Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 40 - Breaking Sword Peak's Young Master

Chapter Ch40 - Breaking Sword Peak’s Young Master
Han Yuran suppressed the unease he felt and continued receiving his guests. The guests arrived at the Han residence through various means of transportation.
Suddenly, the announcer shouted at the top of his lungs, “Profound Sky Sect’s Breaking Sword peak’s young master Yuan Tianwen has arrived!”
“Profound Sky Sect’s Breaking Sword peak’s young master?!”
“Did I hear that wrong, someone from Profound Sky Sect actually came!”
“I’ve heard of that Yuan Tianwen. Even though he’s only 23 years old, he’s already a Foundation Stage fifth layer cultivator. He’s only a step away from becoming a Hardened Body stage cultivator. People call him the leader of his generation in Profound Sky Sect!”
“And Yuan Tianwen’s so handsome too! He’s apparently really modest and would never be stingy with giving advice to his junior brothers and sisters.”
“And he’s the Breaking Sword peak’s young master. Breaking Sword peak is the number one peak in the whole of Profound Sky Sect, it even ranks above Broken Sword peak and Sinking Sword peak!”
“Also, core disciples of Profound Sky Sect rarely leave the mountain just to attend this kind of event. Looks like the Han family’s young master really does have some godsend talent to be looked upon so favourably by Profound Sky Sect.”
“Well that’s a given, but more importantly, Yuan Tianwen is the East Continent mainland’s top Yuan family’s eldest son! That kind of status would be second to none even in Profound Sky Sect!”
”I’ve also heard that Profound Sky Sect has already reserved a spot for Han Yuran, if it wasn’t because the Han family couldn’t bear to part with him and because he had to take care of the good-for-nothing Lin Xuanzhi he’s engaged to, he should’ve ascended the mountain a year ago.”
“Speaking of the Lin Xuanzhi he’s engaged to………did any of you see the Lin family send anyone over yet?”
“Looks like they haven’t arrived.”
“Profound Sky Sect’s young peak master is the last person to have arrived. It’s already past the timing for receiving guests, looks like Lin Xuanzhi really isn’t planning on coming.”
Haha, he doesn’t plan to, or can’t even if he wants to? I heard that he was beaten up quite badly at the Tyrant Martial Hall recently, and even wasted at least 10 000 gold there!”
Ai, it’s really such a pity for Han Yuran. If I were him, I would’ve broken off the engagement a long time ago. I wouldn’t even bother taking care of that trash and delay the huge opportunity to enter Profound Sky Sect.”
“That’s true. Just based on the Lin family’s attitude, even if Han young master were to announce his annulment of the engagement today, I’ll have to stand on his side.”
“Who wouldn’t.”
As the discussion heated up, the gossipers instantly had a better impression and valuation of Han Yuran.
There’s a phrase that says “when someone achieves Dao, his poultry and dogs would ascend as well”1. For Han Yuran to be acquainted with someone of Yuan Tianwen’s level, it would imply that he has similar capabilities. If someone wants to curry favour with Yuan Tianwen, they would naturally want to curry favour with Han Yuran as well.
Yuan Tianwen jumped off from a penta-coloured crane that had a beautiful, shiny plumage and lightly landed at the center of the Han family’s entrance.
Yuan Tianwen wore a full body Jade Wind Mianzhu armour. His long hair was tied up with an amethyst headgear crafted from Amethyst Jade at the top of his head while the rest of his hair flowed freely behind him. He had sword eyebrows, eagle eyes, and an upright posture; the moment he appeared, he had immediately attracted the gazes of everyone who was present.
The head of the Han family, Han Wuyun’s face brightened up; he personally led his wife and a few of his sons to welcome their guest.
“For Yuan young master to personally show up really brings much honour to my Han family!” Han Wuyun laughed loudly.
Even though Yuan Tianwen wasn’t even half Han Wuyun’s age, his status had far exceeded that of Han Wuyun, so he only nodded slightly and said, “Han family head need not be so courteous, I have a close relationship with Yuran, so naturally I would make the trip down myself to congratulate him on his birthday.”
As he spoke, the boy who carries Yuan Tianwen’s sword by his side walked up, then handed over a box made out of Submerged Sacred Wood to the attendant by Han Wuyun’s side.
The boy said in a clear voice, “This is the present that my family’s young master is giving Han young master for his 18th birthday — 1000 primary level top-grade forged stones!”
Si–” someone sucked in a breath of cold air.
“How generous, no wonder he’s Yuan family’s young master!”
“One primary level top-grade forged stone already costs 1000 gold, 1000 stones……isn’t that equivalent to a million gold!”
“The one million gold isn’t what’s important, the main thing is, these 1000 high-grade primary level forged stones aren’t easily found in the first place! Its cost is probably even higher than a million gold!”
“Generous, it really is generous!”
“Looks like the Breaking Sword peak’s young master and Han young master don’t just have an ordinary relationship.”
One must know, this world’s magic tools are categorised into five types — treasure tools, spiritual tools, celestial tools sand sacred tools; it’s not that there weren’t any tools of a higher level, but no one had ever seen those before.
And these magic treasures are further partitioned into four different grades — low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade and top-grade.
The effectiveness of the magic tools can have a distinction akin to that between the heavens and earth depending on its level.
And forged stones to crafting is like what spiritual plants is to alchemy; forged stones that have an abundance of spiritual Qi stored within them can be used to craft more magic tools, and similarly, it would have a stronger influence on the grade of the magic tool that is crafted.
Cultivators separate forged stones into four main levels – primary level, profound level, earth level and sky level; and at the same time, they can craft magic tools of different grades which are classified as — low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade and top-grade.
Low-grade primary level forged stones are at most able to craft low-grade magic tools; mid-grade primary level forged stones can craft mid-grade magic tools at most, and so on, so if one wants to craft a top-grade magic tools, then one would need to use top-grade primary level forged stones as materials.
Top-grade forged stones are extremely sparse, and its price is a hundred to a thousand times more expensive than the high-grade forged stones of a similar level. But if one wants to craft a high or top-grade magic tool that would attract everyone’s attention, then you can’t try to scrimp on forged stones of a higher grade, so, it is unlikely for craftsmen to appear in places other than the large sects or families that can withstand the huge expenditure on forged stones.
You can saw that behind every craftsman is a path paved from gold.
These 1000 high-grade primary level forged stones had undoubtedly become the most outstanding present in today’s birthday banquet.
Han Wuyun has such a big grin on his face you could barely see his eyes. This guy actually handed over 1000 top-grade primary level forged stones at one shot, you must know, his entire Duan family wouldn’t even be able to afford even 50 of them!
Han Yanran’s eyes had also widened in surprise, she grabbed onto Han Yuran’s sleeves with her life and almost shrieked. Though she did her best in holding it in, she still looked like she was suffering from asphyxiation due to her excitement as she repeated non-stop, “Dage, 1000 top-grade primary level forged stones ah! 1000 top-grade forged stones! Oh my god, Yuan Dage is really so good and generous towards you, Dage hurry and annul your engagement and get together with him!”
Han Yuran was also insanely excited on the inside. This wasn’t just about the value of the present, but it’s more because from this moment onwards, he, Han Yuran, had completely become the entire Qing city’s number one cultivator of his generation. What Lin Xuanzhi, what Duan Yuhao, no matter how amazing they are, their reputation definitely wouldn’t be as resounding as his!
However, Han Yuran maintained a tranquil expression on his face. He only casted a quick glance at the box that was of similar value to the stones, then shifted his eyes away, as if he wasn’t at all interested in what was inside the box. But, he still looked straight through the few Han family’s elders who were standing in front of him and smiled at the Yuan Tianwen whose eyes had been on him from the start, then slightly nodded to express his thanks.
Han Yuran said to Han Yanran, “Ah Mei, no matter what present it is, it’s all a show of our guests’ goodwill, you can’t compare their worth by their monetary value alone.”
Han Yanran stuck her tongue out. She knew that Han Yuran was just putting up a front in front of Yuan Tianwen, so she blinked her eyes and cooperatively said, “Dage is right, Xiao Mei has learned her lesson.”
As he took in this whole sight, Yuan Tianwen showed a look of satisfaction. The person he had set his sights on was perfect inside and out, and very much to his liking afterall.
What do these forged stones amount to? As long as it’s something Han Yuran wants, even if it’s profound level top-grade forged stones, he’ll definitely get it for him!
Yuan Tianwen’s clear and handsome face revealed a few traces of a smile.
Yuan Tianwen was invited in, and many cultivators began to gather around. The others stood their ground and greeted Yuan Tianwen with a bow, while Yuan Tianwen returned their greetings with half a bow.
However, because Yuan Tianwen’s was already at least of a Foundation Stage fifth layer level and was thus considered a true cultivator, other cultivators who were below his level all moved aside to avoid his greeting; they didn’t dare receive it.
As for the tyrannical ones who were above his level, they still returned his greeting after considering his status.
It was only when he arrived in front of the Duan family’s second elder table where Yuan Tianwen formally completed a full bow.
And the second elder didn’t avoid it; he fully accepted his bow.
However, the second elder was obviously unhappy and only returned Yuan Tianwen a hng before he closed his eyes again and pretended like he didn’t see him. Not only that, he even turned his cheek and obviously showed his displeasure with Yuan Tianwen.
Well, this was embarrassing.
From the moment Yuan Tianwen appeared, everyone’s eyes had already locked onto him, and at this moment, under the gazes of all the attendees, Duan family’s second elder actually showed Yuan Tianwen a long face……what happened between them?
Yuan Tianwen was also baffled. He only remembered that in the past, this Duan second elder would still show him a smiley face when they met each other.
Yuan Tianwen thus opened his mouth and spoke, “Senior Duan, before I came to Qing City, my elders specially instructed me to greet Duan family’s second elder properly if I were to see you. Does Duan second elder still remember Tianwen?”
Second elder opened his eyes and gave him a smile that didn’t reach his eyes as he said, “Old me can’t afford to accept Profound Sky Sect Breaking Sword peak’s young master’s bow, old me’s afraid that my life will be shortened if I do!”
The Duan family is considered to be the leading family amongst the three big families in Qing city. It’s classified as a first-class cultivator family within the entire Five Continents, so naturally a second-class family like the Han family can’t compare to them.
However, at this moment Han Wuyun’s heart was completely inclined towards Yuan Tianwen, so he furrowed his brows and said, “Duan second elder, today is my son’s birthday banquet, no matter what kind of misgivings you may have you shouldn’t be so publicly discourteous.”
1. To ride on someone else’s success↩
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