did you ever think, that if he went to tell someone else about what you did, what would you do?”
Yan Tianhen thought for a bit, then said, “I did think of that possibility. Even if he told someone else, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. Those two guys got into such a huge fight, they definitely wouldn’t be able to recover fully in the next 10 to 14 days. Even if they knew that I was the one behind it, they wouldn’t be able to find me so soon, plus, wth their brains, I don’t think they’ll even be able to think that far ahead.”
Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head in satisfaction, then said, “One more thing, if that kid really sells you out, it’s ok if you just don’t admit it.”
Yan Tianhen was stunned, “Don’t admit it?”
“You don’t know him, never seen him before, and never gave him any money.” Lin Xuanzhi lightly tapped on Yan Tianhen’s nose, then said, “Dummy, don’t you know how to push the blame.”
Yan Tianhen immediately had an epiphany, then looked at Lin Xuanzhi in wonder and said, “Dage, you’re actually teaching me how to push blame onto someone else? I used this kind of underhanded means to backstab them, but Dage isn’t angry at all?”
Is he still that Dage of his?
He had already mentally prepared himself to be reprimanded.
“Dage has no other wish other than for you to be able to protect yourself.” Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen walked towards the fence where the horse was tied to, then he said, “Any kind of method is still a method, they aren’t separated by how noble or underhanded they are. Dage is very satisfied with what Ah Hen had done today. If someone were to bully you in the future, you should retaliate in this manner; if the other party is stronger than you, then you should think up of all kinds of ways to look for people who are stronger than them to pressure them.”
Yan Tianhen immediately began to cheer excitedly and had a strong urge to jump around for a bit, his Dage is praising him ei!
1. He meant this in the purest way possible I swear↩