Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 39 - Yuran's Birthday

Chapter Ch39 - Yuran’s Birthday
Yan Tianhen immediately began chattering away. He raised his fists and waved it around as he said, “Those two bastards Lin He and Lin Xiang are so lazy and are always going around bullying people, if I were to become a Refining Qi stage third layer cultivator one day, I’ll definitely beat them to a pulp!”
Lin Xuanzhi had a sudden urge to facepalm. His family’s Ah Hen’s dream…isn’t it set a bit too low?
Refining Qi stage third layer, even a cultivator of average talent would be able to reach this stage by the age of twenty if they were to start cultivating from young.
Lin Xuanzhi thought about the condition of Ah Hen’s body, then thought to himself that he really needed to speed up his cultivation progress.
Yan Tianhen said a bit dejectedly, “Daddy always used to say that I would become an amazing cultivator in the future, Dage, do you think that he said those words on purpose to comfort me so that I wouldn’t feel too sad?”
Lin Xuanzhi sat in the carriage and gazed into Yan Tianhen’s amber eyes, then said, “Dage guarantees that you’ll definitely become the amazing cultivator that Dad said you’ll be.”
Yan Tianhen was shaken, and an inexplicable wave of impulse surged through his body.
He clenched his fist, muttered an un and said, “Dage, I’ll definitely do my best!”
It was going to be Han Yuran’s 18th birthday in a few days.
18 years old signifies Han Yuran’s coming-of-age. As the most gifted craftsman amongst the younger generation in the Han family, Han Yuran’s birthday naturally wouldn’t lack the participation of many respectable cultivators.
Today, the Han family opened their doors to welcome their guests.
“Bai city1; head of the Feng family and his wife, Feng young master and Feng young lady has arrived!”
“Chi city2; head of the Lin family has arrived!”
“Qing city3; Duan family’s second elder has arrived!”
As they heard the doorman announce each and everyone of the attendants; statuses and origins, the guests who had already been seated started up a heated discussion——
“Did you hear, Duan family’s second elder had personally left his seclusion to come over, this is quite some face they’re giving.”
“Yeah, that elder was probably preparing to advance to the profound level right?”
“Did you see the green luan4 that he was riding just now? That’s the only one of its kind in Qing city!”
Tsk tsk, no wonder he’s the most gifted eldest son of the Qing city’s Han family, he’s receiving so much face today. Why didn’t this many people attend my birthday?”
Haha, what are you being jealous for. Han Yuran Han young master was born with a crafting soulfire, and it’s the Primordial Fire soulfire that even the heavens would be envious of. He’s not even 18 yet, but he’s already a Refining Qi stage seventh layer craftsman. The equipments that he craft, out of a hundred of them at least five of them would be high-grade magic tools, and at least half of the magic tools in Qing city are crafted by Han young master. If you were at least half as good as him, you wouldn’t even be sitting at this table so close to the entrance.”
Ai……that’s true.”
As the number of names that were announced increased, the frown on Han Yuran’s face got deeper.
His attire was ordered half a year ago with a big sum of money by entrusting someone with the task of requesting for a Jade Bamboo Hundred Feather robe from a famous primary level craftsman. He stood next to the ten-feet-tall, hundred-metre-wide entrance and prepared to receive guests.
Today he was the centre of attention, so naturally his attire had to be glamorous and unique so as to incite the envious stares of his guests. In this moment, he had to make everyone carve his existence into their hearts; he is the Han family’s eldest son – Han Yuran!
But, Han Yuran realised that till now, he hadn’t even glimpsed the shadow of Lin Xuanzhi.
“Did we send the Lin family an invitation?” Han Yuran asked the Han Yanran who was standing beside him.
Han Yanran nodded and said, “Of course it’s sent. Although the presence of that good-for-nothing would just make Gege lose face, but at least he has those two tiger cubs.”
Han Yuran frowned and said, “The guests have almost all arrived, but he hasn’t showed up yet……”
Aiya, don’t think about it too much Ge, who knows if he can even get off his bed yet.” Han Yanran apathetically said, “He’s probably doing the same thing as last year, where he entrusted someone else to bring over Dage’s birthday gift first before showing up.”
1. Bai = white↩
2. Chi = red/crimson↩
3. Qing = green/teal↩
4. A species related to the phoenix↩
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